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Stage - Published on: Apr 3, 2014
''Spelling Bee'' and ''Hair'' fill their stages with overflowing Americana, from well packaged to beautifully powerful
Stage - Published on: Feb 6, 2014
''How to Succeed'' can't shake loose from its misogyny, while ''Violet'' pulls something beautiful out of the mid-20th century
Opinion - Published on: Dec 19, 2013
Upholding the First Amendment means calling out those who would abuse it
News - Published on: Oct 25, 2013
Monday forum will examine discrimination against LGBT people through performance and discussion
News - Published on: Oct 15, 2013
Private funding allows Ford's Theatre To Reopen with performances of ''The Laramie Project''
Stage - Published on: Oct 11, 2013
''The Laramie Project'' is an incredibly enriching experience, especially in the hands of some of Washington's most celebrated actors
Opinion - Published on: Oct 10, 2013
University of Mississippi theater student shares experience of being heckled during performance of ''The Laramie Project''
News - Published on: Oct 7, 2013
Forced to postpone the play due to the federal shutdown, Ford's partners with First Congregational for limited shows
News - Published on: Oct 2, 2013
National Park Service ties to Ford's Theatre force suspension of performances
Feature Story - Published on: Sept 26, 2013
Ford's Theatre remembers Matthew Shepard and reflects on events since his Laramie, Wyoming murder
Feature Story - Published on: Sept 26, 2013
Marking 15 years since the murder of Matthew Shepard, Ford's Theatre builds a month of programming around ''The Laramie Project''
Opinion - Published on: Sept 26, 2013
National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is a perfect time to prepare for the coming health care changes
News - Published on: Aug 28, 2013
LGBT Technology Partnership prepares Sept. 12 security conference
News - Published on: July 19, 2013
Health care insurance exchanges will be prohibited from discriminating based on gender identity, sexual orientation
News - Published on: June 14, 2013
Friends raising funds to assist family with funeral expenses
Gears - Published on: May 10, 2013
Tesla is courting car lovers with more favorable financing terms, while Ford's hybrids are catching up to Toyota
Stage - Published on: Apr 4, 2013
Broadway veteran Nancy Opel makes the role of Dolly her own in Ford's revival of the beloved Jerry Herman classic
News - Published on: Feb 21, 2013
With a new memoir, humble hero of Tucson shooting shares how he channeled sudden notoriety into action
Stage - Published on: Feb 7, 2013
There's something distinctly un-American in the way Thornton Wilder undermines the comforts of an unexamined life in ''Our Town''
Stage - Published on: Jan 10, 2013
Studio Theatre's short, sharp black comedy Contractions packs an emotional wallop
Stage - Published on: Nov 1, 2012
You won't leave Dirt unsoiled, even if the point is muddied
Events - Published on: Oct 18, 2012
The Athenaeum hosts events honoring Old Town's ghosts
Opinion - Published on: July 5, 2012
Tea party tempests and Republican intransigence vs. ACA ruling
News - Published on: June 25, 2012
Congressional groups join for ''Invisible Lives'' forum on black LGBT experience
Stage - Published on: Mar 23, 2012
Ford's Theatre's musical retelling of the Colonies' revolt features strapping statesmen and a South Carolina showstopper
Events - Published on: Mar 8, 2012
Team DC's fashion show ultimately supports LGBT student athletes
Video - Published on: Jan 19, 2012
MAL 2012: Participants of Leather Weekend
Poll - Published on: Jan 19, 2012
Take our poll. Win free movie passes.
Stage - Published on: Jan 12, 2012
After watching Donald Margulies's stunning play, you just might walk away contemplating changes in your own life.
Poll - Published on: Dec 7, 2011
Who should replace Regis on Live?
Feature Story - Published on: Nov 3, 2011
Forum Theatre offers a staged reading of ''The Normal Heart'' featuring many of D.C.'s finest actors
Stage - Published on: Sept 29, 2011
'Parade' marches to the beat of a particularly bleak (and real) drummer, while Fela! tells of a creative and political awakening
Stage - Published on: Sept 22, 2011
Diana Son's 'Stop Kiss' is still relevant 13 years after its off-Broadway debut
Feature Story - Published on: Sept 21, 2011
As ''Don't Ask, Don't Tell'' ends, servicemembers past, present and future wake to a world with one less piece of official discrimination
News - Published on: Apr 7, 2011
From Congress to courts to the Pentagon, military service ban remains but just barely
Stage - Published on: Apr 7, 2011
Ford's Theatre's new musical Liberty Smith takes a little liberty to make American history entertaining
Video - Published on: Mar 19, 2011
Team DC's 2011 Model Search and Fashion Show
News - Published on: Jan 19, 2011
Doug Pamplin wins Mr. MAL 2011 title as weekend makes its debut in a new space
Opinion - Published on: Jan 19, 2011
Progressives must counter the right wing's loaded language
Feature Story - Published on: Jan 13, 2011
Matt Bamford reflects on the pain and pleasure of serving as Mr. MAL
News - Published on: Jan 12, 2011
Shooting kills six, puts congresswoman aided by gay staffer in hospital, and raises questions for the country about fiery political rhetoric
Opinion - Published on: Jan 12, 2011
Outrageous political speech needs to be countered with words, not laws
Feature Story - Published on: Dec 23, 2010
Gay marriage enacted in DC thanks to Mayor, Council and activists; Religious opponents rebuffed at every legal level
News - Published on: Dec 2, 2010
LGBT Washingtonians leading nominees for NOI's ''Most Valuable Organizer'' award
News - Published on: Oct 28, 2010
From courts to White House to Pentagon, DADT changing almost daily
Feature Story - Published on: Oct 28, 2010
These spooky places can bring terror to even the bravest of gay hearts
News - Published on: Oct 21, 2010
Memos intended to ''ensure greater uniformity and care'' in implementation of ''Don't Ask, Don't Tell''
Stage - Published on: Oct 13, 2010
A subtle casting choice makes Ford Theatre's quirky and charming Sabrina Fair feel like a contemporary romance
News - Published on: Aug 18, 2010
Shaw neighborhood gay bar closes its doors
Video - Published on: Aug 17, 2010
NOM brings its campaign against gay families to a close, while marriage equality supporters celebrate D.C.'s achievement with ''The Big Commit''
Video - Published on: Aug 5, 2010
Full Equality Now DC gathers District's gay marriage supporters for rally
Feature Story - Published on: June 24, 2010
Titleholder Matt Bamford packs 'em in for safer sex
News - Published on: June 10, 2010
Locals make impressive showing at annual Chicago contest
Video - Published on: Apr 7, 2010
An assortment of hot local men show off the latest swimwear at Town for this annual fundraiser for the gay and lesbian sports group, Team DC
News - Published on: Mar 9, 2010
As the first couples to enjoy legal marriage in the nation's capital celebrate their unions, some see a blueprint in the District's success
News - Published on: Mar 4, 2010
GLAA's 2010 awards will include special recognition for marriage-equality activists, including DC Clergy United for Marriage Equality
News - Published on: Feb 18, 2010
Record-breaking snows kept most people at home, but the call of duty had others out on the front lines
Video - Published on: Feb 14, 2010
The D.C. leather community's annual Scarlet's Bake Sale raises thousands for local charities
News - Published on: Feb 3, 2010
Marriage leader joining national fight in New York
News - Published on: Jan 21, 2010
Local leatherman takes Mr. MAL title
News - Published on: Jan 21, 2010
''Rainbow Tuesdays'' turn syphilis fight into full STI clinic for gay men
Sex - Published on: Jan 14, 2010
Three new condoms get mixed-bag results from volunteer testers
Feature Story - Published on: Jan 14, 2010
Finding Purpose in the Bonds of Community
News - Published on: Nov 5, 2009
One local uses Council's marriage-equality meeting to pop the question
Video - Published on: Nov 5, 2009
Washington residents rally in Dupont Circle against loss of marriage in Maine, for marriage in the District of Columbia
News - Published on: Oct 22, 2009
Monday set for full day of marriage-equality arguments
News - Published on: Oct 8, 2009
Catania fulfills pledge with introduction of marriage-equality bill
Stage - Published on: Oct 8, 2009
Black Pearl Sings! is an exquisite look at the link between songs and history; Jersey Boys is incredibly entertaining
Feature Story - Published on: Oct 8, 2009
National Equality March 2009
News - Published on: Sept 24, 2009
Community delivers blunt commentary at HIV/AIDS meeting
News - Published on: Aug 27, 2009
Lesbian couple claims discrimination at all-night restaurant, while management denies any wrongdoing
News - Published on: July 30, 2009
Activists debate the pros and cons as national march looms
News - Published on: June 11, 2009
Pride meeting hits HIV/AIDS from multiple angles
News - Published on: May 7, 2009
Fenty officially backs Council effort for out-of-state marriages
News - Published on: Apr 25, 2009
Anti-gay groups partner for public protest against same-sex marriage recognition in D.C.
News - Published on: Apr 16, 2009
Study finds marriage equality could bring millions of dollars to D.C.
Stage - Published on: Apr 9, 2009
Woolly's 'Antebellum' is inspired, engaging and utterly disturbing, while Ford's 'Civil War' defies categorization
Feature Story - Published on: Mar 12, 2009
Michael Crawford traces his D.C. path from marching to marriage to blogging
Stage - Published on: Feb 12, 2009
Ford's unveils a revitalized space and a beautifully realized new work, while Round House modernizes a myth
Stage - Published on: Jan 22, 2009
'Little Dog Laughed' is a fast-paced and bitingly sharp comedy, while 'Seafarer' is done in by an indecisive Satan
Feature Story - Published on: Jan 8, 2009
'The Little Dog Laughed' mixes heat, heart and homophobia at Signature Theatre
News - Published on: Dec 18, 2008
Forum looks at advancing marriage equality in D.C.
Feature Story - Published on: Oct 2, 2008
To celebrate black gay history, first you have to find it
News - Published on: Sept 4, 2008
Mautner Project debuts new smoking-cessation campaign for local LBT women
Soundwaves (archive) - Published on: July 31, 2008
Ultra Nate, Cielo, Quentin Harris, Colton Ford, Harry Romero, Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction revisited
Stage - Published on: June 5, 2008
Anne Washburn's intelligent and provocative comedy is given first-class treatment at the Studio Theatre
Film - Published on: May 29, 2008
An indecisive, cluttered script and a formulaic, dull narrative render this Indiana Jones outing a non-starter
Stage - Published on: Apr 10, 2008
Fearless and energetic, 'all wear bowlers' reminds us how good it can be when you stop taking yourself seriously
Feature Story - Published on: Apr 10, 2008
2008 is a big year for D.C.'s gay swim teams
News - Published on: Nov 29, 2007
The Center to hold public forum on marriage equality in DC
Film - Published on: Nov 8, 2007
With 'Lions for Lambs,' Robert Redford turns up the preach-factor and in a way that inspires yawns over action
Soundwaves (archive) - Published on: Oct 25, 2007
Colton Ford, Justin Timberlake, Nekked,
Feature Story - Published on: Aug 30, 2007
Even blazing heat can't stop a community from showing its pride
News - Published on: Aug 30, 2007
Local athlete finds life after tragedy
Feature Story - Published on: Mar 29, 2007
Paul Tetreault takes Ford's Theatre in Washington, DC to a new level
Feature Story - Published on: Feb 8, 2007
John Epperson, as icon Lypsinka, recreates Hollywood legend, Joan Crawford, at Studio Theatre
Film - Published on: June 1, 2006
Bret Ratner takes charge of the X-Men franchise and serves up an all-you-can-eat buffet of mutants and action
Feature Story - Published on: Jan 5, 2006
2005 Year in Review: Sponge Bob, Jeff Gannon, Ford Motor Company, and Maya Keyes grabbed controversial headlines, while gay media companies merged
Feature Story - Published on: Nov 10, 2005
After 25 Years, Time Marches On for the D.C. Different Drummers
Feature Story - Published on: Apr 7, 2005
Delia Taylor, Jeanette Buck and Holly Twyford discuss 'There Are No Strangers' at Theatre J and the 'gender wall' of the DC theater community
DVD - Published on: Feb 20, 2003
My Big Fat Greek Wedding, K-19
Film - Published on: Sept 12, 2002
Film - Published on: Aug 29, 2002
'The Good Girl' and 'Tadpole'