Thursday, March 25, 2004 - Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Feature StoryOn the BallotChuck Wolfe and the Victory Fund bring gays and lesbians to the political party
NewsLife During WartimeSLDN finds discharges of gay soldiers declined as nation goes to war
BooksIrish Charms''Kilbrack'' by Jamie O’Neill
DanceMerce Cunningham: Dance MasterThe Merce Cunningham Dance Company at The Kennedy Center
FilmResurrection''Dawn of the Dead''
TVUnwittingly Hooked''Playing it Straight'' on Fox
StageRegal Stature''Henry IV, Part 2'' at The Shakespeare Theatre
StageKissing to be CleverGender-bending ''Bye, Bye Birdie'' by Gay Men's Chorus
ClublifePlush LifeFive Years of Velvet Nation
Hearsay (Old)HearsayNew gay lounge coming to DC, and lots more
Community ProfileD.C. Lesbian AvengersA Community Profile
MoneyMutual DecisionMoney: Steps to choosing Mutual funds and increasing returns
OpinionDo A Little DanceAlphabet Soup
Snapshots Uncommon Legacy's Celebration of Women and Casino Night Honoring Congressman Barney Frank & Mautner's Kathleen DeBold Ward Morrison
Snapshots Freddie's Beach Bar Freddie's Beach Bar Ward Morrison
Snapshots Team DC Fundraiser for Gay Games Titan Henry Linser

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