Thursday, December 22, 2011 - Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Feature StoryAn Odd Year2011 had its ups, downs and everything in between
Feature StoryOrganizational (Mis)StepsLGBT organizations' letters to the FCC supporting AT&T's regulatory goals raised flags from LGBT bloggers and other media
Feature StoryBattles AheadThe end of DADT in September was celebrated, but Capt. Steve Hill's autumn sums up ongoing questions
Feature StoryDOMA's Changing LandscapeWith the administration opposing the 1996 law's federal marriage definition in court, marriage equality forces found themselves a new ally and a new foe in 2011
Feature StoryPeaks and ValleysGOProud's controversy-seeking paid dividends at CPAC, but a controversial ''outing'' caused turmoil in the ranks
Feature StoryRevisiting ViolenceAttacks prompt activists to renew calls for better policing
Feature StoryMaryland Falls ShortDespite the failure of marriage equality and gender nondiscrimination bills, activists vow to continue the fight in 2012
Feature StoryA Tale of Two ClosetsYet more celebrities came out in 2011, but it was a different kind of closet that told a compelling story of identity
Feature StoryThe Rule of ThreeIcons and activists were among notable deaths for the LGBT community
NewsCAGLCC Names 2012 Board of DirectorsFive new members added to eight continuing members serving as board aims to grow Chamber membership
NewsVirginia Discrimination ReinforcedBoard of Social Services votes against more-inclusive adoption/foster regulations
NewsBaltimore County Grants Spousal BenefitsCounty extends health care, other benefits to legally married same-sex couples
NewsGay and Lesbian Activists Alliance Sets AgendaNonpartisan group prepares to rate candidates for April primary
NewsFurr UpdateMPD officer accused of shooting at transgender women remains in lockup as lawyers try to negotiate plea deal
NewsHRC Releases 2012 CEI UPDATEDLocal businesses earn perfect scores on latest equality index
ArtSapphic GlancesThe proof of Gertrude Stein's same-sex affection is in the visuals
FilmTattoo ParadiseDavid Fincher has put his personal stamp on a compelling murder mystery, ''Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,'' delivering a film that's exceptionally thrilling to watch
FilmNostalgic AdventureSpielberg delivers a Tintin for the 21st century with nostalgia for the initiated, thrills for the newcomers
StageDance FeverFeaturing a catchy score by Elton John, the stage adaptation of Billy Elliot is nothing less than a joy to watch
StageBon VoyageOld-fashioned though it may be, ''Anything Goes'' with Sutton Foster and crew sails all the way to a musical promised land
StageModern Classic''Lysistrata Jones'' is as au courant as today's musicals come, with pop-culture references drawn straight from the blogosphere
OpinionTree ToppingAfter six years of searching, we found a solution that meant far more than the Christmas problem it solved
OpinionAmen, HitchLove him or hate him, Christopher Hitchens did his part to promote free thought
VideoOutspoken #44: Coverboy Confidential [video]Town Danceboutique's visitors answer your favorite Coverboy questions
PollWhat's your favorite holiday movie?Take today's poll. Enter to win free movie passes!
Snapshots Stein Democrats Holiday Party Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams (DC) Ward Morrison
Snapshots Ellen Greene at JR.'s Monday Night Showtunes JR.'s Ward Morrison

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