Attempt by anti-gay Don Dwyer to impeach Maryland Attorney General Gansler fails

Posted by JD Uy
March 31, 2010 3:49 PM |

''I brought the Articles of Impeachment to the House Floor today at approximately 10:15am. I was not ruled out of order as I had expected to be, but was not able to get a vote. The Articles have been moved to House Judiciary Committee for hearings to be held today at 3pm. Please come to testify, or simply to show support.''

Don Dwyer, a Republican Delegate for Anne Arundel County, Maryland begging for support to impeach Doug Gansler, the Attorney General for Maryland over the issue of gay marriage. It's reported that his effort has failed so far. (DelegateDwyer)

In January, A.G. Gansler concluded a study about same-sex marriages and determined that Maryland law allows for gay and lesbian couples to be recognized as married if they are legally married in another state or jurisdiction. Del. Dwyer, who has a history of anti-gay views, has performed much grandstanding on this issue and threatened for months to get Gansler impeached. According to multiple reports today, Dwyer did introduce just such a measure, but it was sent to a Judiciary Committee to vote on instead the full House. The Sun reports that Dwyer walked out of that Committee hearing calling it a ''kangaroo court.'' Extra state troopers were brought in today to handle any significant issues, but Daily Record says they mostly spent their time quieting down Dwyer's supporters from the gallery. (Baltimore Sun) (Washington Post) (MD Daily Record)

''The people's House should not be turned into the people's coliseum, where public officials are torn apart for the sport of the crowd.... What about the validity of the petition? What about the basis of the charges? This should not be a dictatorship of who's got the loudest voice and who's the most extreme view.''

Delegate Luis Simmons, of Montgomery County, MD, defending the decision by House leaders to send to committee Don Dwyer's call for impeachment of the Attorney General Doug Gansler. Dwyer is upset about Gansler's allowance for out-of-state gay marriages to be legally recognized in Maryland. (WJZ TV)

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