By Chord Bezerra
Photographed by Todd Franson
Published on March 25, 2004, 12:00am | Comments

CLASSIFIED: Look to the stars both inside and out in this 1 BR, 1 BA Arlington apartment with fabulous views, a plethora of tunes, and a single GWM more interested in memories than matching.

When it came time to set up his new home in Arlington's Pentagon City area, federal contractor William Ford wanted it reflect his personality. So now he comes home to bright colors, thoughtful gifts, much music and many memories.

William: I moved out of the city in 2000. The rent prices were just getting too high. I was initially on the fourth floor of this building, and then I moved up here to the seventh. They were building new apartments that were blocking my view. Now I'm high enough that I still have my view of Pentagon City. It's really beautiful, particularly at night when you get to see the airplanes coming into the airport.

[In the dining room] When I come home I really want my place to reflect me. I think I am a pretty low-key guy with a good sense of humor and my own sense of style -- I want my place to reflect that. I like bold bright colors. I also like Chinese calligraphy. Some people just know how to give gifts -- these hand-painted plates with calligraphy are from my daughter. They look great in here. The symbols stand for things like happiness and prosperity. These symbols over here on this wall stand for double happiness, as well as song and music. Since I like music a lot I think it is appropriate to have it in this room.


I got this painting when I lived in Norfolk, Nebraska. I was doing my internship and the person I was renting from was a painter. She wanted this oak table I had and I wanted the painting. It was fair trade but I think I won because the painting is wonderful. Not only are the colors great but the more you look at it the more you see, which I think is fascinating.

[In the living room] I like all kinds of music with the exception of country -- I like pretty much everything else. I have my computer hooked to my stereo so I can get streaming audio. You can get very unusual music from the Internet and it sounds near CD quality. I pretty much stopped buying CDs. I also have digital cable music service, so I have plenty of music to choose from.

My sound system and my TV occupy a lot of the space so it was important that I incorporate them into the room. I made the television more interesting by putting nice things around it -- that piece above it is a plaster cast of a capital from a column in an old building in Nashville. It is a surprising piece above a pretty mundane-looking television.

[In the bedroom] The bedroom carries on the same themes as the rest of the apartment. This bed is the kind of thing you get anywhere. It's obviously not expensive, but what I have tried to do is symbolically make it an Earth bed by painting different parts different colors. There's the morning sun with the yellow up by the head, the evening sun with the red at the foot, the grass with the green at the bottom, the blue at the top is the sky, and the finials are stars. And the colors work well with the Romero Britto print that is on the wall.

These two pieces over here are handmade papers from China that I bought out in San Francisco. They were pretty cheap and all I did was add these dowels and now they make nice wall hangings. They also complement the colors of the room and continue the theme of the calligraphy. I think you are supposed to wrap gifts with them but I'd rather wrap the wall with them.

The rocking chair has been in the family since my daughter was born. It doesn't exactly go with everything else but then again everything shouldn't have to match. I like to live around things that have some meaning to me. If those things work together with everything else that is even better. I think it all works together in here. That's why I could never have a decorator come in -- the memories themselves are very important.

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