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News - Published on: July 12, 2012
The two men exchange vows in Massachusetts at historic ceremony
Opinion - Published on: July 5, 2012
Tea party tempests and Republican intransigence vs. ACA ruling
News - Published on: Feb 22, 2012
News Analysis: As president, Obama has been able to avoid the tough decision about marriage equality that governors in recent years haven't as easily avoided
News - Published on: Dec 1, 2011
Serving in Congress since the ''Reagan Revolution,'' gay Democratic Rep. Barney Frank announces his last term
Feature Story - Published on: Oct 20, 2011
Kameny leaves a national LGBT legacy of leadership, honesty and persistence
News - Published on: May 31, 2011
News Analysis: House defense bill vote shows how LGBT orgs' strategy leads House Dems to treat LGBT measures differently than GOP did
Opinion - Published on: Jan 12, 2011
Leaders need to overcome their fears and represent everyone in the LGBT community
News - Published on: Jan 5, 2011
News Analysis: With 2011 barely begun, the year promises ongoing LGBT political action pro or con on multiple fronts
News - Published on: Dec 19, 2010
NEWS ANALYSIS: With the Senate vote repealing ''Don't Ask, Don't Tell,'' a shameful vote of the Congress has finally been reversed but it took education, compromise and time
Feature Story - Published on: Nov 4, 2010
Jonathan Capehart charts his own course as one of Washington's leading opinion-makers
News - Published on: Oct 28, 2010
A Republican House and the possible loss of LGBT advocates in the Senate loom large
Video - Published on: Oct 1, 2010
Tammy Baldwin, Barney Frank help present honor to Nancy Pelosi
Opinion - Published on: July 30, 2010
How one blogger, in tandem with GetEQUAL, made the reluctant transition to activist
Video - Published on: July 28, 2010
Members of Get Equal are arrested at Capitol Building protest
News - Published on: June 2, 2010
White House steps in to move seemingly intractable stakeholders in the past week's pivotal ''Don't Ask, Don't Tell'' juncture
News - Published on: May 20, 2010
Rep. Frank expects repeal amendment to be introduced next week; ENDA likely to be put off until ''late June, early July''
News - Published on: May 3, 2010
Gay leaders may have sought a ''game change,'' but Friday's flurry of activity left the strategy and tactics of DADT repeal unclear
News - Published on: Apr 22, 2010
Rep. Frank questions the purpose of Get Equal's ENDA protest in House committee, but group's co-founder says they need to see action on job protections
News - Published on: Apr 6, 2010
Charges against ''ENDA 4,'' arrested for Capitol Hill action, to be dropped in six months if they respect agreement
News - Published on: Sept 20, 2007
James Hormel talks about People for the American Way's GLBT agenda ahead of the D.C. Gala
News - Published on: Apr 26, 2007
Politicos, family and friends gather in Capitol to celebrate life of Bob Hattoy
News - Published on: Mar 8, 2007
Former Washingtonian, Bob Hattoy, dies in California