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Creative Capital

WPA's Select 2014 at Artisphere focuses on contemporary art

''It's a great place for people who are interested in starting to build a collection,'' Lisa Gold says of Select 2014. ''Or people who are just interested in seeing what's happening in the region.'' At least 75 percent of the works on display at this Washington Project for the Arts event, held this year at Artisphere, comes from artists in the D.C. region, more than 100 strong. Nine curators, also mostly local, were tapped to select the works for the ... [Read]

Gay Cat Art

Transformer presents J. Morrison's humorous ''HomoCats'' series

''I was actually kind of nervous when I first made the zine because I thought maybe people would be offended,'' says J. Morrison on his artist series HomoCats: Fight The Power. But cats are incredibly popular in our increasingly gay-friendly Internet age. And, really, only homophobes would take offense at Morrison's images of cartoon cats with captions such as ''We eat homophobes for dinner'' and ''Free butt sex.'' ''I would say a 'HomoCat' is the literal translation of a gay ... [Read]

Leather's Superheroes

Anthony Dortch celebrates several local leathermen in new art project

''When you get all these men together, and they stand in these power stances,'' Anthony Dortch Jr. says, ''all I think of is, 'Wow, this is like the new X-Men.''' And for his new portrait series Leather Nation, the mixed-media artist Dortch makes it so. The comics aficionado instructed several leathermen -- including the three most recent Mr. DC Eagles, plus 2010's R. Derrick Thomas and 2002's Herb Kaylor -- to have fun and strike poses as superheroes. ''A lot ... [Read]

Bright Bolivian Art

Strathmore presents exhibition of artist Mamani Mamani

''If you've traveled anywhere in Ecuador or Bolivia or Peru, you probably remember those great textiles that you see in all the markets over there,'' says Georgina Javor, referring to ponchos and blankets. Right now, Strathmore, where Javor is director of programming, presents a retrospective of works by the 51-year-old Bolivian artist Roberto Mamani Mamani, whose works she describes as ''incredibly vibrant ''and ''color-suffused.'' ''We think it really reflects the complexity and heritage of Andean culture and textiles.'' In particular ... [Read]

Pop Art

Artisphere presents Andy Warhol's inflatables installation ''Silver Clouds''

Jose Ortiz never forgot an experience he had over a decade ago at New York's Queens Museum of Art. ''You follow all the rules and you don't touch and you don't do this and that,'' Ortiz explains. ''And then to go into a room where you actually were encouraged to touch the works of art, and to play with it and move around. It's like we were outlaws with the art.'' {Warhol's Silver Clouds (Photo by Artisphere)} So Ortiz decided ... [Read]

Night Beat

Dangerous Muse and Shea Van Horn perform at Art Museum of the Americas' nighttime party

A few years ago, Shea Van Horn performed at night on the National Mall as part of the Hirshhorn Museum's After Hours programming. Next Thursday, Aug. 29, Van Horn will nearly repeat the experience -- though this time with a performance a couple blocks off the Mall at the gorgeous Art Museum of the Americas (AMA). And this time as DJ Shea Van Horn, not drag performer Summer Camp. {''Untitled'' by Wilfredo Lam (Photo courtesy of the Art Museum of ... [Read]

Blood Feud

Artist Mary Coble set to challenge the FDA's ban on gay blood donations with Corcoran piece

Flying back to the U.S. with her Danish wife in July, Mary Coble was welcomed – albeit politely – with some institutional homophobia. So many same-sex families know the drill: Families approach the passport control counter together. But until the Supreme Court struck down Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act in the end of June, that definition of family didn't necessarily apply to same-sex spouses as far as the Department of Homeland Security, responsible for border crossings, was ... [Read]

Alien Visitation

New Corcoran exhibit explores our fascination with classical architecture from a unique perspective

Right now, Washington is awash with tourists. They're trying to take in too much in too little time, and will end up getting at least some of what they see or learn wrong. In 10,000 years, Ellen Harvey projects aliens might be doing the same. In a special exhibit at the Corcoran Gallery, the painter and mixed-media artist imagines a future in which no humans and little of human civilization remain -- except our seemingly ingrained love for classical and ... [Read]

Satirical Artistry

Del Ray Artisans exhibit features satirical homages to iconic art

''I've done several paintings and have somewhat of an obsession with American Gothic by Grant Wood,'' says artist Zade Ramsey, who repeatedly traveled to see the famous painting when he was younger. More recently, he's created a humorous adaptation of the painting, replacing the pitchfork-holding stoic old man with a scheming Montgomery Burns from The Simpsons, and his dignified-looking daughter with an open-mouthed Honey Boo Boo from TLC, called ''An Excellent Boo Boo, American Gothic.'' It's just one artwork among ... [Read]

Punk-Funk D.C.

Corcoran presents an exhibit paying homage to D.C.'s musical subcultures

Did you know? Washington, D.C., circa the 1980s was a hotbed of pop music, helping germinate two very distinct strands of sound. There was hardcore punk rock, led by Ian MacKaye and his bands, from Minor Threat to Fugazi, and the funk variant known as go-go, popularized by Chuck Brown and including bands E.U. and Rare Essence. {12 Hardcore 7'' records (Photo by Aaron Farley)} ''Both of those cultures were booking their own shows, finding their own practice spaces, doing ... [Read]

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