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2011, Jun 06Behind the CoversA look at the making of the four 2011 Pride Guide covers
2011, Jun 06The 2011 Capital Pride Planning CommitteeCapital Pride 2011
2011, Jun 062011 Capital Pride Community PartnersIndividual descriptions provided by the partners.
2011, Jun 06Swiss DelicacyInternational singer-songwriter Bettina Schelker plays for her biggest U.S. audience yet at Capital Pride
2011, Jun 06MadonnaramaFemale impersonator Venus D Lite is crazy for Madonna
2011, Jun 06Party MonstersA look at the parties and nightlife surrounding this year's Capital Pride
2011, Jun 06Mama's FamilyThe folk-rock duo Mama's Black Sheep are looking forward to ''pickin' and a grinnin''' at Capital Pride
2011, Jun 06Sister SpiritD.C.'s homegrown ''jazz/hip-pop'' duo the Lost Bois aims to make playful queer music
2011, Jun 06Living the LifeAfter three years dancing on the festival stage, Jonathan Bascope is primed for his singing debut
2011, Jun 06Mo ShowLil' Mo is ready to give love to the crowd at the Capital Pride Festival
2011, Jun 06Diamonds and Glow SticksPride screens a sure-to-be-rowdy interactive 'Moulin Rouge!'
2011, Jun 06Dining for DollarsFoodies get ready: Taste of Pride is a week of great meals and deals
2011, Jun 06Meet Your CommitteeEducation & Cultural Events committee reaches out with an invitation to diversity
2011, Jun 06Mind, Body and SoulCapital Pride 2011 has something to satisfy from head to toe, heart and soul
2011, Jun 06Pride Festival Entertainment LineupCapital Pride 2011
2011, Jun 06The Week in PrideOfficial and Affiliated Capital Pride 2011 Events
2011, Jun 06Festival Map, Booths and VendorsCapital Pride 2011
2011, Jun 06Parade Map and ContingentsCapital Pride 2011
2011, Jun 06From the President of the Board of Directors of Capital PridePride Guide 2011
2011, Jun 06Capital Pride Guide 2011Table of Contents
2010, Jun 08Pride's Bright FutureThe years ahead look bigger-than-ever for Capital Pride
2010, Jun 08Letter from the Director of Capital PrideWelcome to Capital Pride 2010!
2010, Jun 08Letter from the President of the Board of Directors of Capital Pride2010 Capital Pride Guide
2010, Jun 08Calendar: The Week in PrideOfficial and Affiliated Capital Pride Events 2010
2010, Jun 08Community Partners2010 Capital Pride Guide
2010, Jun 08Committed to PrideVolunteer committees provide the energy and drive that turn Capital Pride into a dazzling reality
2010, Jun 08Planning Committee2010 Capital Pride Guide
2010, Jun 08Pages from HistoryFor 35 years, Pride Superhero Deacon Maccubbin helmed Lambda Rising Bookstore and gave LGBT people a place to be everything they could be
2010, Jun 08Capital Pride Heroes and Engendered Spirit Awards2010 Capital Pride Guide
2010, Jun 08In Memoriam: Larry Stansbury (1947-2009)2010 Capital Pride Guide
2010, Jun 08In Memoriam: Bill Miles (1957-2010)2010 Capital Pride Guide
2010, Jun 08The Wright PathPride headliner and Nashville star Chely Wright may have made history by coming out but she'll always be ''a country singer from Kansas''
2010, Jun 08Day of DanceKnown for her succession of club hits, Inaya Day prepares to make her Capital Pride debut.
2010, Jun 08Transformational HumorKeeping no secrets when performing live, comedian Ian Harvie provides audiences both enlightenment and laughter
2010, Jun 08A Chorus of ApprovalThe Gay Men's Chorus of Washington has a lot in store for Pride and the rest of the year including some star-turn surprises
2010, Jun 08Pride's Birthday BashOn Wednesday, June 9, Capital Pride will throw itself a well-deserved birthday reception at the Donovan House.
2010, Jun 08Pride's Partius MaximusCapital Pride and Brightest Young Things join forces for a Saturday night party of intense magnitude
2010, Jun 08Beat PatrolCops and clubs are interlinked to Pride's main DJ, who runs a private security firm while spinning around the country
2010, Jun 08Born to StrumMichelle Raymond took to the guitar at an early age -- and her musical history has been moving forward ever since.
2010, Jun 08Parade Map and Line-Up2010 Capital Pride Guide
2010, Jun 08Entertainment Lineup: Main Stage, Rainbow Stage, Arts StageChely Wright, Inaya Day, DC Cowboys and many others at 2010 Capital Pride Festival
2010, Jun 08Festival Map, Booths and Vendors2010 Capital Pride Guide
2010, Jun 08Pridescopes2010 Capital Pride Guide
2010, Jun 08Masthead2010 Capital Pride Guide
2009, Jun 09The Righteous RiotsTaking pride in marking the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots
2009, Jun 09Here's Valerie!Valerie Harper is thrilled to serve as this year's Capital Pride Celebrity Grand Marshal
2009, Jun 09Kickin' It with CowboysWashington's favorite all-male dance troupe has been a mainstay of Pride for years
2009, Jun 09Queer as Folk RockMelissa Ferrick will take the stage again this year at the Women's Pride Concert
2009, Jun 09Labor of LoveCapital Pride finds its lifeblood in the volunteers who create this affirming gift to the community
2009, Jun 09Everybody Dance NowMartha Wash brings her big, booming voice to Capital Pride
2009, Jun 09Pride's SupermodelRuPaul to serve as headline entertainer for Capital Pride
2009, Jun 09A New BeginningThe 34th Year of Pride is the First Year for the Pride Alliance
2009, Jun 09The Big ShowThis year's parade and festival promise to be as dazzling as ever
2009, Jun 09Letter from Michael LutzCapital Pride 2009 Board of Directors President
2009, Jun 09Letter from Dyana MasonCapital Pride 2009 Director
2009, Jun 09Letter from Rich MadalenoMaryland State Senator
2009, Jun 09Letter from David CataniaDC City Councilmember, At-Large
2009, Jun 09Letter from Adam EbbinVirginia House of Delegates
2009, Jun 09Letter from Anne R. KaiserMaryland House of Delegates
2009, Jun 09Letter from Jay FisetteArlington, VA County Board
2009, Jun 09Letter from Heather MizeurMaryland House of Delegates
2009, Jun 09Letter from Jim GrahamDC City Councilmember, Ward 1
2009, Jun 09Proclamation from Eleanor Holmes NortonU.S. House of Representatives
2009, Jun 09Proclamation from Adrian FentyMayor of Washington, D.C.
2009, Jun 09Letter from Vincent GrayDC City Council, Chairman
2009, Jun 09Letter from Lawrence WebbCity of Falls Church Councilmember
2009, Jun 04Pride Parade MapCapital Pride 2009
2009, Jun 04Pride Festival MapCapital Pride 2009
2009, Jun 04Community PartnersCapital Pride 2009
2009, Jun 042009 Capital Pride Parade ContingentsSaturday, June 13
2009, Jun 04Pride CommitteeCapital Pride 2009
2009, Jun 04Festival Booths and VendorsCapital Pride 2009
2009, Jun 04Arts Corner Lineup: 2009 Capital PrideSunday, June 14
2009, Jun 04Main Stage Entertainers2009 Capital Pride
2009, Jun 04Main Stage Entertainers2009 Capital Pride
2009, Jun 04Horoscope2009 Capital Pride Week
2009, Jun 04Pride After DarkAs part of this year's festivities, Capital Pride includes a dance party outside at the Hirshhorn
2008, Jun 05Letter from Eleanor Holmes NortonCapital Pride 2008
2008, Jun 05March MadnessThis year's parade promises to be the biggest and most festive yet
2008, Jun 05Transitioning to TomorrowCapital Pride Alliance prepares to take the 2009 reins
2008, Jun 05Spirited ConnectionJason and deMarco make music for both spiritual and secular gays
2008, Jun 05Pretty PowerfulOdd Girl Out makes eminently tuneful music about women's empowerment
2008, Jun 05Pride ScopesStar Signs for Pride Week
2008, Jun 05Let's Hear It for the BoiE-Cleff and the Bad Boys
2008, Jun 05Melange Lavonne offers positive, gay-affirming messages in hip hopby Doug Rule
2008, Jun 05Straight Up and OutBrendan Velasquez could be a gay Justin Timberlake
2008, Jun 05Letter from David Mallory, Capital Pride Director2008 Capital Pride
2008, Jun 052008 Capital Pride HeroesSean Bugg, Noi Chudnoff, Fred Lutz, Heather Mizeur, Bob Summersgill, SaVanna Wanzer
2008, Jun 05Official Pride Events2008 Capital Pride
2008, Jun 05Schedule of Performers2008 Capital Pride
2008, Jun 05Community Partners2008 Capital Pride
2008, Jun 05Calendar: Week in Pride2008 Capital Pride
2008, Jun 05Festival Booths2008 Capital Pride
2008, Jun 05Parade Participants2008 Capital Pride
2008, Jun 05Arts Corner2008 Capital Pride
2008, Jun 05Community Partners2008 Capital Pride
2008, Jun 05Arlington Gay and Lesbian Alliance (AGLA)2008 Capital Pride
2008, Jun 05The Center2008 Capital Pride
2008, Jun 05Pride Sponsors2008 Capital Pride
2008, Jun 05Whitman-Walker Clinic2008 Capital Pride
2008, Jun 05DC Strokes Rowing Club2008 Capital Pride
2008, Jun 05Proclamation from Adrian FentyMayor of Washington, DC
2008, Jun 05Gay and Lesbian Outreach and Engagement2008 Capital Pride
2008, Jun 05Dignity/Washington2008 Capital Pride
2008, Jun 05Food and Friends2008 Capital Pride
2008, Jun 05Gay Men's Chorus of Washington, DC2008 Capital Pride
2008, Jun 05Human Rights Campaign2008 Capital Pride
2008, Jun 05Hillwood Museum and Gardens2008 Capital Pride
2008, Jun 05DC Lambda Squares2008 Capital Pride
2008, Jun 05Metropolitan Community Church2008 Capital Pride
2008, Jun 05Mautner Project2008 Capital Pride
2008, Jun 05Radical Faeries2008 Capital Pride
2008, Jun 05National Youth Advocacy Coalition2008 Capital Pride
2008, Jun 05One in Ten2008 Capital Pride
2008, Jun 05Metro DC PFLAG2008 Capital Pride
2008, Jun 05Unitarian Universalists2008 Capital Pride
2008, Jun 05Youth Pride Alliance2008 Capital Pride
2008, Jun 05Letter from Jim GrahamDC Councilmember, Ward 1
2008, Jun 05Letter from David CataniaDC Councilmember at Large
2008, Jun 05Letter from Adam EbbinVirginia Delegate
2008, Jun 05Letter from Jay FisetteArlington County Board
2008, Jun 05Letter from Anne KaiserMaryland Delegate
2008, Jun 05Letter from Rich MadalenoMaryland State Senator
2008, Jun 05Letter from Heather Mizeur2008 Capital Pride
2007, Jun 04Parade Route MapCapital Pride 2007
2007, Jun 04Festival MapCapital Pride 2007
2007, Jun 04Parade ParticipantsCapital Pride 2007
2007, Jun 04Pride Committee RosterCapital Pride 2007
2007, Jun 04Capital Pride HeroesCapital Pride 2007
2007, Jun 04Arts Corner StageCapital Pride 2007
2007, Jun 04Mainstage Entertainment LineupCapital Pride 2007
2007, Jun 04PridescopesCapital Pride 2007: Horoscopes
2007, Jun 04Festival Booths & VendorsCapital Pride 2007
2007, Jun 04The Week in Pride: Affiliated EventsCapital Pride 2007
2007, Jun 04The Week in Pride: Official EventsCapital Pride 2007
2007, Jun 04MastheadCapital Pride Guide 2007
2007, Jun 04Westminster Presbyterian ChurchCapital Pride 2007: Community Partners
2007, Jun 04Whitman-Walker ClinicCapital Pride 2007: Community Partners
2007, Jun 04Capital Area Interweave (Unitarian Universalists)Capital Pride 2007: Community Partners
2007, Jun 04One in TenCapital Pride 2007: Community Profiles
2007, Jun 04National Youth Advocacy Coalition (NYAC)Capital Pride 2007: Community Partners
2007, Jun 04Metro D.C. PFLAGCapital Pride 2007: Community Partners
2007, Jun 04Northern Virginia AIDS Ministry (NOVAM)
2007, Jun 04The Mautner ProjectCapital Pride 2007: Community Partners
2007, Jun 04Human Rights CampaignCapital Pride 2007: Community Partners
2007, Jun 04Gay Men's Chorus of Washington, D.C.Capital Pride 2007: Community Partners
2007, Jun 04Dignity/WashingtonCapital Pride 2007: Community Partners
2007, Jun 04DC Radical FaeriesCapital Pride 2007: Community Partners
2007, Jun 04The Center - Home for GLBT in Metro D.C.Capital Pride 2007: Community Partners
2007, Jun 04D.C. Black PrideCapital Pride 2007: Community Partners
2007, Jun 04Capital Pride Community PartnersA Special Section of the 2007 Capital Pride Guide
2007, Jun 04Pride and JusticeTom Goss channels his passions into percussive folk-rock
2007, Jun 04Totally WickedPauline Anson-Dross and her band get ready to rock Pride's two stages
2007, Jun 04Hypnotic EffectAlexandria's Mesmers cast a spell with hazy, psychedelic rock and dub
2007, Jun 04Manifest DestinyMainstage Emcee Destiny B. Childs is committed to the community
2007, Jun 04Hip Hop Girl PowerThe lesbian duo God-Des & She bring hip-hop to Capital Pride
2007, Jun 04A Welcoming HomeMara Levi takes the Pride stage as her career reaches new heights
2007, Jun 04Her Time, AgainFinally, Crystal Waters is back on the charts -- and at her hometown's Pride
2007, Jun 04Letter from the Director of Capital PrideCapital Pride 2007
2007, Jun 04Evolving PrideThe 2007 Capital Pride comes with some big changes as it embraces community spirit
2006, Jun 08Pride SponsorsCapital Pride 2006: List of community and corporate supporters
2006, Jun 08One Step at a TimeThe Capital Pride Parade celebrates 25 years
2006, Jun 08Festival Booths and Vendors2006 Capital Pride Festival: Sunday, June 11
2006, Jun 08Pride Scopes2006 Capital Pride: Horoscopes for June
2006, Jun 01The Week In PrideAn Assortment of Events, Dances and Social Gatherings surrounding the 31st Annual Capital Pride Festival, June 2006
2006, Jun 012006 Parade ParticipantsCapital Pride 2006: Saturday, June 10, 2006
2006, Jun 01From the RooftopsOnce you come out, there's no going back
2006, Jun 01Managing PrideCapital Pride's director David Mallory talks about his first year at the helm
2006, Jun 01Strong Women, Big VoicesCapital Pride's four female headliners bring their gay appeal - CeCe Peniston, Thelma Houston, Kimberley Locke, Rachel Panay,
2006, Jun 01Arts Corner Stage2006 Capital Pride Festival: Sunday, June 11, 12noon to 6pm
2006, Jun 01Main Stage Entertainment Lineup2006 Capital Pride Festival
2006, Jun 01Art of Pride2006 Capital Pride Festival: Where Arts Corner the Market on Pride
2006, Jun 01A Cabaret Life2006 Capital Pride Grand Marshals Amy and Freddy avoid the usual song and dance
2006, Jun 01Capital Pride Heroes2006 Capitol Pride Parade
2006, Jun 01Behind the PrideThree Pride Festival veterans offer a peek behind the curtain
2005, Jun 09Mainstage Entertainment LineupCapital Pride 2005
2005, Jun 09Capital Pride Heroes 2005Special recognition of individuals working for DC's LGBT community's equality
2005, Jun 092005 Parade ParticipantsCapital Pride 2005
2005, Jun 09Mayor's ProclamationMayor Anthony Williams' 2005 Capital Pride Week Proclamation
2005, Jun 09PrideScopesHoroscopes for Capital Pride Week 2005
2005, Jun 09The Porn Star Next DoorTag Adams finds D.C. the perfect place to escape the demands of the adult entertainment industry
2005, Jun 09Chi Chi ConfidentialThe legendary drag queen porn director tackles the toughest questions known to Nightlife Coverboys
2005, Jun 09Fear FactorSONiA recreates her cherished band and sets her sights on performing at Capital Pride
2005, Jun 09Rock It, ManLocal alterna-rocker Bob Mould prepares to appear at his very first Capital Pride
2005, Jun 09The Week in PrideCapital Pride 2005 list of week's events
2005, Jun 09BETTY'S Back!A capital homecoming with a crowd-pleasing favorite
2005, Jun 09Divas of PrideAmber, Deborah Cox and Frenchie Davis belt out their support for their gay fans at Pride
2005, Jun 09Deep ImpactThe loss of Wanda Alston has left an immeasurable void in the LGBT community
2005, Jun 09Firmly RootedFrom its grassroots beginnings to its current magnificence, Pride has always been a day of affirmation for the LGBT community
2005, Jun 09Festival Booths and VendorsCapital Pride 2005
2005, Jun 09The Arts Corner StageCapital Pride 2005
2004, Jun 10Letter from Richard Madaleno, JrMaryland Delegate for Montgomery County
2004, Jun 10Capital Pride Sponsors
2004, Jun 10Letter from Bruce WilliamsCity Councilmember for Takoma Park, MD and Mayor Pro Tem
2004, Jun 10Letter from Jim GrahamDC Councilmember, Ward One
2004, Jun 10Letter from Robert YorkDirector of Capital Pride and Community Outreach
2004, Jun 10Letter from David CataniaDC Councilmember, At Large
2004, Jun 10Letter From Adam EbbinMember, Virginia House of Delgates
2004, Jun 10Letter from Jay FisetteVice Chairman, Arlington County Board
2004, Jun 10Letter from Cornelius BakerExecutive Director of Whitman-Walker Clinic
2004, Jun 10Mayor's Pride ProclamationMayor Williams' proclaims June 6-13 as Capital Pride Week
2004, Jun 10Festival Booths and Vendors
2004, Jun 10Entertainment Main Stage
2004, Jun 10The Arts Corner StageList of performances at the arts stage
2004, Jun 10Pride EventsCalendar of Pride Week-related events
2004, Jun 10Capital Pride HeroesCelebrating the heros of DC's GLBT community
2004, Jun 102004 Capital Pride Parade
2004, Jun 10Sophie B. HawkinsNatural Spirit
2004, Jun 10Melissa FerrickMs. Massachusetts
2004, Jun 10Pride + Vote = PowerThe 2004 Capital Pride Theme
2004, Jun 10Ella FitzgeraldElla Confidential
2004, Jun 10Simone DennyLove, Inc.
2004, Jun 10Namoli BrennetGender Variant
2003, May 29The Week in PrideA partial selection of events, dances, and social gatherings surrounding Capital Pride 2003
2003, May 29The 2003 Pride FestivalHeadline singers Thelma Houston, Pepper Mashay, Jennifer Holliday, Doria Roberts; QAF actors Thea Gill and Robert Gant; plus cowboys, drag queens and kings, lots more
2003, May 29Capital Pride ParadeList of 2003 Parade participants
2003, May 29Festival Booths and VendorsList of organizations and businesses scheduled to be at D.C.'s Pride Festival
2003, May 29The Arts CornerLocal artists perform at DC Pride
2003, May 29Head of the Class'Queer As Folk' actor Robert Gant Teaches Himself a Few Lessons
2003, May 29Capital Pride HeroesNine honored for outstanding efforts toward equality.

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