Frankie and Adam's Georgetown loft on the C&O Canal

By Sean Bugg
Photography by Todd Franson
Published on March 24, 2005, 12:00am | Comments

Home is where the C&O Canal is with this New York style 1 BR plus den, three-level loft apartment. Complete with two balconies for neighborhood gazing, a bedroom balcony for party watching, and a living room made for entertaining.

It didn't take Adam Ozmer and Frankie Lucostic long to realize making a home together was the next step in their relationship. So the two twentysomethings found their perfect place near the Georgetown Waterfront, where they've created a space with a perfect blend of styles.

FRANKIE: It was pretty natural [to move in together]. I was spending a lot of time at his place.

ADAM: It was a pretty organic move. We wanted to stay in Georgetown and we looked at apartments and little row houses. Row houses are cool but they're super tiny. This is a really interesting space -- it feels a little bit New Yorkish to me, which is really great at our age.

ADAM: [In the front hall] I inherited the clock from my grandmother. It was my great-great grandfather's. He was a doctor in the South around the time of the Civil War. Most doctors would not see African-American patients at that time [but] he would see black patients. This patient didn't have any money to pay him, but he was a cabinetmaker so he made this clock. He and his wife painted the pictures which are kind of faded, but one is of his family's home and one is where he went to school.

[In the living room] This is the wet bar -- it has a little refrigerator. You can set up drinks here and you can do the same downstairs in the kitchen. It really helps.

FRANKIE: That's the full bathroom [around the corner] and there's a half bath downstairs. People never know this one is here even if they're standing right there. People would walk by the wet bar and think it's the kitchen. And then they keep looking for the bathroom.

ADAM: I wanted a place that had hardwood floors. I just like them a lot better. It's easier to clean. I'd love to have concrete floors but they're probably kind of cold and a pain in some ways. My dream place would have really dark stained floors but I like these.

These [blue] chairs I love. We bought these before we moved here.

FRANKIE: It was the first purchase we made together. We started buying furniture together really early.

ADAM: As soon as we figured out we were going to move in at some point, we started buying pieces for our anniversaries or whatever. We got these chairs at an awesome store on Wisconsin, where they have a random mix of antiques and kind of Palm Beachy looking stuff. They really set the tone for the room. The couch was Frankie's, so we tried to find pillows to go on it. We looked and looked we wanted something blue to bring in the blue from the chairs. We looked everywhere and the closest thing I found that would work were these $400 pillows in a store on M Street. It would take a lot of money to fill our couch up. So we finally found these at an Indian import store in Georgetown and they're perfect. The Italian tables we got at the Georgetown Flea Market. I liked them because they were kinda crusty and old looking.

FRANKIE: It's fun to have the two levels. We can be a little bit more wild up here, especially because it's primarily used for entertaining.

ADAM: [In the loft bedroom overlooking the living room] The bedroom isn't as exciting as we'd like at the moment.

FRANKIE: But people do migrate up here during parties. People always end up here during a party. I guess they're just a little voyeuristic, looking down on the crowd.

ADAM: I have always liked bedrooms to be kind of calm and plain and simple. I don't know how people paint their bedrooms red. I wouldn't be able to sleep in that.

FRANKIE: [Downstairs living area] I like the separation of space. Most apartments you see are just on one level. But there's something about being able to walk upstairs to the bedroom at the end of the night.

ADAM: I'm an only child so it's nice to have some sort of space, if one of us needs alone time. Which actually hasn't happened. We're at the point where as long as you know you can have it, you don't need it.

This is the den. The TV cabinet was my grandmother's. I don't know if it was originally meant as a TV cabinet but that's what it is now. It's nice to be able to hide it away. The art I got in New York when I was there one summer interning. This cowhide stool with the Lucite was another one of our anniversary gifts.

FRANKIE: [laughs] We stopped after that. We've mixed a lot of high end and low end things. They all balance one another.

ADAM: We do have a random mix. Not everything is super expensive. Not everything's super cheap. It's flea market stuff and antique store stuff. The coffee table we got at the Georgetown Flea Market. It was $75.

FRANKIE: It was at the end of the day in February, not a lot of people at the flea market. She was willing to cut the price in half.

There are a lot of nice details here. The exposed brick, the loft, having all the room -- it makes for really nice things that you wouldn't typically find in a lot of buildings.

ADAM: [In the kitchen] This was already done and we liked it the way it was. It's a small space so there's not an enormous amount you can do with it. But there is enough room for the two of us to cook. I like to cook.

FRANKIE: I like to bake. It was frustrating before because my old apartment was so small. Now I just feel spoiled.

ADAM: It's good. It works perfectly for us.

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