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Sticky and Sweet

Valentine's Day can be both classic and kinky

The only thing sweeter than a box full chocolates on Valentine's Day is a box made of chocolate. Available for $38 -- or in a special, though inedible, gift box for $46 -- it's just one of the many sweet items you will find inside Locolat Café. Not to mention the sweet items in the box. ''It's going to be filled with chocolate truffles,'' says Neil Piferoen, Locolat's owner and pastry chef. For shoppers looking for something a little more ... [Read]

HRC Action Center & Store

Quality goods to bring us closer to equality

Advocating for equal rights can be a part of your everyday routine with the help of items sold at the Human Rights Campaign's Action Center & Store. In the D.C. shop (one of three in the country), you will find ways in which you can get involved with equal-rights advocacy, as well as items to buy: clothing dubbed ''Equality Wear,'' bags, accessories, flags, jewelry and office supplies. Almost everything is decorated with HRC's signature equal-sign logo. But HRC's Action Center ... [Read]


Sweet sophisticates will be right at home at this U Street emporium

The first thing you need to know about RCKNDY is that the name is pronounced ''rock candy.'' With that out of the way, owner David Dennis is happy to dive into the meat of his merchandise: modern home decor urbane urbanite. ''I have very strong opinions about how things can be done better,'' says Dennis. ''We try to offer a modern, contemporary point of view, which is a little bit difficult to find in this city. We also try to ... [Read]

Merry Markets

Holiday shopping need not be a ''big box'' affair

It's the season of giving, and for those who survive ''Black Friday'' -- notoriously the busiest shopping day of the year -- it remains the season of shopping for at least a few more weeks. Thankfully, Washingtonians shopping for holiday gifts after Friday, Nov. 27, which is gearing up for major mayhem thanks to myriad retailer enticements, don't have to worry about getting trampled at Target, or worse, settling for what mediocre item is left on the shelves. Washington is ... [Read]

Naked Decor

Sophisticated Supon keeps the high style coming with Naked Decor

Local designer Supon Phornirunlit, known best by his first name, doesn’t put much stock in catalogs to sell his products. “Either you love or you hate it. If you love it, you buy it,” says the Thai native who’s made his home in the District. He started designing and marketing home decor after a Metropolitan Home spread on his abode brought a wave of calls and e-mails requesting to buy the pillows he had designed for himself. “I don’t believe ... [Read]


Explore the juicy insides of this 14th Street treasure trove

You’ll always find a fun mood inside Pulp. The shop's founder Ron Henderson, who died in February, left a legacy of levity. ''He always showed love and kindness to us as employees,'' says Beverly Jones, general manager of the card and gift emporium at 1803 14th St. NW. Jones first met Henderson when she was selling her own gift cards at Eastern Market. ''We like to laugh and play and giggle with our customers,'' she says. ''That's the tone Ron ... [Read]

Universal Gear

This D.C. diva helps you make waves this summer

With luck, those crunches and culinary restraint have paid off because, like it or not, it's swimsuit season. And Universal Gear, at 1529B 14th St. NW, is laying out a gorgeous beach-going buffet. ''They're beautiful!'' says store manager Yemi Memgistu of her lineup. ''I love the 'Scotch and Soda.' They're so hot!'' Check out the collection online at, or call 202-319-0136 for more information. Board, Not Boring! Universal swim trunks Universal Gear puts its stamp on these Universal swim ... [Read]


Barracks Row biz brightens homes and the community

Some retail proprietors don't care much for the lingering, ''I'm just looking,'' sort of patron. Not so with Erin Mara and Henriette Fourcade, owners of Homebody, ''outfitters for contemporary living.'' Rather, they'd like you to think of their shop -- offering a dizzying range of items, from greeting cards to Gus* furniture -- as something much more inviting. ''It's like an interesting gallery/living room,'' says Mara. ''I've never liked high-end stores full of pretension. We're trying to create a relaxing ... [Read]

Toro Mata

Unique offerings making their way from Peru to you

Everything in Toro Mata: the Art of Peru is original. That is, of course, with the exception of the of the replica paintings of renowned Colombian artist Fernando Botero. ''His paintings go for $2 million,'' says Hector Zarate, co-owner of the store, adding with a laugh, ''I'm not at that level yet.'' Still, Toro Mata has many original items you can't find anywhere else. The name of the store is Spanish for ''The Bull Kills,'' which is a well-known folk ... [Read]

Miss Pixies

Unique shopping on 14th Street in downtown DC

With Miss Pixie's Furnishings & Whatnot, you can go for the traditional or the modern. We're talking window-shopping. Pass by the 14th Street NW emporium and peer through the windows -- or visit their Web site and look through the offerings online. As old-fashioned as you may be, owner Pixie Windsor says the Web is your friend. ''We're very 'emergency room' here: Get it in, get it out. Thursday is the big, busy day.'' Peruse Miss Pixie's functional and funky ... [Read]

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