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A resource for the thousands of adults and children experiencing domestic violence in the District each year, with a specific GLBT outreach.

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News - Published on: Apr 7, 2014
Tuesday fundraiser offers a chance to celebrate Hassan Naveed's contributions before his July departure
News - Published on: Feb 11, 2014
Family, friends mark two-year anniversary of transgender woman's fatal stabbing, express anger over delay in prosecuting accused killer
News - Published on: Jan 26, 2014
Prosecutor tells judge government is still seeking indictment of man accused of shooting, setting alight gay man in his apartment
News - Published on: Dec 13, 2013
Group honoring volunteers, community leaders, government officials for work in combating hate crimes in D.C.
News - Published on: Sept 27, 2013
Second woman accused in Manny & Olga's beating pleads guilty in exchange for deferred-sentencing agreement
News - Published on: Sept 20, 2013
LGBT community center to expand GLOV's anti-violence work, provide guidance on new D.C. health exchange
Opinion - Published on: Sept 17, 2013
The Navy Yard shooting rampage will make us angry, but we know that anger doesn't bring change on gun violence
News - Published on: Aug 20, 2013
New group will be dedicated to advocating for services, counseling for victims of anti-LGBT violence
News - Published on: Aug 8, 2013
Suspect scheduled to appear in court in mid-August for Columbia Heights homicide
News - Published on: Aug 8, 2013
Man accused of stabbing transgender woman up to 40 times charged with additional count, held without bond
News - Published on: July 13, 2013
Court agrees to delay preliminary hearing for unrelated robbery charge against suspect in Stanton Road stabbing
News - Published on: June 28, 2013
Chief assailant will serve 8 years in prison for anti-gay attack on teenage victim
News - Published on: June 27, 2013
6th District officers investigating crime scene; victim transported to hospital
News - Published on: June 25, 2013
Footage shows two women drawing blood during June 23 incident at 14th Street take-out spot
News - Published on: June 24, 2013
MPD reports no arrest yet as multiple wounds leave hospitalized victim in serious but stable condition
News - Published on: June 14, 2013
Community members focus on tracking crimes and LGBT cultural-sensitivity training
News - Published on: June 4, 2013
Report praises local actions, government initiatives as models to combat anti-LGBT violence, discrimination
Opinion - Published on: May 30, 2013
Outbursts of anti-gay violence over marriage in France remind us that hatred has a long half-life
News - Published on: May 6, 2013
NBJC, NCAVP and others call on authorities to solve recent killings of trans women in Florida, Maryland and Ohio
News - Published on: Jan 11, 2013
DC Trans Coalition and GLOV say punishment devalues transgender people
News - Published on: Nov 30, 2012
Virginia Anti-Violence Project calls for legislators to add sexual orientation, gender identity to hate-crimes provision
News - Published on: Sept 28, 2012
Robinson pleads not guilty to charge with bias enhancement, as defense demands jury trial
News - Published on: Sept 26, 2012
Police count five incidents, ranging from beatings to groping, with bias elements in past two weeks
News - Published on: Aug 31, 2012
Government continues to seek grand jury indictment for man accused of stabbing Deoni Jones to death
News - Published on: Aug 24, 2012
Floyd Corkins found competent to stand trial, held without bond on both federal and District charges
News - Published on: Aug 23, 2012
In the aftermath of the FRC shooting, debate surrounds ''hate group'' label
News - Published on: Aug 23, 2012
Suspected FRC shooter held without bond, must submit to mental evaluation
News - Published on: Aug 16, 2012
Southern Poverty Law Center counters that ''hate group'' label fully warranted
News - Published on: Aug 16, 2012
Three co-defendants, on varying degrees of release, scheduled for another felony status conference; no bias charges filed yet
News - Published on: Aug 14, 2012
City's Mount Vernon neighborhood shaken by Friday attack that killed Alex Ulrich and left Lawrence Peterson in a coma
Video - Published on: Aug 10, 2012
March through Bloomingdale and Eckington follows attack on gay couple
News - Published on: June 28, 2012
Attackers yelled homophobic slurs as they repeatedly stabbed victim
News - Published on: Mar 26, 2012
Police arrest a 27-year-old female in relation to the March 11 shooting at a Columbia Heights restaurant
News - Published on: Mar 21, 2012
Event for victims goes viral, prompting residents, city leaders to take to streets in support
News - Published on: Mar 20, 2012
Newsham promises vigilance in pursuing crimes, but says bias motivation very difficult to prove
News - Published on: Mar 19, 2012
Recent attacks sparking strong community reaction are not alone among reported incidents of past few months
News - Published on: Mar 15, 2012
LGBT community organizers plan march and fundraiser in the wake of recent shooting and assaults; Mayor Gray releases statement of support
News - Published on: Feb 8, 2012
Vigil draws crowd to bus stop memorial, community calls for justice for slain transgender woman
News - Published on: Feb 3, 2012
Victim suffers fatal stabbing at Northeast bus stop
News - Published on: Dec 21, 2011
Altercation in Northeast leads to non-fatal attack
News - Published on: Dec 8, 2011
LGBT groups slam plea deal for man who shot transgender woman
News - Published on: Nov 4, 2011
Prosecution expecting an agreement in shooting case involving off-duty MPD officer, transgender women
News - Published on: Nov 3, 2011
Forum seeks remedies to difficulties facing LGBT community, people of color
News - Published on: Sept 29, 2011
Locals remember Gopalan, urge an end to anti-LGBT violence
News - Published on: Sept 21, 2011
Man charged in Columbia Heights lesbian assault pleads guilty to felony charge in an unrelated case
News - Published on: Sept 20, 2011
Local theater enthusiast's death ruled hemorrhaging due to ''blunt-impact trauma''; investigation continues
News - Published on: Sept 16, 2011
Preliminary hearing is rescheduled while defendant considers pleading to aggravated assault
News - Published on: Sept 13, 2011
Suspect in Sept. 12 incident surrenders himself to MPD, charged
News - Published on: Sept 13, 2011
News media, community activists hound MPD on handling of recent crimes
News - Published on: Sept 12, 2011
MPD briefs press on weekend death in Columbia Heights, asks for community assistance to ID the deceased
News - Published on: Aug 19, 2010
MPD investigates sexual assault on transgender woman near Dupont, reports claim of self-defense in King homicide
News - Published on: Aug 12, 2010
String of attacks with anti-gay bias, stabbing homicide, hit District
Video - Published on: Aug 10, 2010
Man found inside condo near Convention Center
News - Published on: June 17, 2010
New federally funded campaign promotes healthy LGBTQ relationships locally
News - Published on: June 16, 2010
Superior Court jury finds two men guilty of 2009 robbery and attack, with bias enhancement
News - Published on: June 10, 2010
Justice Department applies intimate-partner protections to same sex couples
News - Published on: June 7, 2010
Non-fatal shooting in Northeast leads to arrest
News - Published on: May 2, 2010
Washington woman charged with ''credit card misuse'' related to homicide investigation
Feature Story - Published on: Apr 29, 2010
From terror in childhood, to community defender
News - Published on: Feb 16, 2010
Man was charged with assault and anti-gay hate-crime bias after threatening group of women outside of a DC nightclub
News - Published on: Oct 29, 2009
Mayor's office hosts open house to address community concerns on police plans for GLLU
News - Published on: Oct 15, 2009
Hannah given maximum for simple assault, credit for time served, in Hunter death
News - Published on: June 25, 2009
D.C. couple reflects on Boston attack, assailant's light sentence
News - Published on: June 4, 2009
MPD's Lanier joins GLOV for community meeting
News - Published on: May 14, 2009
GLBT anti-violence group moves to remember victims, re-focus attention on unsolved murder
News - Published on: Apr 2, 2009
Victim allegedly mugged by fellow gay-bar patron
News - Published on: Feb 12, 2009
Georgetown hate-crime assailant given nearly three years
News - Published on: Feb 12, 2009
Rainbow Response releases data in effort against partner violence
News - Published on: Feb 6, 2009
Georgetown hate-crime assailant given nearly three years
News - Published on: Jan 22, 2009
Members of GLOV sit with Fenty, Lanier to discuss violence
News - Published on: Jan 16, 2009
GLOV's Farris pleased with commitment from mayor and MPD
News - Published on: Jan 1, 2009
GLOV announces Jan. 16 date with Fenty and Lanier
News - Published on: Dec 18, 2008
MPD seeking suspects in shooting death of gay man
News - Published on: Dec 18, 2008
Government and grassroots debate responses to D.C. hate crimes
News - Published on: Dec 5, 2008
Police looking for suspects in possible hate crime
News - Published on: Nov 20, 2008
Guilty Plea in C&O Attack
News - Published on: Oct 16, 2008
MPD announces arrest in Shaw murder case
News - Published on: Oct 16, 2008
Gay couple critical of U.S. Attorney's Office after P & 15th incident
News - Published on: Oct 9, 2008
Wanted poster released in Tony R. Hunter manslaughter case
News - Published on: Oct 9, 2008
Judge refuses to release G'town hate crime suspects
News - Published on: Oct 6, 2008
Alleged Georgetown attackers set for Wednesday hearing
News - Published on: Oct 2, 2008
Local residents, activists, friends of victim gather for vigil, solutions
News - Published on: Sept 25, 2008
Friends, family, activists plan vigil to honor victim and resist fear
News - Published on: Sept 18, 2008
More attacks and a strike back
News - Published on: Sept 18, 2008
Viciousness of recent anti-gay attacks spurs community reaction
News - Published on: Sept 18, 2008
Tony Randolph Hunter succumbs to injuries in possible hate crime
News - Published on: Apr 10, 2008
Rainbow Response meeting guides response to domestic violence
News - Published on: Apr 3, 2008
Taking on domestic violence in the gay community
News - Published on: Feb 15, 2007
Family of slain transgender woman hears details of her death