By Chord Bezerra
Photography by Todd Franson
Published on April 1, 2004, 12:00am | Comments

A leonine living room is just one feature of this 1 BR, 1 BA Dupont Circle apartment with a stunning view of Georgetown to inspire artistic sensibilities. Especially good find for those who equally love sunrises, sunsets.

David Bediz had a good feeling about the sixth-floor apartment he rented last year in Dupont Circle -- an apartment he never saw until he signed the papers and got the key. The graphic designer's gamble paid off with an amazing view and plenty of wall space for creative expression.

DAVID: I found this place in August of last year. I was looking for a place to buy, but was absolutely disgusted with the housing prices so I decided to find a place to rent. I was looking for a place with its own character -- I didn't want to feel like I was in a hotel-turned-into-a-condo. What really sold me on this place was the view. The windows in the bedroom are at a unique angle so I can see the sunset on one wall and the sunrise on the other. I can wake up with full sun on my face and see a beautiful sunset every night over Georgetown. It is definitely my favorite part of the place.

Then there are certain other selling points, like the characters who live here. I guess the best character of all is the building manager Ms. Thomas, who is really loud and boisterous. I'll say it flat out: she can be a real pain in the ass sometimes, but she is kind of like the den mother. She's yelled at me on a few occasions in a motherly way. She always refers me to her favorite toy, a bungee cord hidden behind her office door. [Laughs.] She threatens me with a bruising basically.

[In the foyer] My dad is a great fine artist. He did this self-portrait that greets me every time I come into the apartment. It's totally goofy -- he's pointing his finger at you like he's saying, "I know what you have been up to." I put it near the door because it reminds me of my dad. He is a constant pain in my butt but whenever I think about how talented he is I realize how special he is. It helps me to appreciate him more.

[In the kitchen] I love having people over. I enjoy having people over at the spur of the moment to watch TV or have a dinner party. My friend Eddie is a super homemaker. He loves to cook for lots of people. He'll use any excuse to have people over but since his place is about the size of a shoebox, my place is always the default and I'm happy with that. I used to do a lot more cooking but I've been so busy lately that I just end up surviving on a bowl of Cheerios at night. I'm not completely incompetent in the kitchen. But I have to admit that because Eddie loves to cook it's often the case that I don't need to.

[In the living room] The lion is definitely the most incredible art form in here. My boyfriend Chris and I painted it together just after I moved in. We both have birthdays in August so we went with a Leo theme. Literally, my boxes were still unpacked in a corner and we decided to get out the paints in the middle of a very, very hot summer night. It was supposed to be temporary but it happens to be painted in some of my favorite colors. Plus, it means a lot to me.

When I first found this building they only had efficiencies available. I looked at one and it was small but it was beautiful. I went to fill out the paperwork for it and they told me a one bedroom had opened up. They couldn't tell me much about it and they couldn't show me a plan. All they would say is that it was on the sixth floor. I had no idea what to expect. I had a good feeling about it, so I took it. When I finally signed the paperwork it was my birthday. I walked up here with keys in hand and having no idea what to expect. Who knew what was behind that door? I walked in and I nearly started crying because I was so happy. I felt at home immediately. This place was the best birthday present I ever received.

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