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Hail to the Chefs

D.C.'s most-celebrated chefs support marriage equality

Want to know the percentage of D.C. chefs supporting marriage equality? Among those chefs food writer David Hagedorn asked to be part of Chefs for Equality, at least, it's a universal 100 percent. ''To be honest, I wondered what I would do if I came across someone who didn't want to participate for political reasons,'' Hagedorn says, ''but there was none of that.'' In the end, a vast majority of D.C.'s most celebrated chefs, including Jose Andres, Jeff Black, Cathal ... [Read]

Booze Cruise

Crystal City lures you to its walkways with wine and beer

''Last year, people showed up in tennis shoes,'' chuckles Angie Fox. ''They really took it seriously.'' Fox is talking about the first annual 1K Wine Walk organized by her organization, the nonprofit Crystal City Business Improvement District (BID). Yes, really, a Wine Walk – where, as Fox puts it, ''You can sniff [and sample] and stumble your way through the walkways.'' The event, held in the walkways connecting high-rise buildings in the Northern Virginia suburb, proved so popular, ''We knew ... [Read]

Parisian Dining

Carole Greenwood offers a dinner inspired by Alice Toklas

''Well,'' says Carole Greenwood, ''we're not making hashish spread, I can tell you that.'' She's cracking wise about the dinner she's preparing based on the Alice B. Toklas Cookbook. The partner of writer Gertrude Stein, Toklas did in fact include a recipe for making hashish spread -- to be used in pot brownies -- in her cookbook. ''She even tells you how to obtain hashish and how to store it,'' Greenwood marvels. Greenwood is still deciding which among Toklas's legal ... [Read]

Outspoken: Thanksgiving Foods

Take our quick survey on what Thanksgiving foods you love.

What Thanksgiving foods do you love? And where did you spend your Thanksgiving? We'd love to know! Click here to take ... [Read]

Busy B.

B. Smith conquers the catwalk, the kitchen, business and Broadway

When it comes to New York joining the marriage-equality states, B. Smith borrows a famous line from Martin Luther King Jr. ''It's like, 'Free at last, free at last. Thank God almighty, we're free at last!''' Obviously, the straight restaurateur – and actress and former fashion model – is happy about the news that came out of her home state over the summer. ''I have chills, I'm so, so happy,'' she says. ''I hope that [marriage equality] moves forward in ... [Read]

Hiding the Bacon

Nellie's popular Sunday Drag Brunch, hosted by Shi-Queeta Lee, is straight out of a twisted IHOP dream

''We have very loyal football fans, and there was just about a rumble,'' says Doug Schantz, owner of Nellie's Sports Bar. Schantz is referring to one Sunday in early 2010, soon after the venue started its Sunday Drag Brunch, when football fans came streaming in to the main dining area to watch an early game. ''People were saying it looked like the Crips against the Bloods,'' says Schantz. ''There were drag queens screaming at guys wearing football jerseys. It was ... [Read]

Eating Well

'Sensorium' brings magic, mystery, artistry and surprise to the experience of fine dining

Take a little music, a dash of theatrics, a pinch of magic and a hefty helping of creative cuisine and wine -- mix it all together and you have Sensorium. The brainchild of chef Bryon Brown, Sensorium provides guests a 12-course meal with wine pairings. Guests can expect such dishes as beet gazpacho with goat cheese, braised pork belly and oxtail ragout as well as a few unusual surprises that Brown pulls from under his molecular gastronomy sleeve. During the ... [Read]

Delicious Deals

Restaurant Week

''It's become...somewhat of a cult.'' Lynne Breaux is referring to next week's Restaurant Week promotion. ''There are some offices, for instance, that get together and plot where they're going to go each day.'' But even for a romantic or solitary meal, the promotion, starting Monday, Jan. 11, and running all week, is hard to beat. Nearly 200 restaurants across the region, including many of the city's finest, offer special three-course meals for $20.10 at lunch and $35.10 at dinner. Obviously, ... [Read]

Aged to Perfection

Annie's is all dolled up and ready to celebrate its 60th Anniversary

''I was kind of the black sheep of the family -- they didn't think I could do anything,'' says Annie Kaylor. ''And here I made this successful.'' Successful, in this case, is an understatement. Kaylor is referring to the 17th Street institution that bears her name, which has been a de-facto gay landmark and will celebrate its 60th year in business with a party this Monday, Dec. 15. Annie's brother George started the restaurant in November 1948, in the building ... [Read]

Hooray for Jaleo

Long a fixture in the Washington tapas craze, Jaleo still rules the roost with a broad and tantalizing menu

With the craze for tapas showing no sign of letting up, Washingtonians have a particularly good venue for enjoying it. I'm always glad to return to Jaleo, with locations in Washington's gallery district on Seventh Street NW, in restaurant-rich Bethesda, and most recently in Crystal City. The décor of the Seventh Street location is an interesting blend of Old World charm and modern flair. From the street, looking in through café curtains, you might think that Jaleo is a very ... [Read]

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