Newt Gingrich hit with 'glitter makeover' by gay activist in Minnesota

Posted by JD Uy
May 18, 2011 9:19 AM |

''Newt has a long history of anti-gay politics and has chosen to focus on divisive social issues instead of working to fix our economy.  I don’t think a free will adulterer like Newt has any ground to stand up while telling others who they can and can’t love.... I think it was a nice makeover for his campaign.  And in fact if he needs anymore glitter, I have some left over.''

Nick Espinosa, 24, explaining to ABC News why he dumped a bag of glitter on Newt Gigrich, a Republican commentator who recently said that he plais to run for Presidential of the United States. Espinosa says his his  (ABC News)

Espinosa confronted Gingrich at a book signing in Minneapolis and he yelled out:

''Feel the rainbow, Newt. Stop the hate! Stop the anti-gay politics. It's dividing our country and it's not fixing our economy!"

Gingrich seemed to shrug the confrontation off by saying, "Nice to live in a free country."

Espinosa is credited for other public displays of disatisfaction with anti-gay politicians. Here, Minnesota's Tom Emmer has a bag of 2,000 pennies dumped on him. Emmer became a lightning rod of controversy after Target Corp indirectly donated many thousands of dollars to his campaign to become that state's governor (which he lost).

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