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News - Published on: Apr 12, 2014
Transgender activists, sex-worker advocates gather at Wilson Building to blast D.C.'s prostitution-free zones
News - Published on: Apr 3, 2014
Ward 4 councilmember romps in LGBT-heavy precincts on way to victory, while Graham loses to Nadeau in Ward 1
News - Published on: Mar 13, 2014
Seven local groups issue response to report assessing the relationship between D.C. police and LGBT residents
News - Published on: Mar 2, 2014
Gray, Wells, Evans top list in GLAA ratings, as McDuffie and Mendelson win Stein endorsements
News - Published on: Feb 25, 2014
National LGBT leadership organization endorses gay councilmember ahead of potential D.C. mayoral run
News - Published on: Feb 8, 2014
Measure aims to improve safe options for homeless LGBT youth in the District
News - Published on: Jan 18, 2014
Former Jim Graham challenger endorses Brianne Nadeau, calls on Weaver to drop out
News - Published on: Jan 6, 2014
A possible Catania mayoral run and divided primaries could provide openings for more gay candidates to break through
News - Published on: Dec 20, 2013
With second vote expected in January, measure would add dedicated beds, training and regular assessment of homeless LGBT youth
News - Published on: Dec 10, 2013
Longtime nurse, HIV/AIDS advocate will be tasked with planning for delivery of HIV/AIDS services to D.C. area
News - Published on: Dec 3, 2013
City Council votes unanimously for LGBT-inclusive bill prohibiting discrimination
News - Published on: Nov 20, 2013
Silver Spring resident would be the Council's first out gay member
News - Published on: Sept 19, 2013
Gay man who pleaded guilty in Family Research Council shooting gets 25 years on terrorism, AWIK convictions
News - Published on: Aug 21, 2013
In letter critical of Walmart, transgender organization cites economic disparities
News - Published on: Aug 9, 2013
Experts emphasize complexities of situation for LGBT Russians at Center Global forum, as one Russian activist urges boycotts
News - Published on: July 10, 2013
Legislation named for late Deoni Jones will help transgender and intersex residents correct birth certificates
News - Published on: July 1, 2013
Bill aims to make it easier to amend name and gender on birth certificates
News - Published on: June 26, 2013
Trial of suspect in 2012 killing of transgender woman delayed, tentative trial start set for 2014
News - Published on: June 7, 2013
Legislation allowing District residents to obtain new gender-specific birth certificates held up as 'model bill'
News - Published on: May 17, 2013
New campaign for placement of children labeled hypocritical in light of McDonnell signing ''conscience clause'' law
News - Published on: Apr 29, 2013
Floyd Lee Corkins, who pleaded guilty to shooting at D.C. headquarters, to be sentenced in July
Opinion - Published on: Apr 18, 2013
Congress has shown that D.C. must pass D.C. budget autonomy
Opinion - Published on: Apr 16, 2013
D.C. Councilmember should not be criticized for comment, but instead credited for tact
News - Published on: Apr 11, 2013
No obvious LGBT favorite for D.C. Council seat April 23 special election
News - Published on: Apr 10, 2013
LGBT organization criticizes Bonds, Redd for comments related to race during WAMU debate
Opinion - Published on: Mar 25, 2013
As the Family Research Council leans on its Bible, it should consider a more thoughtful reading
News - Published on: Mar 22, 2013
Silverman, Bonds lead pack in special election, but fail to secure backing of LGBT Democratic club at heated forum
News - Published on: Mar 14, 2013
LGBT Democratic club culling questions from Facebook and Twitter for candidates in April 23 D.C. special election
News - Published on: Mar 14, 2013
Matthew Frumin gets top score, while others cluster close behind on LGBT issues
News - Published on: Feb 22, 2013
Gay councilmember pushes back against allegations of ethics breach
News - Published on: Feb 6, 2013
Suspect in Family Research Council shooting pleads to felony charges, including a charge of terrorism
News - Published on: Jan 30, 2013
Local LGBT organization releases policy brief, questionnaire for April 23 special election
News - Published on: Jan 10, 2013
Status hearing rescheduled for February after Corkins waives speedy trial rights, asking for 21-day exclusion
News - Published on: Dec 7, 2012
Prosecutors and defense lawyers ask for more time as Corkins remains in custody
News - Published on: Oct 26, 2012
Suspected FRC shooter indicted on 10 charges in total, including ''terrorism'' under seldom-used 2002 law
News - Published on: Oct 24, 2012
Councilmember Michael Brown and challenger David Grosso fall short of Stein Club endorsement in at-large race
Feature Story - Published on: Oct 24, 2012
From Question 6 to Kaine and Allen, the local election landscape is full of unknown outcomes
News - Published on: Oct 16, 2012
Tuesday statement follows diversity officer being placed on administrative leave for signing petition to put Maryland marriage-equality law on November ballot
News - Published on: Oct 16, 2012
With endorsements and ratings, LGBT groups assess the Nov. 6 field with Mendelson coming out on top
News - Published on: Oct 1, 2012
Hearing for suspect in Family Research Council shooting scheduled for end of the month
News - Published on: Sept 13, 2012
Several D.C. City Council members field questions, talk about marriage equality, hate crimes
News - Published on: Aug 24, 2012
Floyd Corkins found competent to stand trial, held without bond on both federal and District charges
News - Published on: Aug 23, 2012
Suspected FRC shooter held without bond, must submit to mental evaluation
Opinion - Published on: Aug 22, 2012
The Washington Post columnist's inside-the-Beltway support for the Family Research Council makes bigotry a value of the political class
News - Published on: Aug 16, 2012
Suspect in FRC shooting is Virginia man who volunteered for The DC Center
News - Published on: Aug 16, 2012
DC Center volunteer accused of shooting guard at conservative organization's headquarters faces federal and local charges, will receive mental evaluation
News - Published on: Aug 16, 2012
Southern Poverty Law Center counters that ''hate group'' label fully warranted
News - Published on: July 3, 2012
D.C. City Council committee holds hate-crime hearing, with councilmembers and activists raising several issues with police
News - Published on: June 6, 2012
Local activists become the first transgender members of the D.C. Human Rights Commission
News - Published on: May 18, 2012
Human Rights First releases its new report on LGBTI refugees at event marking International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia
News - Published on: May 17, 2012
Chafee orders recognition for out-of-state marriages, gay Indianapolis teen attacked, and Family Equality Council marks 30 years
Books - Published on: May 15, 2012
Zach Wahls, who made a splash when his Iowa speech went viral on YouTube, continues to advocate for LGBT families -- with a book and on Capitol Hill
News - Published on: Apr 26, 2012
Long-awaited anti-bullying bill moves forward with some changes, but funding still a concern
News - Published on: Apr 26, 2012
As election approaches, candidates woo LGBT voters to break away from crowded field
News - Published on: Apr 19, 2012
City Council prepares to pass long-stalled legislation as Gray proposes action plan to prevent bullying
News - Published on: Apr 19, 2012
Catania legislation aims to increase educational efforts for health professionals and senior citizens
News - Published on: Apr 17, 2012
Polling finds evidence that Hispanics hold the same -- if not better -- views of gays and lesbians as the general population
News - Published on: Apr 4, 2012
Amid light turnout, voters stick with the status quo
News - Published on: Mar 26, 2012
Police arrest a 27-year-old female in relation to the March 11 shooting at a Columbia Heights restaurant
News - Published on: Feb 17, 2012
Club chooses Democrats to back for Ward 4 council race, U.S. House delegate and ''shadow representative''
News - Published on: Jan 26, 2012
Councilmember Alexander's bill to make prostitution-free zones permanent draws both sides to heated hearing
News - Published on: Jan 10, 2012
Councilmember Orange holds Ward 5 meeting to assure residents as seat remains open ahead of special election
News - Published on: Jan 5, 2012
Some LGBT residents questioning past backing of Harry Thomas amid legal troubles
News - Published on: Dec 15, 2011
Divorce bill would grant same-sex couples married in D.C. right to divorce without residency
News - Published on: Dec 8, 2011
DC Log Cabin hits councilmember amid investigation
Opinion - Published on: Dec 1, 2011
Our left-leaning capital is making some right turns
News - Published on: Nov 10, 2011
Hate-crime hearing draws activists and police and differing perspectives
News - Published on: Apr 27, 2011
Stein-backed Biddle falls short, LCR's Mara comes in second
News - Published on: Apr 14, 2011
Kaine-backed proposal to open adoptions to gay couples faces opposition from Gov. McDonnell
News - Published on: Apr 14, 2011
With little fanfare and an eye for details, the GLAA has irrefutably improved the lives of LGBT Washingtonians
News - Published on: Apr 7, 2011
Gay Republicans make City Council endorsement
News - Published on: Mar 16, 2011
LGBT Dems vote for endorsement in City Council special election
News - Published on: Dec 23, 2010
Democratic State Committee nears Jan. 6 vote to determine interim at-large councilmember
News - Published on: Dec 16, 2010
Council saves HIV/AIDS funding while spring shortfall looms, and The Center anticipates two new grants
News - Published on: Nov 4, 2010
As the nation turned out to vote, D.C. was no different
News - Published on: Oct 21, 2010
Ahead of general election, political group rates additional candidates
News - Published on: Sept 15, 2010
Ward 5 race gives clear win to marriage-equality supporter, despite NOM support for challenger
News - Published on: July 19, 2010
New film about lesbian parents prompts therapist at a Veterans Affairs Department clinic to tell New York Post the ''male-female role model'' is likely needed for parenting
Black Pride Guide - Published on: May 28, 2010
Black Pride 2010
News - Published on: May 4, 2010
The anti-marriage camp gets another day in court, leaving D.C. to wait for a pivotal opinion
News - Published on: Mar 15, 2010
New legislation would empower federal government to withhold funds from state adoption agencies that discriminate against LGBT people
News - Published on: Mar 12, 2010
National opponents of same-sex marriage donate to D.C. candidate challenging marriage bill author David Catania
News - Published on: Jan 14, 2010
Although marriage equality in D.C. is on track, a number of hurdles must still be cleared
News - Published on: Nov 26, 2009
Phil Attey wants to help closeted Catholic priests do the right thing, but not everyone agrees that churchouting.org is the right thing to do
Opinion - Published on: Nov 20, 2009
Catholic Charities attempts to block marriage equality while sitting on the public dole
News - Published on: Nov 20, 2009
Marriage opposition takes the fight to D.C. Superior Court
Opinion - Published on: Nov 19, 2009
Stonewall Baby
News - Published on: Nov 18, 2009
Anti-gay group appeals District's refusal of initiative to block gay marriage
News - Published on: Oct 29, 2009
The opposition fires its shots at marriage equality
News - Published on: Oct 29, 2009
Both sides of the marriage-equality debate offer hours of testimony before the D.C. Council
News - Published on: Oct 8, 2009
Report offers recommendations for improving conditions involving hate-crime reporting in D.C.
News - Published on: Aug 20, 2009
Gay community's Clark Ray announces candidacy for gay-ally Mendelson's City Council seat
Feature Story - Published on: July 30, 2009
Behind the scenes, Bob Summersgill's ''hobby'' is impacting GLBT lives
Opinion - Published on: Mar 12, 2009
Commentary: Stonewall Baby
Feature Story - Published on: Nov 13, 2008
Barack Obama is headed to the White House, but California and other states turned back gay equality. What's next for the GLBT community?
Feature Story - Published on: Nov 13, 2008
We Won, We Lost. What's Next for 2009? (Online Extra)
Feature Story - Published on: Aug 14, 2008
After helping nonprofits grow in D.C., Earl Plante looks to L.A. and The Trevor Project
News - Published on: Aug 7, 2008
Local man ushers foreign-policy effort to its next stage of gay advocacy
News - Published on: May 5, 2005
Metro Police GLLU makes last round of prestigious grant award
News - Published on: Nov 20, 2003
State's Supreme Court says same-sex couples deserve marriage rights