Capitol Hill "C Street house" connected to "kill the gays" Evangelicals in Uganda [video]

Posted by JD Uy
September 23, 2010 6:28 AM |

''I went at the invitation of David Bahati, who is a member of parliament in Uganda who has proposed the kill the gays bill.... [He] was very candid about his political education in the United States has friendships with American politicians, his great admiration for Senator Jim Inhofe who has visited a lot and talk about the moral underpinnings of a government led by God.

''I asked him, I said, "Is the goal to kill all the people?"  And he said, "Well, in a perfect world, yes.  But we live in a democracy, so we go step by step...." he felt that he had received no pressure from the Americans to drop the bill.... mainly what The Family is doing is managing PR....

''He said that, you know, one of the great things was that although some of the Americans have denounced the bill, they could continue to work together on other Biblical issues, like defense contracts.''

Author Jeff Sharlet on the Rachel Maddow discussing revelations about "The C Street House" on Capitol Hill, and of the secretive religious group that he claims is run by some of the country's most powerful conservative politicians. Sharlet and Maddow have reported repeatedly that the horribly repressive, religiously driven movement by Uganda's leaders, to imprison and murder all gay people (and their defenders), has been directly influenced by anti-gay Evangelical Christian forces in the United States. The Ugandan bill remains active at this time. (Rachel Maddow / MSNBC)

''The time is appropriate because this is the time when actual homosexuality has almost conquered the West – it has taken over, the influence of homosexuals in the UShas increased. It has increased in the UK, it has increased in many other parts. And I think the world is looking for a country which can provide leadership in this direction.... I think the bill addresses the real problem. And the real problem is promotion of homosexuality in Uganda.... We have friends who are evangelicals in the US and they are being supportive. Some confidentially supporting this, others, very few openly, in support of this because of the fear to be blamed back home and we truly accept that.''

David Bahati, a Ugandan politician and the author of the "kill the gays bill" that has drawn international condemnation for the terrible, threatening environment that exists in that country against people who are gay and lesbian.

In this stunning new video from an Australian news agency, a gay rights leader, Frank Mugisha, talks about needing to run from mobs, and of gay people being ejected by landlords because the bill demands that everyone turn in known homosexuals. A lesbian says she and other women are raped in an attempt to turn them heterosexual -- by friends! She says she became pregnant at 12 and is now HIV+ because of that traumatic incident. Also, gays are exposed by a tabloid newspaper, and a defense lawyers says murderers have an easier time than his gay clients. ( / Dateline)

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