A Year Without Love
Un Aņo Sin Amor
Reel Affirmations 15: Washington DC Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

Date: Friday, 10/14/2005
Time: 11:00 pm

Venue: Lincoln Theatre
Tickets: $9 Buy tickets online

Type: Feature presentation
Language: In Spanish with English Subtitles

Metro Weekly Rating: (3 out of 5)

by Sean Bugg

PABLO PEREZ IS a young poet living Buenos Aires, struggling to make ends meet as a French tutor while writing his diary/novel, Un Aņo Sin Amor, and living with his mentally unstable aunt. Wracked by coughing fits, a result of his HIV infection, he spends his time breathing oxygen at the hospital, crafting personals to which no one responds and having anonymous sex in a dark, dingy movie theater. He is, in a word, lonely. A Year Without Love chronicles Pablo's search for love and belonging as he struggles to both regain his health and complete his art. It's a bleak world he inhabits, all chipped, faded paint and desiccated interiors. Only when he enters the world of rich S&M enthusiasts do all the surfaces take on the gleaming sheen of expensive wood and black lacquer. Pablo's time as a bottom leatherboy involves a number of scenes of whipping and such, but none of the scenes are really too far away from the wilder side of Falcon. And his infatuation with one of the dominant men is an obvious dead-end, and you find yourself actively rooting for it not to work out. Grudgingly low at times, A Year Without Love occasionally soars with its depiction of loneliness in a bustling urban world. But the moments in between, as well as the frustration inherent in watching such a passive protagonist, makes for a somewhat indifferent overall experience.

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Festival Venue:
Lincoln Theatre
1215 U Street, NW; Washington, DC 20009. (202) 328-6000. (map)
Directly across from Green Line Metro / U Street-Cardozo station.

You may buy your tickets or passes in advance: Online at BoxOfficeTickets.com or by phone at (800) 494-TIXS (494-8497). Or you may visit the Lincoln Theatre (1215 U Street, NW, WDC); the DCJCC (1529 16th Street, NW, WDC); Lambda Rising (1625 Connecticut Avenue, NW, WDC); or Universal Gear (1601 17th Street, NW, WDC).

For more info visit the official Reel Affirmations website.