What's new at Rehoboth Beach for 2004

Published on June 3, 2004, 12:00am | Comments

The old guard hold down he fort at Rehoboth
while Lifeguard lollipops get the boys a licking
at Café Zeus and Aqua threatens to open soon...

Hearsay loves getting sweaty in this town, and there are buckets worth of sweat-worthy activities nearly every weekend. Black Pride had it going on this weekend, with among other things warriors battling and an untold number of naked men and women taking it to the Edge and getting Wet. Talk about drenched! But this year Hearsay got it wet in the sexy, manly armpit of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Dammit if Mother Nature didn't threaten a laffy taffy weekend. It was chilly and cloudy much of the time. Then again, it wouldn't be Memorial Day Weekend in these parts if it weren't cloudy. Thankfully, it didn't truly rain until Monday, and it didn't keep away a largely Washington-area crowd from amassing en masse for beachfront mass.

Hearsay spent much time amassed itself at the standard bearer Blue Moon, where it spotted Dave “Bachelor #3“ Peruzza, who took leave of his managerial perch at JR.'s for the weekend. Cobalt bartender Reuben “Mano a Mano” Yano was also there in a rainbow lei. Finally, Nin “Ride Air” Tran and Dan “Two-Stepper“ Hewitt were also among the weekend Moonies.

The “newest” outdoor bar area at the beach is the Sunday Tea at Café Zeus, in the former Yum Yum restaurant space which, few people realize used to be home to Bob's Beachy Keen Pretzeltorium. Frankly, Hearsay thinks it's a conspiracy to get you to stay longer. As if Hearsay needed its arm twisted to have just one more cocktail and avoid the trafficky jam back home. The entire gay Greek restaurant's space is given over for the occasion, so you can wander from the front seating patio to the attractive Argos Lounge bar to the narrow bathroom hallway. The draw, naturally, is the large outdoor courtyard -- said to be the town's largest. Mark “Peterbilt” Morgan and Keith “18 Wheeler” Petrack helped pack the space, as did J.T. “I'll Never Tell“ Powell and Shane "Come Back!" Griffith. Also presenet was one of the weekend's best beach bods: Humberto “Buns So Tight…” Gonzalez. And then there were the super-friendly bottles-in-bins-bartenders (for mixed drinks in much of Rehoboth you have to wait in much longer lines). Memorial Day at Zeus saw the Return of ‘The Lifeguards,' presumably real Rehoboth lifeguards who got their Jagermeister on for boys to lick off. It took a while to get willing lickers (did they really expect to draw gay boys with Jagermeister?). Well, soon enough they had boys licking Jager off the two Lifeguard lollipops. How many licks does it take to get to the bottom, Hearsay wondered. Peter “Rabbit” Rosenstein didn't know, but he guessed correctly that one would get to the bottom of a Jager bottle first. Rosenstein was a latecomer to Zeus, since that same afternoon he co-sponsored a Memorial Day benefit at the Silver Lake home of Jim “D'Lorda” D'Orta for Delaware's Governor Ruth Ann “Tax-Free” Minner. By the way, does the Rehoboth “Friends of Ruth Ann Minner and Dorothy and Toto too” have a benefit featuring Minner every week? Or just when Hearsay is in earsight?

A Rehoboth weekend wouldn't be complete without one wait-in-line, pop-in and take-out at Cloud 9. The restaurant-bar-nighttime dance space will turn 10 years old next month, and it looks as if it hasn't aged at all, even after all the wear and tear from the worn and torn and shorn and horned. Among the summer regulars there memorializing the space were Chris “Chuck &” Buck, Paul “Red-Neck Woman” Watson, Arturo “Party-Hopper” Ramos, Kevin “Smiley Face” Brown and Keith “Papparazzi” Simonsen, who announced to Hearsay his imminent departure from D.C. to New York. That got Hearsay a little down for a little while. Until Hearsay looked up in the sky. Look, over there, why wouldn't you know it? It's Chris “Would You Buy a Used House From Me?” Riss, the most inescapable vision in Rehoboth and a fellow gossip-cohort of Hearsay's. It's been years, Chris, years…

Of course Hearsay also made stops for breakfast at the bad-for-the-heart, good-for-the-hardy and better for the hard-on Crystal Restaurant. On Sunday, it was off to Celsius, for the best Sunday brunch bargain in town. And what would a Rehoboth stay be without a visit to Beach “It's Bigger Than It Looks” Essentials, for a new skimpy bikini to alternate with Hearsay's new sheer-when-wet Aussiebum number, which several other Rehobiebums sported as well.

What's new for 2004? For starters there'll be no more excursions to Highway One for dancing, with the Renegade long gone and AM a faded late-PM memory. So besides Cloud 9, there'll be little dancing at the beach until -- if the rumor can be believed -- the opening of Aqua. The “coming soon” sign doesn't say it will feature dancing, just a “raw bar.” Aqua is going in where Scalawags went out, catty-corner to Iguana Grill, with a large outdoor patio. Also new is Confucius Café, which hasn't even been open a week yet but is already spouting Ancient Chinese advice to passersby. Confucius is an excellent upscale but not uptight Chinese restaurant, where the vegetables, the meats and the General's Chicken crowd are all super-fresh and seasonably tasty. But they need to do something about those Fortune Cookies -- the all predicted rain…

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