Getting Wonky with Orbital

Posted by Randy Shulman
April 17, 2012 2:42 PM |

Orbital has returned with their first album in eight years. The British electronica music legends -- Paul and Phil Hartnoll -- have created in Wonky a work that quite possibly matches, if not surpasses, their prior efforts. The album reached #11 on the UK charts last week and is making its U.S. debut today on iTunes.

What follows are three video singles from the album. The title track video -- featuring vocals by Lady Leshurr -- is notably strange, complete with singing felines and a kicker ending that, if not a touch morbid, is at least fairly amusing. The video for "New France," featuring Nola Jesus, is similarly patently strange, and involves a plushie toy that comes to life and who then does the nightlife scene proud. The third video, "Never," is placid by contrast -- despite its high-speed race through London's streets -- yet Orbital's trancelike music here is, well… utterly entrancing and thoroughly addictive.

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