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2004, Dec 16Truly YoursWhy can't gay teens have relationships? Not quite the right dyke?
2004, Oct 07Truly YoursOnline dating? Trust issues?
2004, Sep 09Truly YoursTired of juggling two? Finding the right catch? Lover's gay sex fantasy too kinky?
2004, Jul 22Truly YoursBoyfriend cheating via Instant Messenger? Need lessons in lesbian flirting?
2004, Jun 10Truly YoursHow to find a lesbian girlfriend? Great sex but not over the ex?
2004, May 27Truly YoursTransgender woman only wanted for sex? How small is a too small penis?
2004, Apr 29Truly YoursCan't climax during sex? Unattractive on the inside? Gay senior housing?
2004, Apr 08Truly YoursIs this a relationship yet? Personal ad attracting wrong type? Where can I find the perfect man?
2004, Feb 26Truly YoursNineteen, gay, and too desperate for a relationship? Advice on meeting black lesbians?
2004, Feb 12Truly YoursPersonal ad lies? Younger for older? Relationship lacking emotional depth?
2004, Jan 15Truly YoursIs it okay to be a chicken hawk? Large size scares men away?
2003, Dec 25Truly YoursHow to meet gay friends? Female illusionist looking for love? Wandering eye at the gym?
2003, Nov 13Truly YoursBum advice for married men? Burned by a bad relationship? Why gay men act the same?
2003, Oct 23Truly YoursBisexual brouhaha? And should I date an HIV+ man?
2003, Oct 02Truly YoursGay sex partners won't accept his bisexuality? Secret shame moving her out-of-state?
2003, Sep 04Truly YoursMeeting guys outside of nightclubs? Meeting guys while still in high school?
2003, Aug 14Truly YoursSex Addicted Boyfriend? Trust versus Text Messaging?
2003, Jul 24Truly YoursToo shy guy? Religious guilt over gay sex? Boyfriend with a balloon fetish?
2003, Jun 05Truly YoursAm I overly horny? Dating someone you met on the internet? Sex with your roommate?
2003, May 15Truly YoursIntolerable roommate? Intoxicated drag queen friend? Intrested in other lads suddenly?
2003, Apr 24Truly YoursOlder lover, sexless life? Regrettable porn past? Open relationship? Beyond plastic and batteries?
2003, Apr 10Truly YoursRoomming with the enemy. A lesbian hand full. An omnipresent one-night stand.
2003, Mar 27Truly YoursTipping for porn delivery? Motivation for a grown up fat kid?
2003, Mar 13Truly YoursUnderstanding the transgendered POV, nightclub safety risks, and anti-Christian gay friends
2003, Feb 27Truly YoursSuccessful in life, not in love. Attraction to a co-worker. Mixed HIV status relationships?
2003, Feb 13Truly YoursLowly coffee shop manager, man in woman's body, and white after Labor Day
2003, Jan 30Truly YoursLegal prof out of my league? Am I a virgin or not? Has Salma Hayek made me bi?
2003, Jan 16Truly YoursLooking for a better gay place to live, and an overly kinky boyfriend
2002, Dec 05Truly YoursDealing with Armageddon, seeking permission to use a sling, and porn watching etiquette
2002, Nov 21Truly Yours
2002, Nov 07Truly Yours
2002, Oct 17Truly Yours
2002, Oct 03Truly Yours
2002, Sep 19Truly Yours
2002, Sep 05Truly Yours
2002, Aug 22Truly Yours
2002, Aug 08Truly Yours
2002, Jul 11Truly YoursBlind date with a harelip? Partying with a stay-at-home boyfriend?
2002, Jun 27Truly YoursToo early to give gifts? Backing away from barebacking? Can't orally satisfy?
2002, Jun 06Truly YoursAsians only: racism or preference? Well-endowed but not stupid? What is ''gay time?''

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