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2014, Mar 20Film Review: Particle FeverA stunning new documentary chronicles the search for the Higgs Boson Particle
2014, Feb 27Oscar's Glamorous NightThe DC Center's Glamour, Glitter & Gold Oscar-watch party teams up with talent
2014, Jan 09All About the Money''American Hustle'' and ''Wolf of Wall Street'' both pair great directors and Oscar-worthy acting with captivating stories of greed and grit
2013, Dec 19The Best and Worst Films of 2013Our film critic Chris Heller picks his 10 favorite movies of the year, saving room at the end for 5 lousy desserts
2013, Dec 19Folk ZeroThe new Coen Brothers comedy takes a folk-troubadour loser and flings every possible obstacle in his way
2013, Dec 12Overblown''The Desolation of Smaug'' bombards conflict on top of conflict, substituting sincerity with spectacle
2013, Dec 05Family MisfortunesRust Belt violence or Irish orphans, take your pick of the season's familial woes with ''Out of the Furnace'' and ''Philomena''
2013, Nov 21Hungering for MoreSubtext is the real star of Fire, though it's too often lost in the spectacle or weighed down by romance
2013, Nov 14Survival InstinctCommerce meets compassion in ''Dallas Buyers Club,'' the story of one man's fight to stay alive and make a profit
2013, Oct 24Hope FloatsWhether battling the elements or injustice, autumn delivers two stunning portrayals of humanity
2013, Oct 03Falling for ''Gravity''Cuaron's latest mixes beauty, terror and inspiration to craft a masterpiece with irresistible pull
2013, Sep 26Fast TrackWith ''Rush,'' Ron Howard has made a fun, exciting action movie that also has a few smart things to say about its subject
2013, Sep 15Tropical TerrorPulitzer Center film fest begins with look at Jamaica's LGBT community
2013, Aug 29August's Amazing ArrivalsBlockbuster season may be ending, but great movies abound
2013, Aug 15Whitaker and Winfrey Make Magic''The Butler'' offers an exciting and compelling storytelling, while ''Kick-Ass 2'' fails to save the day
2013, Aug 08Orbiting Aristocrats''Elysium'' shoots for a message on inequality, but ends up as good-looking gore
2013, Jul 25''To Do List'' ScoresNot a homerun, but Maggie Carey's directorial debut is no strikeout
2013, Jul 18Station MasterRyan Coogler's directorial debut is painful, poignant and brilliant
2013, Jul 11Monster MashupEntirely spectacle, ''Pacific Rim'' is as big and dumb as a movie about monster-fighting robots deserves to be
2013, Jul 03A Satisfying SplashThe adult actors are the lifesavers in this coming-of-age confection
2013, Jun 27Shakespeare as Summer SizzlerWhedon's ''Much Ado'' is a marvel, while White House Down delivers a bit of fun
2013, Jun 13Somber SupermanZack Snyder delivers, even if ''Man of Steel'' is moodier than most
2013, May 30Friendship in Black and WhiteNoah Baumbach's coming-of-age comedy, ''Frances Ha,'' is simply sweet
2013, May 16Star Trek ReturnsJ.J. Abrams's latest has plenty of bang, but also rekindles the franchise's noble roots
2013, May 09Wretched ExcessBaz Luhrmann tromps across Fitzgerald's ''The Great Gatsby,'' all too eager to interpret subtle tension as over-the-top melodrama
2013, May 09Texas Hold 'EmYen Tan's ''Pit Stop'' offers a story about rural gay life
2013, May 02Flash over SubstanceAll of Iron Man 3's potential for meaningful moments goes up in a box-office bang
2013, Apr 11Puzzles''Trance'' is a sexy, violent revenge fantasy and a letdown from Danny Boyle, while ''Room 237'' guides ''The Shining'' down a loony-tunes path
2013, Mar 14Magic Show''Burt Wonderstone'' is a comedy that isn't quite as funny as it should be, with actors we know to be much funnier than they are here
2013, Mar 07Woes of OzSam Raimi's ''Oz'' is mired in fructose -- it's syrupy, artificial, and most definitely terrible for your health
2013, Feb 21And the Oscar Goes To...Our film critic takes a hard-nosed look at the Oscars and comes up with his predictions on who will and who should take home a prize
2013, Feb 14Die Hard Death KnellThe latest offering of the action-packed franchise is an unworthy iteration
2013, Feb 07Swan Song''Side Effects'' is an oddly ho-hum send-off for one of this generation's most fiercely independent, daring filmmakers
2013, Jan 31Zom Rom ComA rare, delightful sort of commercially minded film, ''Warm Bodies'' is a charmingly self-aware entertainment
2013, Jan 10Hunting Bin Laden''Zero Dark Thirty,'' Kathryn Bigelow's fearless critique of the War on Terror, digs deep into the moral hazards of torture
2013, Jan 03Mazel TovToasting this year's LGBT highlights at the Washington Jewish Film Festival
2013, Jan 03Chain MaleQuentin Tarantino has created a revisionist history of the American South that focuses on the violent nature of intolerance
2012, Dec 27The Best and Worst Films of 2012Even if there were a few duds in the last twelve months, several ambitious movies stood out for daring to try something new.
2012, Dec 20Vocal ProwessLes Misérables captures the spirit and emotional power of a staged vocal performance by having every actor sing live on set
2012, Dec 13Hobbit Forming''The Hobbit'' is a lighter, simpler story than ''Lord of the Rings,'' but rather than disappoint, Peter Jackson's new movie delights
2012, Nov 29Mobster Capitalism''Killing Them Softly'' is a lame attempt to look cool and pass down ideological judgments without a hint of substance or function
2012, Nov 09Bond That BindsWith ''Skyfall,'' Sam Mendes has made a movie that's a friendly criticism of its own genre. It's a Bond flick about Bond flicks.
2012, Nov 08Log Cabin Fever''Lincoln'' is a witty, confident, emotionally satisfying telling of an incredibly monumental part of American history.
2012, Oct 25Unfilmable''Cloud Atlas'' is a film with a thousand moving targets, all of them together darting impossibly out of reach
2012, Oct 11Survival InstinctsThe magnificent ''How to Survive a Plague'' serves as a stunning reminder that at its darkest hour, the gay community banded together to save itself
2012, Oct 04Killing Yourself''Looper'' is a fine example of a tight, satisfying sci-fi movie
2012, Oct 04Hot Mess''The Paperboy'' is a sloppy excuse for Oscar bait, and it doesn't deserve serious consideration.
2012, Sep 27Teenage Idols''Perks of Being a Wallflower'' is big-hearted and earnest in its approach to the pleasure and pain of the teenage condition
2012, Sep 20Cult ClassicWith ''The Master,'' Paul Thomas Anderson wants to unsettle us, and the result is the most difficult, mysterious film he's ever made
2012, Sep 13Mean Girls''Bachelorette'' is every bit as funny on screen as it was onstage, but it's nowhere near as blistering as its reputation suggests
2012, Sep 07Sleeper FilmA sleepwalking jump out a window translates into a heartfelt cinematic experience
2012, Aug 30Bootleg BeautyCave and Hillcoat team for another shoot 'em up, short on substance but with plenty of style
2012, Aug 30Hollywood ''Bra-mance''The latest R-rated female-driven comedy in the ''Bridesmaid'' era was directed by a gay man
2012, Jul 26Generating Sparks''Ruby Sparks'' smartly picks apart romantic tropes, but then indulges in a sticky-sweet narrative that rings false against its refreshing self-awareness.
2012, Jul 12Magic Realism: 'Beasts of the Southern Wild'Behn Zeitlin has made a gorgeous film that's not only technically impressive, but beams with optimism about the human condition
2012, Jul 05Stuck''Spider-Man'' putters along, only able to get by with what's already worked for its ancestors. It's not fit, so it won't survive.
2012, Jun 28Magic TricksWith skin, bromance and just enough story to pull you along mindlessly, ''Magic Mike'' is better than you expect
2012, Jun 17Crock Rock''Rock of Ages'' deserves a special place to suck on its own
2012, Jun 07Pro-meh-theusWhile it's certainly above-average blockbuster fare, Ridley Scott's ''Prometheus'' falls short of its transcendent predecessors
2012, May 24Black OutThe only reason why ''Men in Black III'' is tolerable is because it unabashedly falls into its old, successful rhythms
2012, May 18Bull's EyeThe marriage between top-notch acting and real-life narration pays off in Bernie
2012, May 17Black ComedyJack Black explores the gentle side of murder
2012, May 10The Hole TruthDrummer Patty Schemel reveals life in her former band Hole
2012, May 10Blood Sucking''Dark Shadows'' is another nail in Tim Burton's artistic coffin a reminder that style doesn't guarantee quality
2012, May 02Avenging MarvelsMagnificently helmed by Joss Whedon, ''The Avengers'' is a gargantuan joy, so see it in the largest, loudest theater you can find
2012, Apr 19Bully for 'Bully'It's a documentary with some shortcomings, but the power of the content fills the gaps
2012, Apr 19Cylindrical CinemaA custom-designed film projects around the museum's perimeter nightly
2012, Apr 13Cabin FeverWith ''Cabin in the Woods,'' Joss Whedon proves filmmakers can make something smart and scary, self-aware and compelling
2012, Apr 13Comic CultureA documentary exploring the devotion of Comic-Con fans is long on love, slight on scrutiny
2012, Mar 22Death Match''The Hunger Games'' allows for social commentary and the very kind of mindless bloodshed it's allegedly trying to decry
2012, Mar 15Fixer Uppers''Jeff'' accomplishes something few others reliably can -- it entertains without patronizing or ostracizing its audience
2012, Mar 08Mars BarredAwkward and inconsequential, ''John Carter'' tries to pass itself off as an epic worthy of sequels, but can't justify its $250 million price tag
2012, Mar 01Review: We Need to Talk About Kevin''We Need to Talk About Kevin'' is an utterly bleak, masterfully executed piece of work that demands your attention
2012, Feb 23Hooray for HollywoodThe Center toasts the town with an Oscar party at Town
2012, Feb 23Oscar FixOur critic offers up his thoughts about for what should win -- and what he'd like to see win -- at The 2012 Oscars this Sunday night
2012, Feb 09Vanity AffairW.E.'s good moments are weighed down by Madonna's penchant for filming what seems to be the world's longest perfume commercial
2012, Feb 03Fly GuysIn ''Chronicle,'' rookie director Josh Trank chains himself to a distracting gimmick
2012, Feb 03Review: The InnkeepersWith ''The Inkeepers,'' Ti West provides minimalist horror with slow-burning scares and unbearable tension
2012, Jan 26Man PowerGlenn Close and Janet McTeer give Oscar-worthy performances in the gender-bending Albert Nobbs, so why isn't the film any good?
2012, Jan 20Review: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close''Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close'' suffers a fate of its own cloying, manipulative design.
2012, Jan 12Review: Corman's WorldA new documentary celebrates the legendary filmmaker Roger Corman, who launched some impressive Hollywood careers
2012, Jan 05From Short to FeatureFor years, Dee Rees honed her craft, resulting in a critically acclaimed film, ''Pariah,'' about a young black lesbian's coming out
2012, Jan 05Coming OutPersonal, stirring and poignant, ''Pariah'' is the finest coming-of-age movie to find its way into theaters in years
2011, Dec 29The Best and Worst Movies of 2011The year gave us a bounty of film magic, as well as cinematic sore points
2011, Dec 22Tattoo ParadiseDavid Fincher has put his personal stamp on a compelling murder mystery, ''Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,'' delivering a film that's exceptionally thrilling to watch
2011, Dec 22Nostalgic AdventureSpielberg delivers a Tintin for the 21st century with nostalgia for the initiated, thrills for the newcomers
2011, Dec 16Prickly ProtagonistYoung Adult is a movie about someone who's supremely unlikeable, but has an odd way of being awfully likable itself
2011, Dec 01Love ShotsTomer Heymann's doc, ''I Shot My Love,'' about identity, family and desire is the LGBT highlight of this year's Washington Jewish Film Festival
2011, Dec 01Over SexedDespite the buzz, Steve McQueen's ''Shame'' is not an innovative film -- it's got dicks and tits, but it's not crusading for their cause
2011, Nov 23Puppet Masters'The Muppets' may operate from a common conceit, but it has freshness and grit, while 'My Week with Marilyn' is nothing if not fun
2011, Nov 17Midlife AlohaAlexander Payne's latest, ''The Descendants,'' is a movie about what families are stuck with and how they manage to figure it out
2011, Nov 10InsecurityClint Eastwood and Dustin Lance Black's 'J. Edgar' is a mess of a biopic with plenty to say, but no idea how to say it well
2011, Nov 04Building Violation''Tower Heist'' aims so broadly, it doesn't have a target audience as much as a supreme unified theory of box-office gross attraction; plus ''Like Crazy'' questions love
2011, Nov 03Inspiring Betrayal''Ides of March'' executive producer Stephen Pevner commissioned the original work based on his own experience
2011, Oct 27Cult ClashForget about answers -- sometimes Sean Durkin's ''Martha Marcy May Marlene'' doesn't even bother to give you questions
2011, Oct 14Rip-Off Artist''The Thing'' is a plodding mess, adding nothing of consequence to its predecessor and taking away anything meaningful
2011, Oct 06Love StoryAndrew Haigh's ''Weekend'' is a great love story about gay men that deserves better than a niche label
2011, Oct 06Girl on FilmHead back to the '80s for ''Dirty Girl,'' the gay-themed, shit-kickin' road romp opening this year's Reel Affirmations film festival
2011, Sep 30Good Chance50/50's art imitates the life of a cancer patient with humor, reality and heart
2011, Sep 15Shorts CircuitThe DC Shorts Film Festival presents nine LGBT films on Friday night -- the quality varies but the message is distinctly gay
2011, Sep 01Midnight MadnessE Street Cinema screens fun and 'ridiculous' films on weekends
2011, Aug 25Radical FaeriesWhile the original Don't Be Afraid of the Dark may haunt producer Guillermo del Toro, his remake falls short
2011, Aug 18Unkind CutUnless you're going for laughs, you may want to bypass the latest barbarian at the cinema gates
2011, Aug 12Reality CheckThere's a disturbing real-life story at the core of the comedy '30 Minutes or Less' that may give audiences the creeps
2011, Jul 29Western EncountersCowboys & Aliens is Independence Day without heartening speeches and a whole lot more revolvers and period costumery
2011, Jul 22American IdolCaptain America has potential but winds up as little more than a two-hour trailer for next summer's The Avengers
2011, Jul 14Everybody HurtsThe final Harry Potter is a blockbuster whose pain and mourning resonates through the franchise's length. Just avoid it in 3D
2011, Jul 08Killer Jobs'Horrible Bosses' reeks of a bland sitcom's worst sensibilities
2011, Jun 29Required ViewingThe Atlas offers films with gay appeal
2011, Jun 09Classic GraceHillwood and One In Ten present their annual 'Diva-ish' film series
2011, Jun 09Father-Son OutingMike Mills pulls from his own backstory to make a movie about life and death and love
2011, May 05Hammer TimeThe first of the big, summer blockbuster films, Thor explodes on the screen with the thunder of a god
2011, Apr 14Scream MachineWes Craven hasn't quite figured out how to restore a brand so spoofed and parodied that laughter trumps fear
2011, Mar 31Deja ViewA hash of ideas from various films, the sci-fi thriller Source Code more-than-ably stands on its own merits
2011, Mar 10Minor AdjustmentsStraddling the genres of romance and science fiction, The Adjustment Bureau never truly finds solid ground
2011, Mar 03MatchmakingYou Should Meet My Son is rife with clichés, most of which are pretty funny because they're true
2011, Feb 24Oscar NightIf you like film, the DC Center's Oscar-watch fundraiser at Town this Sunday is the place to be
2011, Feb 24Sex and the ApocalypseGregg Araki's Kaboom is destined to either become a cult classic or fade into obscurity; also, we pick the Oscars
2011, Feb 10Insurance FraudDespite valiant efforts from star Ed Helms and John C. Reilly, 'Cedar Rapids' fails to amuse in an abundance of ways
2011, Jan 19A Good YearIn his latest film, Mike Leigh captures a gratifying and grating year of life that is remarkable for its normalcy
2011, Jan 16Stung'The Green Hornet' bludgeons the audience into a stupor with explosions, stupid jokes, and far too much of Seth Rogen
2011, Jan 05Ripped ApartBlue Valentine tracks a couple's story backward to examine how love and hope can be replaced by resentment and regret
2010, Dec 29Best & Worst Films of 2010It was a rocky year for movies, but a few snuck by on great acting and solid directing, while others just bombed
2010, Dec 23Western StarsThe performances are uniformly great, but the story has a been-there, done-that feel in the Coen brothers' True Grit
2010, Dec 16Knock OutThe Fighter is filled with amazing performances, but the championship belt really belongs to Christian Bale
2010, Dec 09Convicts in LoveStereotypes are stereotypes for a reason and the gay-themed Phillip Morris wallows in each and every one of them
2010, Dec 09Emotional ReleaseI Love You Phillip Morris finally hits the big screen
2010, Dec 02Lake EffectEven when things are most their most bizarre and confusing, Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan is gripping and stunning
2010, Dec 01Israeli GleeEytan Fox's musical miniseries tells the story of a gay man in search of his mother and himself
2010, Nov 25ShowgirlsBurlesque takes itself too seriously to be enjoyable, and it's not bad enough to really wallow in its own misery
2010, Nov 18Mr. WizardAided by nuanced performances and a rich plot, director David Yates delivers big in the penultimate ''Harry Potter''
2010, Nov 10Rock SolidAs Aron Ralston, a hiker infamous for his horrific act of survival, James Franco is nothing short of astonishing
2010, Oct 28Poetry in Motion'Howl' takes a fully artistic approach to the infamous poem, while 'Hornet's Nest' never really amounts to very much
2010, Oct 20Law and OrderDesigned to tug at the heartstrings, Conviction features strong performances impeded by a fractured narrative style
2010, Oct 13Mini AffirmationsOne In Ten presents BearCity, proving bears can be bitchy queens and a pair of DADT-movies that miss the bullseye
2010, Oct 13Furry FriendsDoug Langway's Bear City is the first American feature about gay bear life
2010, Oct 13TalkiesCinematic Titanic picks up where MST3K left off
2010, Oct 07[Comment] [Like]David Fincher's The Social Network is a spectacular film that may make you reluctant to log onto the site again
2010, Oct 01Terror TweenIn a world overrun with vampires, Let Me In is a welcome addition to the genre
2010, Sep 18Making the GradeWhile it doesn't quite merit top marks, Easy A easily surpasses satisfactory
2010, Sep 01The Lonely GuyThe American is less about action and thrills and more about one lonely man questioning his life's choices
2010, Aug 25PilgrimageBased on the graphic novels by Bryan Lee O'Malley, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is every dork's wet dream
2010, Aug 12Life ChangingRyan Murphy's movie adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat Pray Love promises to transport you, if not transform you
2010, Jul 23Salt DeficiencyVery little makes Salt stand out from other spy-espionage-conspiracy films, except its star Angelina Jolie
2010, Jul 14Modern FamilyAnnette Bening and Julianne Moore finesse their roles as a lesbian couple to near perfection in The Kids Are All Right
2010, Jul 14Dream StateThough it has plenty of action set-pieces, the high-concept Inception does little to involve us with its characters
2010, Jul 14Camp CelluloidAtlas Summer film series celebrates camp classics
2010, Jun 29Monster TrashSitting through the extravagantly dull Eclipse is akin to slowly having your soul sucked out through your eyeballs.
2010, Jun 17Unsaintly ActionsReed Cowan's documentary about the Mormon influence on Proposition 8 is uneven but jarring in its overall message
2010, Jun 17True StoriesThere are several documentaries of particular interest to the LGBT community in this year's Silverdocs festival
2010, Jun 17Spiritual CinemaLocals launch first BuddhaFest film festival
2010, Jun 10Money GirlA year in the life of a legendary comic makes some small missteps, yet delivers in the end
2010, Jun 04Greek ComedyGet Him to the Greek allows Russell Brand and his out-of-control rock star character to comedically shine
2010, May 27Fluff for FansSex and the City 2 is like a Magnolia Bakery cupcake -- you know exactly what you're going to get and it's a guilty pleasure
2010, May 14Big-Screen CrimeWith this disappointingly dull Robin Hood, it's not the rich who suffer -- it's the audiences
2010, May 06Iron FortifiedIron Man 2 is most fun when being the least serious, but when soul-searching takes center stage, it drags the film down
2010, Apr 22Death MatchThe Americanized version of the British comedy Death at a Funeral works surprisingly well, thanks to strong casting
2010, Apr 15Heroic DeedsIf you appreciate humor that's outrageous, offensive and just plain makes you gasp, Kick-Ass is right up your alley
2010, Apr 07Jett LagDespite terrific performances from its stars, The Runaways is oddly monotone; Dragon is a fire-breathing spectacle
2010, Mar 31Gods ForsakenThe remake of Clash of the Titans sacrifices brains for brawn in an attempt to appease the box-office gods
2010, Mar 10Son DanceThe documentary Prodigal Sons is not what you expect and not always easy to watch, but it's well worth your time
2010, Mar 04Small WonderTim Burton's take on the Alice tale has a few smatterings of visual splendor, but lacks compelling performances
2010, Mar 04Easy PickingsThe 2010 Academy Awards will feature a parade of already-anointed winners and a bloated Best Picture category
2010, Feb 24Mystery ManAdapted from a novel by Robert Harris, Roman Polanski's The Ghost Writer is a political thriller of the highest order
2010, Feb 17Mysterious IslandThe payoff to Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island makes the increasingly frustrating build-up all seem worthwhile
2010, Feb 10Love Lies BleedingFlooded with useless star-power, Valentine's Day is a disjointed mess of tenuous links and uncanny coincidences
2010, Jan 14Broken BonesPeter Jackson has no problem creating mind-boggling visuals and it's one of the reasons The Lovely Bones fails
2010, Jan 07Hormonal ActivityYouth in Revolt is obsessed with sex, sex, sex, while Crazy Heart offers washed-up redemption, country style
2009, Dec 24Sleuthing AroundGuy Ritchie's re-imagines Sherlock Holmes as an action property, complete with bloody fights and huge explosions
2009, Dec 24Singular SensationA Single Man is heartbreaking in its subject matter and uplifting in its beauty, while Nine is a messy adaptation
2009, Dec 17Virtuoso VirtualityJames Cameron's Avatar is a spectacle that should be seen by all who appreciate movie making at its finest.
2009, Dec 10Playing the HeartstringsWith Invictus, Clint Eastwood crafts a sports movie calculated to reach maximum emotional velocity
2009, Nov 26Road WearyMoments of horror and suspense alleviate The Road's slow pacing, but mostly we're trudging along with the travelers
2009, Nov 20Moon MenThe Twilight Saga: New Moon presents a clash between the book's self-righteous morals and movie marketing
2009, Nov 19Tears Worth SheddingPrecious documents an adolescent life in a hellish world, yanking on heartstrings and finding hope in the end
2009, Oct 29Parting GlancesMichael Jackson's This Is It is nothing less than a gift to fans, allowing a rare glimpse at Jackson the mortal
2009, Oct 22Freak ShowThe Vampire's Assistant tries to be funny, dark, lighthearted and macabre -- all at once.
2009, Oct 01Ungrateful DeadZombieland is so entertaining it's hard to care about the huge plot holes, while Fame is a useless, pointless wreck
2009, Sep 17Punctuation's Mark!Matt Damon gives exclamation-point worthy performance in The Informant!, but the movie fails to ignite or excite
2009, Sep 03Ball BearingsWith the comedy Extract, Mike Judge answers the question of how many testicle jokes can be crammed into one film.
2009, Aug 20Numbed by NazisQuentin Tarantino's latest drags on with intermittent action, dull dialogue and merely a few bright spots
2009, Aug 13AlienationDistrict 9 lead Sharlto Copley saves the movie from a plot that may leave you scratching your head in bewilderment
2009, Aug 06Cook's CountryThe two stories that comprise Julie & Julia are like pairing Kobe beef with a side of McDonald's french fries
2009, Jul 30Leukemia LaughsAdam Sandler shines and some jokes hit the target, but 'Funny People' weighs in too heavy and runs too long
2009, Jul 23F**k BuddiesTwo straight guys set out to make a porno with each other in Lynn Shelton's slow but occasionally funny ''Humpday''
2009, Jul 16Hormonal HarryHarry Potter and pals find their hormones raging away as they battle the usual forces of evil threatening Hogwarts
2009, Jul 09Gay PureeWhile it's got its share of over-the-top, awkward moments, Sacha Baron Cohen's ''Brno'' incites more grins than groans
2009, Jul 02Guns and RosesJohnny Depp plays John Dillinger as a cocky, cool criminal that is the very definition of hubris and sexy swagger
2009, Jun 25Life's Lessons'The Country Teacher' delivers a well-wrought tale of friendship and desire in the European countryside
2009, Jun 04The Morning AfterThe humor that fills ''The Hangover'' is of the rude, crude, vile, riotous, ''spit soda through your nose'' variety
2009, May 28Hell RaiserAfter years of big-budget superhero films, Sam Raimi has trimmed everything to the bare essentials: fear and fun
2009, May 21Geared UpIf you're looking for an action flick where things go boom and bodies pile up, 'Terminator Salvation' delivers big time
2009, May 14Blinded by ScienceWith Ron Howard's adaptation of 'Angels & Demons,' audiences certainly have more than enough reason to complain
2009, May 07Space BallsJ.J. Abrams takes 'Star Trek' and polishes it for a new generation, creating a daring reboot of a culture fixture
2009, May 07Secret LivesKirby Dick's new documentary looks at closeted politicians
2009, May 01De-ClawedWolverine offers a boring back-story, light on effects and feeling
2009, Apr 30Closet CasesKirby Dick's new documentary manages to make recent gay political sex scandals seem academic and dull
2009, Apr 23The PittsWriter-director Rawson Marshall Thurber gets his mitts on Michael Chabon's 'Mysteries of Pittsburgh' and butchers it
2009, Apr 09Collision Course'Sin Nombre' is filled with heart and pain, carrying them off better than most films that have come out so far this year
2009, Apr 02Roller CoastingThe coming-of-age comedy 'Adventureland' is stuck in low gear -- rather than be the best, it's content to be average
2009, Mar 19Male Bonding'I Love You, Man' pays homage to the strong yet often unspoken, and completely not-gay, connection between guys
2009, Mar 05Identity CrisisThe film adaptation of 'The Watchmen,' Alan Moore's genre-changing comic book, is unlike any superhero epic you've ever seen
2009, Feb 19Choosing OscarThe Academy Awards are upon us, and we offer our best educated guesses as to who will take home the prizes
2009, Feb 12Attention Shoppers!Director P.J. Hogan has taken a barely stitched-together script and created something approaching fashionable
2009, Feb 05Frame by FrameA visual wonder, Coraline is narratively sluggish
2009, Feb 05Hopelessly UndevotedKen Kwapis turns in a romantic dud
2009, Jan 29Out for BloodIt takes time, but 'Taken' settles into a solid action groove, and 'Frost/Nixon' is a brilliant cinematic achievement
2009, Jan 15AfterbirthA horror film comprised of one cliché too many, 'The Unborn' makes morning sickness seem like a picnic in the park
2009, Jan 08StalledClint Eastwood's latest limps along like a car with a flat tire; 'Benjamin Button' is an epic tale of love and time
2009, Jan 01The Best and Worst Films of 2008If you missed these best films, time to get caught up, and if you saw anything from the worst list, we feel your pain.
2008, Nov 27Chilled MilkVan Sant's Milk never attains its potential as a rousing, rich drama -- it's 2 percent when it should be whole.
2008, Nov 20Bonding Behavior'Quantum of Solace is good Bond fun, once again proving Daniel Craig is a man you can count on to get the job done
2008, Oct 30Money ShotDiehard Kevin Smith fans might wonder if their bad boy is selling out, but what he's selling is pure pornographic fun
2008, Oct 23Swept AwayFans of 'Noah's Arc' should jump to see the film, because it will likely be sweeping into and out of theaters quickly
2008, Oct 16Bush WhackedOliver Stone's look at George W. is boring to the point of torture, which 'Rachel' is a wedding you might want to skip
2008, Oct 09Tune TownBolstered by carefree characters, 'Nick and Norah' is a new, fresh take on the teenage coming-of-age genre
2008, Sep 25Deep Throat'Choke' is a dirty, nasty film, featuring one gag-inducing scene after another. All the more reason to see it.
2008, Sep 18Feminine Imposition'The Women' is a series of linked sketches designed not to develop character but to amplify celebrity moments
2008, Sep 18Ball BearingAlan Ball brings a powerful drama to the screen
2008, Sep 04Blurred VisagesParvez Sharma's documentary examining the struggle of gay Muslims is less informative than it is repetitive
2008, Aug 28Offending the MassesWillfully offensive and wildly funny, 'Hamlet 2' bitch slaps the bard while 'The House Bunny' is dumb as they come
2008, Aug 21Getting a WoodyWoody Allen explores love in his latest film and while doing so takes us on a mesmerizing tour of Barcelona
2008, Aug 14Laugh Attack'Tropic Thunder' is one of the year's most outrageous, inventive comedies, while 'Pineapple Express' derails itself
2008, Aug 07Brit LitA collection of moments, 'Brideshead Revisited' sacrifices a smooth, flowing storyline in the interest of brevity
2008, Jul 31Teen Spirit'American Teen' is a rollercoaster of hormones and emotions, while 'X-Files' is an inconsequential bit of filmmaking
2008, Jul 24Going BattyPropelled by Heath Ledger's spectacular, disturbing turn as The Joker, 'The Dark Knight' is a grand theatrical experience
2008, Jul 17Merry Melodies Buoyed by infectious ABBA songs and terrific performances, 'Mamma Mia!' makes for two hours of unadulterated joy
2008, Jul 10Hellacious What was fresh the first time around feels stale and derivative in Guillermo del Toro's 'Hellboy II'
2008, Jul 03UndersexedThe 'Sex and the City' movie feels like one 'really' long episode of the iconic HBO show. It's a huge letdown.
2008, Jul 03SaviorsA patchwork of genres, 'Hancock' is not completely successful at any, while 'Wanted' is a pretty-to-watch brain-cell killer
2008, Jun 26Jokesters'Get Smart' is a moderately funny update of the '60s TV show, while 'Love Guru' will leave you annoyed and laughless
2008, Jun 19Dead ZoneIn 'The Happening,' written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, the big surprise is just how bad the movie really is
2008, Jun 12MarvelousFor the Hulk reboot, director Louis Leterrier wipes the slate clean -- and it's a damn good thing he does
2008, Jun 05M ShutterflyTiona M's film, 'black./womyn.: conversations with'
2008, May 29WhiplashAn indecisive, cluttered script and a formulaic, dull narrative render this Indiana Jones outing a non-starter
2008, May 22Princely ReturnWith 'Prince Caspian,' Andrew Adamson takes the Narnia series into darker, more brutal and more successful territory
2008, May 15Cold WheelsSpeed Racer provides all the hallucinogenic benefits of an LSD trip without any of the nasty side-effects.
2008, May 08Metal Head'Iron Man' deserves better than iron, but not quite solid gold. Silver would be the most appropriate.
2008, May 01Pregnant PauseHer timing off and the humor sparse, Tina Fey's first major movie role also represents her first major miss
2008, Apr 24Best ForgottenDespite its much chattered about male full-frontal nudity, 'Sarah Marshall' is a routine, dull and barely funny
2008, Apr 17Dumbed DownWith its well-known cast, 'Smart People' strives to be quirky and original, but winds up being sophomoric and common
2008, Apr 10Screwed BallSloppy and uncertain of its aim, 'Leatherheads' lacks a script worth all the obvious effort invested in it
2008, Apr 03Marathon ManIn 'Run Fat Boy Run,' Simon Pegg once again proves he's a comedic force who should be taken very seriously
2008, Mar 27High RollersEven though the start, middle, and finish of '21' is predictable, the movie remarkably does not disappoint
2008, Mar 13Heist TimesThough lacking the star power of the 'Ocean's Eleven' series, 'The Bank Job' is a great heist film that holds its own
2008, Mar 06Raiding Spielberg'Raider of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation'
2008, Mar 06Pig StyUnsuitable for anyone, 'Penelope' is a boar
2008, Feb 21Choosing OscarWe guess which movies, directors, designers and actors will be rewarded by the Academy at this Sunday's Oscar ceremony
2008, Feb 07Death Unbecomes Her'Over Her Dead Body' delivers exactly what you'd expect. So long as your expectations are really, really low
2008, Jan 24RampageFor all the fuss and pre-release furor, 'Cloverfield' doesn't amount to much more than a very well-produced novelty
2008, Jan 17Creep ShowIt's more accurate to call 'The Orphanage' a horror film rather than a scary movie, as the film is simply horrifying
2007, Dec 27Movie Heaven (and Hell)Looking back over 2007's cinematic landscape, our film critics pick their five best and worst films of 2007
2007, Dec 20Human Remains'Sweeney Todd' finds Johnny Depp hellbent on revenge, while 'I Am Legend' gives Will Smith a chance to save humanity
2007, Dec 13Intimate Encounters'Atonement' is an intensely rich cinematic experience that leaves you shattered, while 'Juno' is a pure, blissful joy
2007, Dec 13Tangled Kite'The Kite Runner' is touching and terrifying, yet it can't begin to live up to its over-saturated pre-release hype
2007, Dec 06Dust Off'The Golden Compass' makes a moderately successful play to become the next great fantasy series from New Line Cinema
2007, Dec 06Holy HateNitzan Gilady's magnificent documentary chronicles the efforts to mount the World Pride celebration in Jerusalem
2007, Nov 08Lion's ClubWith 'Lions for Lambs,' Robert Redford turns up the preach-factor and in a way that inspires yawns over action
2007, Oct 25Cat and MouseKenneth Branagh's remake of 'Sleuth' is visually engaging, but its narrative ambiguity can be a little tiresome
2007, Oct 18Bite NightIn '30 Days of Night' gore serves as a replacement for genuine terror and dread. It's hardly horrific.
2007, Oct 11Law and Disorder'Michael Clayton' provides an unforgettable visit to a genre missing from the movie landscape for much too long
2007, Oct 04Spiritual ShenanigansWith 'The Darjeeling Limited,' Wes Anderson doesn't just drop us into a different country, but a whole new world
2007, Sep 27Dangerous LiaisonsDavid Cronenberg's masterful, brutal tale of an innocent among Russian mobsters is as surprising as it is memorable
2007, Sep 20Beatle Mania'Across the Universe' uses the songs of the Fab Four as a storytelling device with decidedly mixed results
2007, Aug 23Super DuperGloriously profane and brimming with heart, 'Superbad' gleefully traipses into wild teenage fantasy territory
2007, Aug 16GracelandIf you're a sucker for romantic comedies, 'Falling for Grace' is a perfect fit, while 'Interview' is shallow and trite
2007, Aug 09Star Bust'Stardust' is a cross between 'Willow,' 'Princess Bride' and 'The Lord of Rings' -- if those three movies were poorly made
2007, Aug 02Bourne AgainThe super-spy action franchise returns with a competent third entry, but be sure to bring your Dramamine
2007, Jul 26Homer's Odyssey'The Simpsons Movie' remains true to its TV roots while expanding its scope to suit the big screen
2007, Jul 19Power SprayWith a flip, a tease and a song, 'Hairspray' is a stunner, while 'Chuck and Larry' is a 115-minute hate crime of a movie
2007, Jul 12Kid StuffBoth 'Harry Potter' and 'Transformers' bring the best of overblown, bigger-than-life movie fun to summer screens
2007, Jul 05Medical Incredible'SiCKO' may make you think twice about doctors (and fact-checking), while 'Ratatouille' is pure laugh medicine
2007, Jun 28Death Becomes Him'You Kill Me' offers a refreshing change of summer pace with a darkly comic tale of a hit man and redemption
2007, Jun 21Banal BunchThe new 'Fantastic Four' flick offers a slick new bad guy, but bogs down in a contrived plot and petty bickering
2007, Jun 21Summer SplashOne in Ten engages in a little 'Pillow Talk'
2007, Jun 14Blood Bath'Hostel: Part II' is more than a regurgitation of the first film, but not much lurks below the blood and guts
2007, Jun 07Cutting CrewWhile 'Mr. Brooks' has a veneer of seriousness about its killings, 'Severance' goes for both jugular and funny bone
2007, May 31ShipwreckedWith a cluttered, confounding storyline and a three-hour running time, 'Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End' sinks faster than a three-ton anchor
2007, May 10God Knows'The Believers' is at heart an old-fashioned success story of a transgender choir that succeeds against the odds
2007, May 10Time MisspentHollywood spits out not one, but two, huge clunkers with an unfunny 'The Ex' and an unscary '28 Weeks Later'
2007, May 03Web HeadWith too many villains and a cluttered, sometimes dull narrative, 'Spider-Man 3' fails to swing into greatness
2007, May 03Moviegoing MarylandWeekend series of films at Baltimore's Charles Theatre and Maryland Institute in Mount Vernon neighborhood
2007, Apr 26Hot StuffThe British-made 'Hot Fuzz' takes its time to start, but once it gets going you'll be glad you're on the ride
2007, Apr 12Culture ClubRough at the start and smooth by the end, 'Boy Culture' is a surprisingly enjoyable journey
2007, Apr 12Monsters and Mayhem'Grindhouse' provides a lesson in exploitation cinema history while entertaining you with its over-the-top exploits
2007, Apr 05Scene StealerJoseph Gordon-Levitt gives a flawless performance in 'The Lookout,' an otherwise predictable, flawed film
2007, Mar 29Switch BladesWill Ferrell's latest comedy, 'Blades of Glory,' isn't worthy of a gold medal, but it at least deserves a bronze for comedic effort
2007, Mar 22Long Life Journey'Reign Over Me' meanders its way through the post-9/11 landscape, giving Adam Sandler another chance to play legit
2007, Mar 15The Buff StuffAs a visually stunning war film, '300' has a lot going for it -- especially the eye-candy of the warriors themselves
2007, Mar 01Snake on a ChainJackson and Ricci make 'Black Snake Moan' an uneven, but ultimately enjoyable, tale of violence and rebirth
2007, Feb 22Law Breaking'Breaking and Entering' sits like a month-old stew hiding in the back of the fridge: thick, gummy, indigestible; plus Randy's Oscar Picks
2007, Feb 15People Eater'Hannibal Rising' is a lavishly-made but emotionally vapid experience -- simultaneously humdrum and mediocre
2007, Jan 18Flights of FantasyA pair of intelligent movies deal with fantasy worlds to different effect, but both achieve ultimate magnificence
2007, Jan 04Star BrightWhen Jennifer Hudson sings, 'Dreamgirls' transcends its celluloid confines, becoming spiritual and profound
2006, Dec 21UberdullDespite a gripping performance from Cate Blanchett, 'The Good German' is an incredibly boring, bland drama
2006, Dec 14Bling BangEd Zwick's morality-enriched 'Blood Diamond' boasts gripping performances from its stars, plus a message to boot
2006, Dec 07Boys on Film'The History Boys'
2006, Nov 30Destiny's Child'Tenacious D 'is a melding of Cheech and Chong stoner-comic sensibilities with Spinal Tappish musical parodies
2006, Nov 23Strong BondA direct descendant of Connery's Bond, Daniel Craig is a virile secret agent determined to get the job done
2006, Nov 16Unwelcome GuestChristopher Guest's new comedy is painful for the audience and humiliating for the otherwise gifted actors involved
2006, Nov 09BusloadJohn Cameron Mitchell discusses his new film 'Shortbus'
2006, Nov 02Social StudyHilariously inappropriate, 'Borat' turns out to be a comic goose that keeps laying one golden egg after another
2006, Oct 26Magic FreeA tale of revenge and obsession, 'The Prestige' fails to deliver a twist that truly knocks your socks off
2006, Oct 05Killer QueenBuoyed by a remarkable performance from Helen Mirren, 'The Queen' examines how Di's death nearly destroyed a royal line
2006, Sep 28Revenge of the NerdIn the amusing 'School for Scoundrels,' Jon Heder and Billy Bob Thornton go head-to-head in a game of male witlessness
2006, Sep 21Unsolved MiseryThere's style in 'The Black Dahlia,' but no substance, as Brian De Palma tosses another bomb onto his stockpile
2006, Aug 31Ray of LightA winning and delightfully quirky comedy, 'Little Miss Sunshine' comes with double helping of charm
2006, Aug 24Plain SnakesApart from a few well-timed jolts, 'Snakes on a Plane' is a suspense-free, B-movie that is profoundly mediocre
2006, Aug 17Hero WorshipOliver Stone's magnificent 'WTC' is a reminder that even the most horrifying events bring out the good in our society
2006, Aug 10Down Under'The Descent' chugs along better than most modern-day terror trains, but it's weakened by a tacked-on ending
2006, Aug 03Humor Most FoulA clumsily-crafted romantic comedy, 'Scoop' is completely devoid of anything remotely resembling pleasure
2006, Jul 27Splish SplashOne narf, one scrunt, and a bunch of helpful humans add up to a engaging bedtime story from M. Night Shyamalan's 'Lady in the Water'
2006, Jul 20Independent SpiritKevin Smith's 'Clerks II' is a fine return to form, while Richard Linklater's 'Scanner Darkly' is an experimental adventure
2006, Jul 13SwishbucklingThe 'Pirates of the Caribbean' sequel succeeds brilliantly at its misson to entertain us with a big, brazen Yo-Ho-Ho and a bottle of rum
2006, Jul 06Strangely FamiliarAmy Sedaris of 'Strangers with Candy'
2006, Jul 06Fashion StatementDespite a stunning performance from Meryl Streep, 'Prada' never amounts to more than a heap of lovely, little scraps
2006, Jun 29Hero's WelcomeAfter two decades, the Man of Steel returns in a blockbuster that soars with action and an unrequited romance in 'Superman Returns'
2006, Jun 22Masked UnmarvelDespite Jack Black's valiant efforts, 'Nacho Libre' fails to live up to the promise of its marketing plan
2006, Jun 15Bad Omen'The Omen' is a clumsily made, lazily written, watered-down remake of the '70s classic about an nasty little devil
2006, Jun 08Broken'The Break-Up' is proof positive that a movie can be about absolutely nothing and still draw an audience
2006, Jun 01Mutant FortifiedBret Ratner takes charge of the X-Men franchise and serves up an all-you-can-eat buffet of mutants and action
2006, May 18Adult DrownThe biggest danger faced by the cast of 'Poseidon' is that they'll bore themselves to death reciting the dialogue
2006, May 11Mission ForgettableStar Tom Cruise and director J.J. Abrams serve up a moderately entertaining yet instantly forgettable sequel
2006, Apr 20Hard Satire'Smoking' takes a sharp satirical path, while 'Scary Movie' throws everything at you, including the kitchen sink
2006, Apr 13Lucky Boy'Lucky Number Slevin' is a hip, fast, engaging and fun romp through mistaken identity, mobsters and murder
2006, Mar 30Crime SolversSpike Lee's sturdy bank heist thriller 'Inside Man' is a sensational, don't-you-dare-miss-it evening at the movies
2006, Mar 23Rabble RousingThe sensational 'V for Vendetta' seems politically meaty, but it's really just a tale of a wronged man who seeks revenge
2006, Mar 16Naked Launch'Failure to Launch' is just funny enough to make you feel a little dizzy, a tad lightheaded and occasionally giddy
2006, Mar 09Urban Blockage16 Blocks resembles a compressed season of '24,' with one seemingly unresolvable situation morphing into the next
2006, Mar 02Sex in the City'Gay Sex in the 70s' deftly captures the feel of an iconic era, while balancing the celebration with what came later
2006, Mar 02Oscar, Oscar, Oscar!Will the GLBT community's hope of a gay cowboy sweep crash? No one knows for sure, but we do our best to pick 'em.
2006, Feb 23Boiling OverFractured, clichéd and overwrought, 'Freedomland' resides in areas better known as half-baked and knee-jerk
2006, Feb 16Unpretty in Pink'The Pink Panther' remake, while pointless, is not as bad as it could have been, while 'Garcon Stupide' is steeped in sex
2006, Feb 02London CallingWoody Allen ventures abroad and rejuvenates his creative side, turning out to be an impressive master of suspense
2006, Feb 02The Weinstein TouchWith its clever pairing of whimsy and moral decay, the Weinsteins have found the perfect release in 'The Matador'
2006, Jan 26Comic AbroadAlbert Brooks goes 'Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World' but comes up empty-handed
2006, Jan 12Torture GardenHostel's purveyors of terror are ordinary human beings who have a depraved sense of what constitutes entertainment.
2006, Jan 05Cinema MagicThe best films of the year were truly transcendental, while the worst were all of the flushable variety
2005, Dec 22Great ApeBig, expensive and spectacular, Peter Jackson's super-sized 'King Kong' updates a story we know a little too well
2005, Dec 15Love Story'Brokeback Mountain' is every bit as good as you've wished, while 'Narnia' is more engaging than you might expect
2005, Dec 08Austen Powers'Pride & Prejudice' is a lovely, fully romantic piece of work, while 'Good Night' is compelling, stark and brilliant
2005, Dec 08Preview of 'Brokeback Mountain'HRC screens much anticipated gay cowboy film
2005, Dec 01Squatter's SqualorChris Columbus succeeds in opening up 'Rent' in a movie backlot sort of way but fails to unearth genuine emotion
2005, Dec 01Magic ShowHarry Potter returns in his most dangerous adventure yet
2005, Nov 17Cashing InDespite great performances, 'Walk the Line' is dramatically static, while 'Kiss Kiss' is too gimmicky for its own good
2005, Nov 10Marine LifeSet during the first Gulf War, 'Jarhead' tells the story of a few good men who wait for a chance that never comes
2005, Nov 03Gaul FodderPlaywright / Director Craig Lucas adapts 'The Dying Gaul' for the movies
2005, Oct 27Country CourageCharlize Theron's grounded portrayal of a woman who fights harrassment gives 'North Country' its soul
2005, Oct 20All Fogged UpA remake no better, no worse than the original tells the story of a ship full of angry ghost lepers bent on revenge
2005, Oct 06Resurrected RenegadesSmart and engaging, 'Serenity' is no easy glide through pace. It's a loud, clattery, explosive big bang
2005, Sep 29High AnxietyJodie Foster proves she can be one tough mother in 'Flightplan,' while Tim Burton creates a stop-motion morgue with 'The Corpse Bride'
2005, Sep 01DisenchantmentAn $80 million exercise in pointlessness, 'The Brothers Grimm' is not just a mess, it's a painfully static mess
2005, Aug 25Wondrous WomanLynda Carter discusses her two new movie roles and why gay men love Wonder Woman
2005, Aug 18Haunted MansionKate Hudson gets a taste of hoodoo in 'Skeleton Key,' while 'The Aristocrats' offers a taste of the ultimate dirty joke
2005, Aug 04Superteen Spirit'Sky High' serves mainly to entertain. And, as a bonus, it entertains with a dash of brains
2005, Jul 28Foul BallIn remaking 'Bad News Bears,' Richard Linklater strikes out with a mechanized film completely lacking in heart
2005, Jul 21Candy CornTim Burton's 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' fizzles like a lone Pop Rock placed on the tip of a tongue
2005, Jul 14Fantastic FlopMarvel's latest comic book hero offering has the distinct feel of a rejected television pilot -- from the '70s
2005, Jul 07Martian LawSteven Spielberg's gripping, thrilling adaptation of the Wells classic satisfies our summer disaster-movie urge
2005, Jun 30Skin ShowGreg Araki skillfully crafts 'Mysterious Skin' into much more than a sexfest
2005, Jun 30DisenchantedNora Ephron's update of a TV classic turns out to be pure witchcrap, while George Romero lets his zombies feast away
2005, Jun 23Batting ZeroBatman Begins is a dark, humorless, fumbled attempt to explain the inner-workings of a comic book icon
2005, Jun 09Wild Boys'Lords of Dogtown' pays homage to those who, out of a desire to surf the world's 'concrete waves,' created a phenomenon
2005, Jun 02Moving PrideOne In Ten's Reel Affirmations helps start the Capital Pride festivities with its annual Pride Film Fest
2005, May 26Star TurnThe other characters may fall by the wayside in 'Star Wars: Sith,' but it is the shining moment for Ian McDiarmid's Palpatine
2005, May 19I Remember NomiNew Wave surfer Klaus Nomi catches a posthumous second wave in Andrew Horn’s engaging biopic, 'The Nomi Song'
2005, May 12Wax Works'House of Wax' has a few good scares and Paris Hilton, who has an unfortunate encounter with a big sharp stick
2005, Apr 28Martial ArtistryA freewheeling escape into fantasy, 'Kung Fu Hustle' is thrilling, awe-inspiring, uproarious and even poignant
2005, Apr 14Sinfully Delicious'Sin City' straddles reality and comic book fantasy with eloquence, while 'Walk on Water' is flat-out phenomenal
2005, Mar 31Learning Experience'Walk on Water' thriller opens at E Street Cinema
2005, Mar 24Water TortureIt has a few scary moments, but mostly 'The Ring Two' is a nonsensical, waterlogged journey down the drain
2005, Mar 17Embattled Bots'Robots' is a deeply dented film, boasting an assortment of characters as interchangeable as their mechanical parts
2005, Mar 17Cinematic Surge'Surge of Power' brings super powers to Reel Affirmations Xtra
2005, Mar 10Winning EntriesThe Oscar-winning 'Born in Brothels' and 'The Sea Inside' are welcome respites from meaningless Hollywood piffle
2005, Mar 03Crying WolfHorrormeister Wes Craven's latest, 'Cursed,' is a werewolf howler with no bite or bark. It's completely scream free.
2005, Feb 24Hell Boy'Constantine' follows your basic keep-evil-down-below storyline but is still enjoyable, plus our Oscar picks
2005, Feb 17Masked UnmarvelThe first 'Mask' was an enjoyable kick, but its sequel is more akin to a swift kick in the family jewels
2005, Feb 10Boxing Hilary'Million Dollar Baby' packs a knock-out punch like no other film this year. And it does so without breaking a sweat.
2005, Jan 27Hard Lessons'In Good Company' is a breezy comedy with a message, while Almodovar's 'Bad Education' is a masterpiece of deception
2005, Jan 13Second ChancesIn the powerful and compelling 'The Woodsman,' a pedophile struggles to reclaim a place in society
2005, Jan 06The Best and Worst Films of 2004Middle-aged superheroes and high flying tycoons soared with the best, while Halle Berry made a feline fool of herself
2004, Dec 23Broken English'Spanglish' with Adam Sandler and Tea Leoni, plus our Top Movies of 2004
2004, Dec 09Uncoupling'Closer' is the most abrasive material Mike Nichols has ever touched, but the film is all talk and no action
2004, Dec 02Mythbuster'Kinsey' examines contribution that the father of modern sexuality provided society, and 'Spongebob Squarepants Movie'
2004, Nov 18Living Dolls'Seed of Chucky' abandons fear for laffs, but the joke is on those who pay good money to endure its mediocrity
2004, Nov 18Home MoviesJonathan Caouette discusses 'Tarnation,' his new documentary
2004, Nov 11California Dreamin'In 'Sideways' Alexander Payne blends childish antics and awkward romance with dramatic impact and humorous fizz
2004, Nov 04Buzz Kill'Saw' is cutrate horror that's more laughable than terrifying
2004, Nov 04That's Incredible!'The Incredibles' from Pixar Animation lives up to its title
2004, Oct 28Scare Tactics'The Grudge' is a haunted house that leaves you feeling less than spooked, and more than a little ripped off
2004, Oct 21Puppet StateThe comic strings are pulled taut in 'Team America', an uproarious movie featuring puppets doing the darndest things
2004, Oct 07Fin Rot'Shark Tale' is a fish story borne out of tedium
2004, Sep 30Dead Heads'Shaun of the Dead' is that rare parody which transcends basic farce and enters a realm of full emotional resonance
2004, Sep 30Heart of the Matter'Tying the Knot' finds compelling stories of gay marriage
2004, Sep 23Virtual Reality'Sky Captain' with Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow; 'Cellular' with Kim Basinger
2004, Aug 19Alien Wear'Alien Vs. Predator' lacks excitement, entertainment and elegance
2004, Aug 12Not So Chummy'Open Water' is a stunt that quickly grows tiresome
2004, Aug 05Into the Woods'The Village' is less a horror film than a gothic romance with a twist
2004, Aug 05'Manchurian Candidate'A creepy but flawed remake with Meryl Streep and Denzel Washington
2004, Jul 29Feline Trouble'Catwoman' is Halle Berry's drastically im-purr-fect cat-astrophe
2004, Jul 22Mr. Roboto'I, Robot' comes up sterile in both ideas and emotional resonance
2004, Jul 15Mass Hysterics'Anchorman' with Will Ferrell puts the uproar in uproarious
2004, Jul 01Super Hero''Spiderman 2'' is a defining moment for the genre
2004, Jul 01Cole ComfortInterview with Ashley Judd of ''De-Lovely''
2004, Jun 24Groin Busters''Dodgeball'' with Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn is an uproarious farce
2004, Jun 17Darker, Richer, More Adventurous''Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban''
2004, Jun 17Short Circuit''The Stepford Wives'' with Nicole Kidman takes the bland road
2004, Jun 03Festival OccasionReel Affirmations Pride Film Festival at Lincoln Theatre, June 3-4
2004, Jun 03Box office juggernaut''Shrek 2'' is lovely but not as magical
2004, Jun 03Christian Right''Saved!'' with Mandy Moore and Macaulay Culkin
2004, May 27Blockbuster SeasonFinding movie gold amid Hollywood's upcoming summer of coal
2004, May 20Grecian Formula''Troy'' with Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, and Eric Bana
2004, May 13Monster Hash''Van Helsing'' is a broken-down thrill ride
2004, May 06Defanged''Mean Girls'' with Tina Fey
2004, Apr 29Future Shock''13 Going on 30'' shows how good Jennifer Garner really is
2004, Apr 22Pulp Friction''Kill Bill, Vol. 2'' is wickedly entertaining
2004, Apr 08Shlock Art''Games People Play''
2004, Apr 08Demon Seed''Hellboy'' with Ron Perlman
2004, Apr 01Natural Borin' KillersThe Coen brothers' ''The Lady Killers'' with Tom Hanks
2004, Mar 25Resurrection''Dawn of the Dead''
2004, Mar 18Missionary Positions''Secret Window'' with Johnny Depp, ''Latter Days'' is a powerhouse
2004, Mar 11Unhappy Together''Starsky and Hutch'' is a tame comedy dud
2004, Mar 04Bloody PulpitMel Gibson's obsessively savage ''The Passion of The Christ''
2004, Feb 26Holiday Road''Eurotrip,'' plus Oscar Picks
2004, Feb 12Hair CutteryBarbershop 2: Back in Business
2004, Feb 05Vive la Chomet!The Triplets of Belleville
2004, Jan 29Torso EnvyWin a Date with Tad Hamilton, The Butterfly Effect
2004, Jan 22Puppy LoveDisney's Teacher's Pet
2004, Jan 15The Woman BeneathCharlize Theron plays serial-killer Aileen Wuornos in Monster
2004, Jan 08Folk LureTim Burton's Big Fish
2003, Dec 25The Best and Worst Films of 2003Return of the King and Boat Trip top best and worst lists
2003, Dec 18Ring PowerReturn of the King is a spectacular ending to cinema's greatest achievement
2003, Dec 11Battle FatigueThe Last Samurai
2003, Dec 04Santa ClawsBad Santa, The Haunted Mansion
2003, Nov 20Amazing AdventureMaster and Commander: The Far Side of the World
2003, Nov 06Bear NecessityBrother Bear
2003, Nov 06RevolutionaryThe Matrix Revolutions
2003, Oct 30Classic Cut UpsScary Movie 3, Texas Chainsaw Massacre
2003, Oct 16Thrill KillKill Bill: Vol. 1
2003, Oct 09UnforgivableMystic River
2003, Oct 02Club FlubParty Monster
2003, Oct 02Rock HardSchool of Rock with Jack Black
2003, Sep 25Up a CreekCold Creek Manor
2003, Sep 18Mucho MexicoOnce Upon a Time in Mexico, Cabin Fever
2003, Sep 11Sugar and SpicyThirteen
2003, Sep 04Ordinary PekarAmerican Splendor
2003, Aug 21Requisite RequiemFreddy Krueger meets Jason Voorhees
2003, Aug 14Freakin' AwesomeFreaky Friday
2003, Aug 07ToiletriesAmerican Wedding
2003, Jul 31Blurred VisionSpy Kids 3D
2003, Jul 24Agent ZeroJohnny English
2003, Jul 17Buccaneer BustPirates of the Caribbean
2003, Jul 10Demolition DerbyTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines
2003, Jul 03Missing Persons28 Days Later
2003, Jun 26CircuitryCircuit movie next in Visions' gay film series
2003, Jun 26Caught on TapeCapturing the Friedmans
2003, Jun 19Big Green MachineHulk
2003, Jun 05Sea WorthyFinding Nemo, The Trip
2003, May 29The Good and the BadDanny In the Sky, Yossi and Jagger
2003, May 15Virtual HeavenMatrix Reloaded
2003, May 08Oh, Daddy!Daddy Day Care
2003, May 01XstacySmart, sophisticated, and studded with thrilling set-pieces, 'X-Men: X2' opens the summer movie season with a bang
2003, Apr 24Faux FolkA Mighty Wind
2003, Apr 17High InfidelityFrances McDormand's considerable talent prevents a lackluster film from becoming cinematic landfill
2003, Apr 10When a Sniper CallsThe notion of a man trapped in a 'Phone Booth' is brilliant. The execution, however, is not.
2003, Apr 03State of AmusementHead of State
2003, Mar 27ShipwreckedIn 'Boat Trip' Cuba Gooding, Jr. takes a gay-oriented comedy cruise that promptly sinks to the bottom of the sea
2003, Mar 20Chicago Bound?Critic Randy Shulman's Oscar picks
2003, Mar 20Bad DreamDreamcatcher, Walking on Water
2003, Mar 06Rose DudThe Safety of Objects, Gerry
2003, Feb 27Family TiesFriends and Family
2003, Feb 27Death RattleThe Life of David Gale
2003, Feb 06Italian HamThe Recruit
2003, Jan 30Death TripFinal Destination 2
2003, Jan 30Spy GameConfessions of a Dangerous Mind
2003, Jan 23Jack's BackAbout Schmidt
2003, Jan 16Finest HoursAn actor's film, 'The Hours' is driven by three leading performances that achieve a cumulative magnificence
2003, Jan 09Killer DillerChicago
2003, Jan 02FilmThe Best & Worst 2002
2003, Jan 02ToweringLord of the Rings: The Two Towers
2002, Dec 12Space WasteStar Trek Nemesis
2002, Dec 12UntappedAnalyze That
2002, Dec 05Un-scary MovieWes Craven Presents: They
2002, Dec 05Bond UnboundDie Another Day
2002, Nov 14Rhapsodic"8 Mile"
2002, Nov 07Shooting Gallery'Bowling for Columbine'
2002, Oct 24Terror Tape''The Ring''
2002, Oct 10Dragon Ire"Red Dragon"
2002, Oct 03Cornpone'Sweet Home Alabama'
2002, Sep 26Problem Child'Igby Goes Down'
2002, Sep 12Swimmer's Cramp'Swimfan'
2002, Sep 05San Francisco Treat''The Cockettes''
2002, Aug 29Girl Trouble'The Good Girl' and 'Tadpole'
2002, Aug 15Lustrously Independent"Luster"
2002, Aug 15Diesel Engine''XXX''
2002, Aug 01Unsettling Signs"Signs" and "Goldmember"
2002, Jul 25Infestation"Eight Legged Freaks"
2002, Jul 18Freaks and Greeks''Attack of the Giant Moussaka''
2002, Jul 18Mob Mentality"Road to Perdition"
2002, Jul 11Space Dud''Men in Black II''
2002, Jun 27Minority Rules'Minority Report' with Tom Cruise and Collin Farrell

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