Thursday, July 5, 2012 - Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Feature StoryHeartfeltWith ''The Normal Heart,'' Arena Stage is putting Patrick Breen and Luke Macfarlane -- two out LGBT actors -- center stage
NewsOne Stabbing Suspect Held, Two ReleasedJudge finds probable cause, issues varying release conditions after defense lawyers grill MPD detective
NewsLosing Tim LipkaSudden death of young Washingtonian shocks DC Gay Flag Football League community
NewsDC GOP Adopts Inclusive PlatformBecomes first state GOP delegation to adopt LGBT-inclusive language ahead of Republican National Convention
NewsPlea Deal Offered to Three in Howard Theatre StabbingPreliminary hearing continued to July 9 as defendants' attorneys consider offer
NewsDiaspora and DisparityBlack AIDS Institute joins other AIDS 2012 participants in challenging HIV/AIDS inequities
NewsNational LGBT Briefs: LULAC, fil-A and FundraiserLatino group supports marriage, Equality Matters shares anti-gay numbers, and QSaltLake makes a plea
NewsGlobal LGBT Briefs: From Sea to Sofia, and StateRSVP makes no Morocco visit, Sofia Pride makes a stand and State Department offers global LGBT fundraising tool
FilmStuck''Spider-Man'' putters along, only able to get by with what's already worked for its ancestors. It's not fit, so it won't survive.
OpinionThe GOP's Grand SeizureTea party tempests and Republican intransigence vs. ACA ruling
BusinessSerious BusinessThe AIDS 2012 Conference Means Business for D.C.'s LGBT Community

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