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DC Log Cabin is part of the national Log Cabin Republican effort to achieve fairness and equality for gay and lesbian individuals and families who simply seek to particpate in the responsibilities and privileges enjoyed by heterosexual Americans.
Gay Community Directory
''Works within the Republican Party to advocate equal rights for all Americans, including gays and lesbians.'' Numerous local chapters across the USA.

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Metro area., Washington, DC

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News - Published on: Oct 14, 2013
Governor's race steals the spotlight, but the fight for equality's front line is the House of Delegates
Opinion - Published on: Oct 10, 2013
For congressional Republicans, shame isn't enough -- they really want to make poor people suffer
Opinion - Published on: Oct 1, 2013
Republicans could learn something from gay politics, but are too divorced from reality to do so
Opinion - Published on: May 23, 2013
From E.W. Jackson to Peggy Noonan, right's gone off the rails
News - Published on: May 21, 2013
Senator joined by Equality Virginia's Parrish and Del. Herring in decrying nominees' records
News - Published on: May 20, 2013
Republican picks for statewide office have notorious records of anti-LGBT animus
Feature Story - Published on: Apr 4, 2013
What Was & What's Next for the Marriage Equality Movement
Feature Story - Published on: Jan 17, 2013
Barney Frank's decades-long House career has come to a close, but the gay firebrand is far from retiring
News - Published on: Dec 12, 2012
Virginia Senate Leads House in Support for Nondiscrimination Pledge
News - Published on: Nov 15, 2012
Gay conservatives hope to teach Election Day's lessons
Opinion - Published on: Oct 24, 2012
Log Cabin's reason for supporting Mitt Romney, a candidate who pledged to carry NOM's anti-gay torch? ''Trust him, he's lying!''
Feature Story - Published on: Oct 24, 2012
From Question 6 to Kaine and Allen, the local election landscape is full of unknown outcomes
Opinion - Published on: Sept 13, 2012
With the convention carnival ended, it's full-steam to Election Day
Opinion - Published on: Sept 12, 2012
It's not just LGBT issues that should have you voting against the Republican ticket, it's their chronic inability to tell the truth
Opinion - Published on: Sept 6, 2012
GOP needs to accept the present if it's going to be a party for the future
News - Published on: Sept 6, 2012
GOPround and Log Cabin continue their split in the wake of GOP convention, but agree that the Republican party is becoming more welcoming
Opinion - Published on: Sept 5, 2012
The prominence of marriage equality in the Democratic platform and on the convention stage is a remarkable moment in LGBT history
Poll - Published on: Aug 31, 2012
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News - Published on: Aug 30, 2012
Conservative movement's anti-gay candidates hope to secure Senate majority
News - Published on: Aug 21, 2012
Despite Log Cabin's efforts, Republican platform goes all in with fight against marriage equality
News - Published on: Aug 14, 2012
Anti-gay positions enforced with Wisconsin rep. as vp pick
News - Published on: Aug 9, 2012
News Analysis: A marriage-equality plank in the Democratic platform would be a first, but possibly little more
News - Published on: July 5, 2012
Becomes first state GOP delegation to adopt LGBT-inclusive language ahead of Republican National Convention
News - Published on: June 13, 2012
The LGBT community responds to Kwame Brown's resignation and the race to succeed him, as council fills temporary vacancies
Poll - Published on: June 7, 2012
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Opinion - Published on: May 16, 2012
Virginia's morally repugnant repudiation of a gay judicial nominee is the latest evidence that no Republican deserves gay support
Opinion - Published on: May 10, 2012
Taking issue with Richard Grenell's mea culpa and grand old gaiety
News - Published on: Apr 26, 2012
Police chief talks to gay Republicans about bias crime
News - Published on: Apr 26, 2012
As election approaches, candidates woo LGBT voters to break away from crowded field
News - Published on: Apr 4, 2012
Amid light turnout, voters stick with the status quo
Opinion - Published on: Feb 22, 2012
Less than two months after taking control in Richmond, Virginia Republicans have launched outrageous and dangerous attacks on women and gays
Opinion - Published on: Feb 2, 2012
Gov. Brewer's finger-wagging performance is the latest sideshow in the anti-Obama circus
Poll - Published on: Jan 21, 2012
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News - Published on: Jan 19, 2012
Gingrich, Santorum and Paul attempt to keep nomination from Romney
News - Published on: Jan 10, 2012
Councilmember Orange holds Ward 5 meeting to assure residents as seat remains open ahead of special election
Poll - Published on: Dec 28, 2011
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News - Published on: Dec 27, 2011
Next week, Iowa's GOP voters give the country its first contest of the 2012 primary campaign
Feature Story - Published on: Dec 22, 2011
GOProud's controversy-seeking paid dividends at CPAC, but a controversial ''outing'' caused turmoil in the ranks
Poll - Published on: Dec 20, 2011
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News - Published on: Dec 8, 2011
DC Log Cabin hits councilmember amid investigation
News - Published on: Dec 8, 2011
Local LGBT groups not enthusiastic about Va. Attorney General's candidacy
Poll - Published on: Nov 29, 2011
Should Herman Cain withdraw from the race?
News - Published on: Nov 17, 2011
DADT lawsuit appeal rejected, Log Cabin to decide on appeal to Supreme Court
News - Published on: Oct 13, 2011
News Analysis: As voters look for candidates who share their moral sense, some new possibilities emerge for the way LGBT issues play in politics
News - Published on: July 14, 2011
U.S. Court of Appeals wants to know who's left to defend DADT, even as certification to repeal the law may be imminent
News - Published on: Apr 27, 2011
Stein-backed Biddle falls short, LCR's Mara comes in second
News - Published on: Apr 7, 2011
Gay Republicans make City Council endorsement
Opinion - Published on: Feb 17, 2011
With friends like these, one wonders where LGBT conservatism is heading
Video - Published on: Feb 11, 2011
GOProud introduces conservative speakers at 'Big Party' event
Video - Published on: Feb 11, 2011
Presidential picks and gay conservatism, at 18th Street Lounge
Opinion - Published on: Feb 10, 2011
Those of us on the left may disdain gay conservatives, but groups like GOProud are making change happen
Feature Story - Published on: Feb 9, 2011
GOProud has taken the conservative and LGBT movements by storm by being brash, loud and uncompromisingly conservative -- and just as uncompromisingly gay
News - Published on: Jan 5, 2011
News Analysis: With 2011 barely begun, the year promises ongoing LGBT political action pro or con on multiple fronts
Opinion - Published on: Nov 10, 2010
Despite a dim future for gay issues in Congress, we must summon unceasing resolve
News - Published on: Nov 4, 2010
As the nation turned out to vote, D.C. was no different
News - Published on: Nov 4, 2010
Ruling means military's ban on gay service in place through 2011 absent congressional, executive action
News - Published on: Oct 28, 2010
From courts to White House to Pentagon, DADT changing almost daily
Opinion - Published on: Oct 21, 2010
What should have been a stellar legislative achievement has collapsed into political failure
Video - Published on: Oct 1, 2010
Gay Republicans honor Cornyn and Sessions at national dinner
News - Published on: Sept 15, 2010
From Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to Lady Gaga to U.S. District Court Judge Virginia Phillips, it's been a rough week for the military's anti-gay policy
Opinion - Published on: Sept 1, 2010
Redemption may be a more constructive force than scorn in the wake of one man's outing
Video - Published on: Aug 30, 2010
Opinions about gay marriage and DADT from the National Mall
Opinion - Published on: Aug 12, 2010
Without more out members of Congress, we are absent from many important debates about our lives
Opinion - Published on: July 22, 2010
''Don't Ask, Don't Tell'' is a threat to the Constitution and National Security
News - Published on: July 14, 2010
Pentagon DADT-repeal questionnaire raises questions of bias and participation from gay servicemembers
News - Published on: July 6, 2010
GOProud supports Rep. Bono-Mack joining with Log Cabin and opposing HRC, the Victory Fund & Stonewall Dems in one of the most-watched races for the LGBT community this fall
News - Published on: May 6, 2010
GOProud starts an advisory board, naming ''Independent Conservative'' lesbian radio show host Tammy Bruce to take the lead
Video - Published on: Feb 18, 2010
Andrew Sullivan, Maggie Gallagher and British MP Nick Herbert debate the role of gays in conservative politics at the Cato Institute
News - Published on: Sept 10, 2009
Virginia's upcoming elections for governor, Statehouse may have a big impact on state's GLBT citizens
Opinion - Published on: Aug 27, 2009
Commentary: Stonewall Baby
Opinion - Published on: Mar 12, 2009
Commentary: Stonewall Baby
Feature Story - Published on: Nov 13, 2008
We Won, We Lost. What's Next for 2009? (Online Extra)
Feature Story - Published on: Oct 23, 2008
Gay locals talk politics in the final stretch to Nov. 4
Opinion - Published on: July 10, 2008
Commentary: Stonewall Baby
News - Published on: Sept 20, 2007
Virginia State and House candidates invited to answer questions at forum for GLBT concerns
Feature Story - Published on: Nov 9, 2006
Andrew Sullivan's quest to reclaim conservatism
News - Published on: Sept 14, 2006
'The Architect' explores relationship between Karl Rove and his late gay stepfather
News - Published on: Mar 30, 2006
Gay GOP Latino appointed to PACHA
Feature Story - Published on: Mar 16, 2006
Leading HRC's charge
Feature Story - Published on: Mar 31, 2005
Matt Foreman on the future of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the progressive fight for LGBT civil rights
Feature Story - Published on: Feb 24, 2005
Her Father's Daughter
Feature Story - Published on: Nov 18, 2004
National GLBT groups chart a second-term course
News - Published on: Nov 11, 2004
Some local, gay Kerry campaigners share their post-election emotions
Feature Story - Published on: Oct 7, 2004
David Catania's new political life as an independent
Feature Story - Published on: July 29, 2004
Politically Speaking
News - Published on: July 15, 2004
'Outing' activists target congressional staffer based on Metro Weekly appearance
News - Published on: Mar 18, 2004
Log Cabin launches anti-FMA campaign; California puts the brakes on, while Massachusetts may be moving forward
Feature Story - Published on: Feb 26, 2004
Vice President Cheney's lesbian daughter becomes target in gay marriage debate
Feature Story - Published on: July 10, 2003
Interview with Log Cabin Republican Executive Director Patrick Guerriero
News - Published on: June 5, 2003
With or Without a ‘Gay Agenda' Leaders Find Plenty of Common Ground
News - Published on: May 8, 2003
PFLAG Parents' Meeting with Senator Santorum Turns Ugly
News - Published on: May 1, 2003
Will Sen. Santorum's Anti-Gay Remarks Put Him in the Lott Seat?
Feature Story - Published on: Mar 21, 2002
The MW Interview