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The King of T's

Richard King puts his gay sensibility to work with K.INC Clothing

There's something a little off about T-shirts that pay homage to the famous ''I [heart] New York'' logo by swapping ''New York'' out for the name of another city.Try putting in ''D.C.'' It doesn't look right. Sort of like a lesser imitation of the original, to say nothing of the differences in style between the Big Apple and Big Government. ''D.C. is a little more buttoned up,'' says Richard King, gay designer and owner of the locally-based K.INC Clothing. Accordingly, ... [Read]

Half Naked

Fashionable swimsuits for the pool or beach

Pools in northern climes are set to open this weekend and the beaches are starting to warm. Whether you've been working out or not, you can still look hot while half naked. Wear the new Tubarao in Blue suit by Blueman to the beach and you're bound to turn a few heads -- not because of the hungry looking shark on your hip, but because of the lean cut and tight fit. Exclusively at Universal Gear for $69.50. For those ... [Read]

School's Out Forever

Capital Queer Prom reclaims paramount rite of passage

Ebone and Anastasia in vintage tux and gown from Meeps Vintage Fashionette. Michael wears a vintage tux shirt and sport coat from the Remix. Boutonierres and corsage from Company Flowers. The flowers. The limo. The tux. The gown. The after-party. The trappings of the prom certainly beat other rites of passage, whether it's getting grounded as punishment or getting bullied as convention. For GLBT kids, however, the whole satiny affair could often stand some tweaking. ''It was very straight,'' remembers ... [Read]

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