Thursday, November 3, 2005 - Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Feature StoryCourting the CommunityThe D.C. mayoral election may be a year away, but for Adrian Fenty it's never too early to start the campaign
NewsEminent EvictionGay businesses in Southeast respond to the D.C. government's stadium land-grab filing
BooksTab BrowsingA fairy tale story of Hollywood fame and fortune, 'Tab Hunter Confidential' is fun -- if naïve -- fare
FilmGaul FodderPlaywright / Director Craig Lucas adapts 'The Dying Gaul' for the movies
MusicA La ModeThe more you hear of Depeche Mode's latest the less you'll like, while Midler's latest tribute is feverishly good
OperaPowerhouseThe Washington National Opera's 'Porgy and Bess' is a dazzling, enchanting, altogether moving night at the opera
Snapshots Halloween Weekend 2005 Cobalt, DC Eagle, Green Lantern, Fuego, Jrs, Omega, Ziegfeld's Henry Linser and Ward Morrison
Snapshots Reel Affirmations XV Closing Night Party Lincoln Theatre Henry Linser
Snapshots Victory Fund Gay and Lesbian Leadership Awards 101 Constitution Ave, NW Henry Linser
Snapshots Miss Star Black America DC Pageant Bachelor's Mill Henry Linser

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