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Gay Community Directory
A Christ-centered sanctuary where a diverse community worships and serves.
Gay Community Directory
A welcoming community of faith, spiritual growth, fellowship and service.
Gay Community Directory
''A renewing downtown parish''
Gay Community Directory
Gay Community Directory
''A Diverse Community, Worshipping God, Serving People''
Gay Community Directory
An Integrity Partner.''We encourage the many small groups and social activities that interested parishioners have initiated.... Some groups focus on the shared experiences among men, women, gay people, or those coping with cancer.''
Gay Community Directory
Adopted ''Resolution #6 – on Full Inclusion of Gay and Lesbian Persons.'' ''During the 1970s, St. Thomas’ was one of the few churches that would allow Integrity, the organization of gay Episcopalians who did not feel welcome in their own parishes, to celebrate Holy Eucharist in its worship space. As a result, the parish became the spiritual base for a number of gay and lesbian Episcopalians trying to find their way back to their Christian faith....''
Gay Community Directory
All are welcome here - and we mean it! Male, female, young and old, rich and poor, red, yellow, black, white and everything inbetween, straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, married, divorced, single, Republican, Democrat, Independent and none of the above, those with lots of faith, those with little or none, Christ is the host here and all are welcomed on their faith journeys!
Gay Community Directory
"St. George's is a community of celebration, learning, and action. We are a warm and caring community that seeks to be inclusive of all God's people. We have members from all ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, family configurations, sexual orientations, and religious traditions."

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Clear majority of leadership approves the move, which does not go so far as to include marriage equality
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