Photos: Metro Weekly @ the #Rally4Sanity

Posted by Chris Geidner
October 30, 2010 2:40 PM |

rally4sanity1.JPGPhotos from the Rally for Sanity by Chris Geidner.

Your intrepid, homosexual reporter braved the 16th Street bus today to head down to Jon Stewart's Rally for Sanity. In addition to being a great place to see funny signs, it was a fantastic location to see attractive men. As such, this post will be subheadlined "#Hotties4Sanity" -- which would have been the Twitter series I'd have started if the Internets and phone signals weren't broken.


God bless America.


rally4sanity5.jpgI feel more serene looking at this picture.

Thumbnail image for rally4sanity2JPG

The dragon supported D.C. statehood. Good for him.


He asked if he'd make the blog. #guiltyourwayontotheblog

rally4sanity4.jpgI wonder how closely he adheres to the schedule.

Check out more pictures below the jump.


It. Gets. Better.

rally4sanity6.jpgJohn Travolta was not spotted.

rally4sanity8.jpgThis area of the mall was, apparently, the "contact high" quadrant. (NOTE: Your reporter observed no one in this picture smoking any illegal substance.)

rally4sanity7.jpgSen. John McCain was not spotted.


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