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Young Pioneers

It's a new world for LGBT youth, full of opportunities and challenges

Spring, despite its lingering chill in 2014, is a time to think of birth, of growth, of renewal. That means youth – LGBT youth, in particular. Like D.C.'s spring, LGBT youth can also be chilly – and sunny and breezy and all the rest. There is no universal template for people, certainly not the youngest among us. They are bois and grrrls, queer and kindred. They are everything at once, coming out, testing their wings and getting a better look ... [Read]

2014 Dining Out for Life Guide

DC, Maryland and Virginia's restaurants on Thursday, April 24, 2014

A complete guide to all participating restaurants as of press time, by neighborhood, including meals and what percentage of each bill will be donated to Food & Friends. This year's Dining Out for Life takes place on Thursday, April 24th. Please note that RESERVATIONS ARE SUGGESTED at most restaurants. Please call ahead or visit For an up-to-date list of restaurants visit WASHINGTON, D.C. ... [Read]

Ted Allen Talks Food

The host of ''Chopped'' on weird ingredients, the joys of slow cooking and the importance of Dining Out for Life

This is what you don't want. You don't want to see your dish displayed as Ted Allen briskly lifts the silver cover. Because that means, as Allen brusquely intones, ''You've been chopped.'' Since January of 2009, Allen has been hosting the popular Food Network show that pits four chefs (and sometimes celebrities) against one another in a unique cook-off that features three courses -- an appetizer, entree and dessert -- cooked at a breathless pace, and incorporating four generally very ... [Read]

Tour of Duty

With a new album about to launch, Tom Goss hits the road to share his authentic truth

Tom Goss is not bashful. Nor is he pushy. Put simply, he has a message to share and he'll do what he needs to express it. Often, that means touring. Goss has the miles to show for his career, still moving in an upward trajectory. This month, Goss, 32, is making a bold move to dedicate himself full time to this mission. He's leaving the job of nearly a decade he's held with Charlie's Place, a D.C. program to end ... [Read]

Boy Wonder

Though he's far less shocking than he was 30 years ago, Boy George still has the power to make us gasp, let alone dance

''That's got more swing than a hooker with a broken heel and a brick in her handbag.'' In addition to a steady flow of swinging deep house tunes, Boy George's Club Culture podcast also features colorful commentary between tracks as only the '80s-era gay pop star would deliver. He made the above comment, for example, on his podcast's ninth episode, posted in December, in response to the track ''My Bassline Friend'' by Simone Vitullo & Do Santos. Yes, Boy George ... [Read]

Hair Apparent

Keegan Theatre lets the sunshine in with a rousing, energized revival of the provocative 1968 musical

''I feel like it's one of the greatest achievements of our career,'' says Keegan Theatre's Susan Rhea of the company's current production of Hair. ''I feel more proud than I've ever felt of anything.'' Naturally, as co-director with her husband Mark Rhea, she feels a sense of motherly love and pride over Keegan's incredibly stirring and youthful adaptation of the 46-year-old Broadway sensation. The provocative show, featuring music by Galt MacDermot and book and lyrics by James Rado and Gerome ... [Read]

Tales of the Tomlin

From drawers full of dimes to superstardom, Lily Tomlin shares the richness of her journey

There is no argument: Lily Tomlin loves show business. And that love has driven her from stage to screen and back again, countless times. With her partner -- in life and profession -- Jane Wagner at her side, Tomlin has earned an Oscar nomination, multiple Emmys and Tonys, and so many more accolades. She's played characters from silly -- many of whom are her own creations -- to serious. There's the young Tomlin of Laugh-In yuks, or the grittier Linnea ... [Read]

Film: New Movies for Spring 2014

Spring Arts 2014

Blockbuster season nears, and for every webslinger, mutant and giant lizard, there seems to be fare more intimate and potentially interesting -- a sex-hungry woman, terminally ill teenagers in the thrall of romance, a bear family making its way across Alaskan tundra. There are also Muppets, dragons, Greek gods, biblical legends and Jon Hamm. So, something for everyone. March NEED FOR SPEED -- We kick off our list with a film based on an incredibly popular series of video games. ... [Read]

Stage: Plays, Musicals and Live Theater

Spring Arts 2014

The theatre season may be half over, but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty left to see on D.C. stages, starting with the Kennedy Center, whose impressive World Stages: International Theater Festival kicked off this week (see page 44). If you desire some political high drama, head over to Arena for Camp David. Crave a bit of sexual rompery? No Rules is happily going Boeing Boeing. Fancy a little Falstaff? Shakespeare is presenting both Henrys in rep. What about a ... [Read]

Dance: Ballet, Hip Hop, Folk and Contemporary

Spring Arts 2014

Dance Place will conclude its season, in which its Brookland home venue has undergone extensive renovations, by presenting performances elsewhere by many of dance's leading lights, including gay choreographer Kyle Abraham at Howard University and pioneering transgender choreographer Sean Dorsey, who worked with the LGBT Elders Oral History Project for his latest piece, to be presented at Joe's Movement Emporium in May. But that's just the tip of what's on offer this season. From the National Symphony Orchestra ''New Moves: ... [Read]

Classical Music

Spring Arts 2014

At least two of the region's major orchestras will perform a toast to the 150th birthday of German composer Richard Strauss, while two local Bach-focused ensembles are toasting the 300th birthday of C.P.E. Bach, the son of the great German Johann Sebastian. But this season in classical music-rich Washington, several organizations are toasting American-grown composers, from Barber to Bernstein to Bayolo, including the Capital City Symphony at Atlas, the National Chamber Ensemble at Artisphere and the Choral Arts Society at ... [Read]

Music: Pop, Rock, Folk and Jazz

Spring Arts 2014

One of the biggest concerts this spring will be Adam Lambert filling in for the late, great Freddie Mercury performing with Brian May and Roger Taylor. Queen's tour-ending stop in July at Merriweather Post Pavilion is also its only outdoor show. But Lambert is only the biggest among several American Idol finalists to appear locally this season, and he's not the biggest among several gay acts hitting town -- Hello, Boy George, and welcome to the 9:30 Club. To name ... [Read]

All the World's Stages

With offerings from 19 countries, the Kennedy Center's World Stages Festival is a love letter to international theater

American culture dominates the global stage. Whether film, TV, music or theater, New York and Hollywood control the world to the point where it can be difficult to access foreign media without specifically seeking it out. For Alicia Adams, vice president of international programming at the Kennedy Center, that's part of the joy of her job. ''As I've traveled around the world researching other festivals, I've come across a lot of wonderful work,'' she says. ''America often misses out on ... [Read]

Above & Beyond

Spring Arts 2014: Comedy, Readings, Discussions, Spoken Word, Multimedia, Tastings, Tours, Etc.

You may know John Waters best as a wacky, beloved Baltimore filmmaker, but these days he's spending more time on the standup circuit -- which is why you'll find him in this, Metro Weekly's et cetera arts category. Waters, who appears at The Birchmere in May, is in good company this season: Lily Tomlin at Strathmore, Lewis Black at the Warner and Loni Love at the DC Improv are just three of our favorites. But it's not all fun and games ... [Read]

Choral Connector

As executive director, Chase Maggiano has bold ideas for building on GMCW's strong, harmonious history

''Bach is my favorite composer, hands down,'' Chase Maggiano says, when asked what he listens to in his spare time. But in addition to baroque Bach and Tchaikovksy, his favorite Romantic, Maggiano cops to more current sounds. ''I also like Top 40,'' he says. ''It's fun, and that's what music should be, right?'' {Chase Maggiano (Photo by Todd Franson)} Maggiano is executive director of the Gay Men's Chorus of Washington, so it would be unusual if he didn't like pop ... [Read]

Supporting Player

From coast to coast, Chris Svoboda's journey has kept her out of the limelight but on the LGBT community's front lines

Center stage is quite possibly the last place you'll find Chris Svoboda. While she's had a hand in multiple efforts over the years, she's made sure not to be the face of any of them. Her activism has been on the quiet side. ''I have a family member that said, 'Why are you such a flag-waver?''' Svoboda says with a laugh. ''I'm thinking, 'I am not a flag-waver at all, honey. You have not seen a flag-waver.''' {Chris Svoboda (Photo ... [Read]

Fox Films

Exploring the filmography, from raw and real to sweet and sentimental

Eytan Fox, the gay New York-born Israeli film director, has a relatively short filmography. Directing his first official piece in 1994, he has gone on to helm just 11 projects in his 49 years. Fortunately for Fox, however, of the few pieces he has helped craft, several have become staples of foreign-language gay cinema. Fox doesn't shy from acknowledging and celebrating his Israeli roots, and the challenges and adversities that presents. His films tackle a variety of issues: homophobia, racism, ... [Read]

The Fantastic Mr. Fox

As one of its most popular filmmakers, Eytan Fox has helped turn Israel into a remarkably gay-friendly country

A few years ago filmmaker Eytan Fox was flipping TV channels in his Berlin hotel room when he stumbled on the Eurovision Song Contest. ''Suddenly, I realized that I didn't even know who was representing Israel that year,'' he says. A lot had changed in the four decades since organizers of the annual music competition had first invited the small Middle Eastern democracy to join its pop parade. Back then, in 1973, as a kid growing up in Jerusalem, Fox's ... [Read]

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