Psychiatry resident's new Adams Morgan loft displays minimalism and mom's touches

by Chord Bezerra
Published on September 11, 2003, 12:00am | Comments

Shake what your momma gave ya! 1 BR, 2 BA condo loft in Adams Morgan with open spaces perfect for unwinding, relaxing, and filling with decorating presents from a delighted mother. Check the fruit twice before you bite!

Now in his fourth year of residency for psychiatry, Sean Younoszai's work week slowed from 120 to 40 hours a week. With a little free time Younoszai was ready to invest in  home for himself in Adams Morgan, where his one-bedroom condo loft has become a new place for his mother to live vicariously.

SEAN: I've always been attracted to city living. That's how they sold this place: "fine city living." I wanted to be able to walk places, I don't want to drive. I'm in the center of everything -- there are coffee shops and restaurants. And it's also close to work and the gym.

[In the bedroom] I like green so I matched this room to the some of the Mark Rothko art that I have. The window was nice and big and I like the view, but that's going to change because they are building another condo complex right there. I wanted [shades] that were industrial, but I didn't want to detract too much from the window. This [shade] does that -- it's both there and not there at the same time. I have a black curtain behind it so when I sleep I can make it completely dark, but the shade makes it look really cool at night too. It wasn't cheap, but I really liked it. I plan on putting these in my living room as well because once they build that [other condo], I want something there for privacy.

[In the bathroom] I upgraded in here with marble. Eventually what I want to do with the shower is put one half glass doors. I like it everything to be open. I want to let the light in.

[In the living room] I wanted this painting to be the center of focus in here. A friend of mine did the painting for me -- I wanted it to be gay themed, a little bit edgy but not too edgy, and I think he did that. He gave me different kinds of preliminary sketches and then we worked together to finalize it. I arranged the furniture around the painting, and even the little accents in the room. My brother came to visit he's like, "All you have is fake fruit. I need to have some real fruit."

I wanted all of my furniture to be on the minimalist side, and I wanted all the glass -- the dining room table, the coffee tables, the end table -- because I wanted to maximize the space. I thought that big clunky wood furniture would not let me do that as well. I like glass [laughs]. My mom picked up on that and she's given me all this glassware, and all kinds of Kosta Boda stuff. My first piece of Kosta Boda [a Swedish glassware] is over in the kitchen area -- it was given to me by my friends when I graduated from medical school. I liked it so much I put it in a prominent place with a light on it to show it off. Once my mom got it into her mind that I like it she started buying me more and more pieces.

[In the kitchen] I had to have an open kitchen. This isn't big but it's nice because I can have guests here and I can talk to them while I'm cooking dinner. I've started to have some dinner parties and it works out well. Guests are much more comfortable in the [kitchen] and that's why I have the three barstools [at the counter]. That's the first place they go. It sounds clichéd in way, but I think your home centers around the kitchen. So the kitchen is the place that makes a lot of homes unique.

I was looking for motivation to cook, so I wanted a nice gas stove, a big refrigerator, a big freezer, and a microwave. Once I get more money I am going to add more of the All-Clad cookware. I might even put up a rack and hang all the pots there, because they're not only functional, they're also quite pretty. My mother was actively involved in buying things like the All-Clad and the silverware. She's just excited that I finally have a new house of my own. It's like she's living vicariously through it.

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