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News - Published on: Aug 29, 2013
Already famous for his work in cancer detection, 16-year-old Jack Andraka is tackling a new project
News - Published on: Jan 29, 2013
President of LGBT journalists' organization dies after months-long fight with cancer
Feature Story - Published on: Mar 1, 2012
From cancer survivor to happily divorced, Fran Drescher has a thing or two to say about life, liberty and equality for all
News - Published on: Feb 14, 2012
In the wake of its treatment of Planned Parenthood, some in LGBT health consider their own ties to Komen organization
Books - Published on: Nov 10, 2011
Writer, performer, activist Tania Katan pulls back the cancer curtain
News - Published on: Oct 6, 2011
Yoga fundraiser to help women with breast cancer readies D.C. debut
Film - Published on: Sept 30, 2011
50/50's art imitates the life of a cancer patient with humor, reality and heart
Opinion - Published on: Mar 31, 2011
The new IOM report on LGBT healthcare gives us the long-needed data to fight for our community's health
Video - Published on: Mar 9, 2011
Mautner Project Gala
News - Published on: Jan 12, 2011
Local transgender activist released after months of hospitalizations
News - Published on: May 14, 2009
Gay group convened to marshal resources in local cancer fight
Body - Published on: May 1, 2008
With summer sun just around the corner, it's time to check your skin's health
News - Published on: Feb 28, 2008
Whitman-Walker's Lesbian Services receive grant
Feature Story - Published on: Sept 1, 2005
Kathleen DeBold's Mautner Mission
News - Published on: Jan 6, 2005
Lesbian healthcare could be negatively impacted by recent anti-gay marriage laws
Health - Published on: Nov 13, 2003
Health: The Gay American Smoke-Out
Feature Story - Published on: Mar 13, 2003
A Fantastic Voyage through the Colossal Colon
Feature Story - Published on: Mar 13, 2003
Broadening the Focus on Gay and Lesbian Health
Feature Story - Published on: Sept 26, 2002
Ty Christian is This Year's Unsung Hero