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''A civil rights organization dedicated to empowering Black same-gender-loving, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people. The Coalition works with our communities and our allies for social justice, equality, and an end to racism and homophobia.''

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Metro area., Washington, DC

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Opinion - Published on: Aug 22, 2013
Coming together to honor the architect of the 1963 March on Washington
News - Published on: May 6, 2013
NBJC, NCAVP and others call on authorities to solve recent killings of trans women in Florida, Maryland and Ohio
Opinion - Published on: Apr 11, 2013
Online-hits jobs undermining marriage equality risk social-justice schism
Opinion - Published on: May 24, 2012
An ally's announcement is ample reason for celebration
News - Published on: Apr 12, 2012
Donna Payne wins Woman of Excellence honor from National Action Network
News - Published on: Sept 15, 2011
Black LGBT organization readies for annual 'Out on the Hill'
News - Published on: June 18, 2009
Robinson steps down, Rhue rules interim, and Bartlett talks of tomorrow
News - Published on: Apr 2, 2009
African-American leaders talk about homophobia in the black church
Feature Story - Published on: Jan 15, 2009
Barack Obama's inauguration excites GLBT leaders and activists with the possibility of change
Feature Story - Published on: Nov 13, 2008
Barack Obama is headed to the White House, but California and other states turned back gay equality. What's next for the GLBT community?
News - Published on: Nov 13, 2008
D.C.'s Minter leads court challenge, while local couples weigh options
Feature Story - Published on: Nov 13, 2008
We Win, We Lose. What's Next for 2009? (Online Extra)
Feature Story - Published on: Oct 23, 2008
Gay locals talk politics in the final stretch to Nov. 4
News - Published on: May 1, 2008
Convention blended faith and entertainment with one eye to the future, one to the past
Feature Story - Published on: Apr 24, 2008
Karen Williams brings laughter and enlightenment to NBJC's 'Power of Us'
News - Published on: Dec 6, 2007
Forum looks at perceived spike in D.C. hate crimes
News - Published on: Aug 23, 2007
NBJC launches a new online broadcast
News - Published on: June 8, 2006
NBJC meets with Baltimore newspaper over rejection of gay-focused ad
Feature Story - Published on: Jan 5, 2006
2005 Year in Review: DC GLBT service providers experienced budget concerns, gay venues faced obstructions, VA and DC had mixed results on gay marriage, plus more local developments
Feature Story - Published on: Oct 20, 2005
As the door to MMM participation closes for the black LGBT community, another door to increased activism may be opening
Feature Story - Published on: Sept 22, 2005
NBJC's H. Alexander Robinson and Donna Payne on their group's leadership summit, the African-American GLBT community's socio-political reality, and the MMM commemoration
News - Published on: July 21, 2005
Millions More Movement Unity Takes a Hit from One of Its Own
Feature Story - Published on: Nov 18, 2004
National GLBT groups chart a second-term course
News - Published on: Sept 16, 2004
Gay issues fill the edges at Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's national black political conference in D.C.