Thursday, December 27, 2012 - Wednesday, January 2, 2013

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Feature StoryThe Year in Scene 201211,513 images from 150 gay, lesbian, bi and transgender events in the DC area
NewsEnd of OmegaLongtime gay bar shuts suddenly, no word on new owners
FilmThe Best and Worst Films of 2012Even if there were a few duds in the last twelve months, several ambitious movies stood out for daring to try something new.
MusicThe Fighting BaritoneAri Hest identifies with the struggle in music not to mention toys
MusicThe Best and Worst Music of 2012The best albums of the year featured men singing, at least occasionally, in their upper-most register
StageKate Wingfield's Best and Worst Stage of 2012Five productions, three conventional, two less so, took flight, each in their own way and for quite different reasons
StageDoug Rule's Best and Worst Stage of 2012Much of the region's best theater in 2012 required the most physical transport
ClublifeThe Return of KostasThe former Lizard Lounge DJ Kostas finally returns with his own regular party, launching next week at Tropicalia
OpinionAnonymous AttacksBattling the kooks from Kansas with illegal hacks feels good, but we know better
PollWhat's your New Year's Resolution?Take our poll!

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