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2013, May 16Star DreckA bloated, buggy, badly designed experience, ''Star Trek'' the game is a shameful failure
2013, Apr 26Infinite Joy''Bioshock Infinite'' isn't just a great game, it's one of the great games. You can't call yourself a true gamer until you experience it.
2013, Mar 28Lara's Triumphant Return: Tomb Raider Review''Tomb Raider'' combines gameplay, story, graphics, sound and characterization into one heady, engrossing adventure
2013, Mar 21Urban Playground: SimCity Review''SimCity'' is a rain-soaked parade of misjudged features, quirky design elements, and moments of gleaming brilliance
2012, Oct 18Dishonor Above AllThe genre-blending ''Dishonored'' delivers an exhilarating experience with all the makings of an instant classic
2012, Aug 16Review: 'Persona 4 Arena'P4A's mashup of role-playing and street brawler is a combination that's surprisingly entertaining and challenging
2012, Jun 07Having a Hellish Time, Wish You Were Here''Diablo III'' is a wildly addictive dungeon crawler that pits you against the forces of hell, whether on your own or with a group of friends
2009, Feb 12Express YourselfVideogames slowly make it easier to be gay in a virtual world
2008, Oct 30Let It Bleed'Dead Space' fits the Halloween mood with space-based scares, while 'Fallout 3' provides a close-to-home fright
2008, Jun 19Paper CutsAmazon's Kindle may change the shape of your personal library
2008, Feb 21Can't Stop the MusicRock Band brings out the hidden rock star in you -- and your friends

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