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2014, Feb 27Big Apple's Late-BloomerKenneth Walsh shares adventures in realizing a dream deferred
2014, Jan 23Reading Sean StrubFounder of Poz magazine brings his important new memoir to Washington
2012, Oct 25Seasonal ScaresLocal Lee Hayes's latest bypasses gay and goes straight for the ghastly
2012, Jul 26Pop-Up BooksThe DC Center's OutWrite offers a pop-up gay bookstore
2012, Jun 14Outlaws in LoveAU's Rodger Streitmatter reads ''Outlaw Marriages,'' from his new book of same-sex couples
2012, May 15Proud SonZach Wahls, who made a splash when his Iowa speech went viral on YouTube, continues to advocate for LGBT families -- with a book and on Capitol Hill
2012, May 14Hair-Raising TaleTransman Everett Maroon brings his story back to D.C.
2012, Mar 01Gay by AssociationMichael Ian Black is an affiliated member of the gay community
2011, Nov 10Benign FunWriter, performer, activist Tania Katan pulls back the cancer curtain
2011, Nov 03Photo QualityA new book illustrates a range of genuine gay men across America
2011, Oct 19Religious EnrichmentJay Michaelson argues that gay people enrich religion
2011, Sep 16Montgomery Co. MenschWayne Hoffman returns to his suburban roots for his new novel
2011, Aug 04Book ItThe Center toasts LGBT literature on Saturday
2011, May 12Auntie HeroFamily bond leads to OutWrite event at The Center
2010, Oct 13Unorthodox MaterialMiryam Kabakov's new anthology features first-person narratives from queer Orthodox Jewish women
2009, Oct 29The Atwood AnomalyThe acclaimed author comes to Lisner
2008, Sep 18Bundle of GriefAndrea Askowitz's 'Miserable, Lonely Lesbian Pregnancy'
2008, May 15Jordan AirsActor and author Leslie Jordan joins Gay Men's Chorus of Washington's 2008 Spring Affair
2008, Mar 20Twisted SisterChristopher Rice's new novel packs in so many twists and turns, it ventures into the realm of unbelievability
2007, Dec 06Teen TalesAlex Sanchez's sixth book, 'The God Box'
2007, Nov 08Plot TeaseThere are enough inventive plot points and unique choices in Chris Beakey's debut novel, ' Double Abduction,' to make it well worth your time
2007, Nov 01Heroic ExploitsDelving into the life of a young, gay superhero, Perry Moore's 'Hero' is a wonderful combo of reality and fantasy
2007, Aug 02Fairy TaleRobert Rodi weaves a satiric tale of body-switching that highlights -- and bridges -- the gulf between generations in 'When You Were Me'
2007, Jun 21A Friend IndeedAfter 18 years, Armistead Maupin brings back one of his most beloved 'Tales' characters for a moving epilogue
2007, Apr 19Sissy FussA memoir of growing up different in the South, 'Mississippi Sissy' is full of moments that don't quite create a whole
2006, Oct 26Better Left UnsaidFormer Gov. James McGreevey's dismal bid for redemption is weighed down by naive misconceptions about being gay
2006, Aug 24'Cirkus' CircusPatti Frazee tosses in everything -- plus the kitchen sink -- to create a 'freaky' world of unsatisfying plot twists
2006, Aug 17Hard FeelingsIn 'Hard,' former Washingtonian Wayne Hoffman shows a world devoid of absolutes, with plenty of unresolved questions
2006, Jul 27What Comes AroundMichael Thomas Ford takes a serious route through gay history, told through a story of ''the friendship of boys''
2006, Jul 06Familiar TerrainWhile charming and clever, Augusten Burroughs is too reluctant to strike new ground in his latest collection
2006, Jun 15Surface StoryAiden Shaws story of a life in porn is an empty, repetitive -- but well-written -- story of no lessons learned
2006, Jun 08An Unflinching LineAlison Bechdel steps into the frame with an innovative autobiographical search for familial understanding
2006, May 25Raising the DeadLouis Bayard's fictional Poe may sound like a literary gimmick, but it's nothing short of the real deal
2006, Apr 06To Tell the TruthWade Rouse rouses the gay memoir from the doldrums with a joyous and honest remembrance of childhood
2005, Dec 08Calendar BoysBrother Help Thyself presents ''DC Men'' calendar
2005, Nov 10Rainbow's End'Rainbow Road' concludes Alex Sanchez' gay teen trilogy of books
2005, Nov 03Tab BrowsingA fairy tale story of Hollywood fame and fortune, 'Tab Hunter Confidential' is fun -- if naïve -- fare
2005, Oct 20Wedding BellsWith his new book, Dan Savage tells the story of how his mother decided that he and his boyfriend should get married
2005, Sep 29A Human TaleNarendra Jadhav's 'Untouchables' movingly traces a family's struggle to challenge the caste system in India
2005, Sep 08Fresh Fruit'Peter Paddington's' chatty nipples frame a wacky and moving depiction of an adolescent gay boy's coming of age
2005, Aug 04Active DutyRich Merritt reveals his 'Secrets of a Gay Marine Porn Star'
2004, Aug 26Swept Away'Clay's Way' is stirring portrait of youth in paradise
2004, Jul 29On TargetHank Stuever's 'Off Ramp' is a trip worth taking.
2004, Jul 01Master Class''The Master'' brilliantly illuminates the life of literary giant Henry James
2004, Jun 10Big TroubleTom Dolby's ''Trouble Boy'' is shallow yet lovable
2004, May 13In the Navy''At Ease'' compiles National Archives portraits of young men from WWII
2004, Apr 22Common Sense''Families Like Mine'' is obvious but emotionally captivating
2004, Mar 25Irish Charms''Kilbrack'' by Jamie O’Neill
2004, Feb 19The Name of LifeAlison Smith's lesbian memoir ''Name All the Animals''
2003, Dec 18Towering TimothyLouis Bayard deconstructs the myth of Tiny Tim in 'Mr. Timothy'
2003, Nov 13Whole HeartedChristopher Marquis' novel, A Hole in the Heart
2003, Sep 25Half-Baked BeachLast Summer
2003, Aug 21Perfect HarmonyThe Music of Your Life
2003, Jul 31Parched PaperDry by Augusten Burroughs
2003, Jul 03Ways with WordsThe Dogs of Babel
2003, May 22Mann's MenAuthor William J. Mann
2003, Apr 10Faust's PactJackie's Exes
2003, Feb 13Novel IdeaLouis Harris' "32 Variations"
2003, Jan 16Fantasy ManOutlaw: The Lives and Careers of John Rechy
2002, Nov 21Southern Vamp''Blackwood Farm''
2002, Oct 10Film Follies'Screening Party' by Dennis Hensley
1999, Nov 11Spice FreeGeri Halliwell's book, 'If Only'

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