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Many developers prefer iOS as their app platform, often leaving Android lying in state and Windows Phone in starvation mode

Jawbone's UP wristband is a fantastic piece of tech. Lying dormant on the wearer's wrist like futuristic jewelry, its sleek and minimalist exterior carries no evidence to the power contained within its $129 body. Incorporating a pedometer, activity monitor, idleness alert and sleep tracker, it combines with a smartphone app to allow users to monitor their general health and well-being via activity, sleep and diet. The data can be shared with others to create virtual social activity clubs, generating targets ... [Read]

11 Amazing Tech Gifts

A Holiday Gift Guide for all the techies on your list

  Technology is the ultimate Christmas gift. More useful than diamonds, a greater fashion statement than clothing, more satisfying than chocolates. Or socks. If you're the kind that likes to aim big during the holidays, be it for a loved one, parent or friend, we've got the perfect gifts for the more discerning technology fans in your life. Tablets to cameras, smartphones to games, we've covered the basics to give you guaranteed success when the recipient tears off the wrapping ... [Read]

Surface Value

Microsoft's Surface is light, fast and good-looking, and it offers greater opportunities than any of its rivals

The Surface is a curious device, and one of firsts. It's the first device to launch with Windows RT. The first dedicated PC hardware product from Microsoft. The first tablet running Windows that anyone would actually want to buy. Seemingly stuck in a middle ground between laptops and tablets, Microsoft is marketing it as the device for everyone, to meet all needs, a hybrid of work and play, to take on Android and iOS at the game they've had two ... [Read]

Colorful Windows

Windows 8 is Microsoft's attempt to bring its all-conquering OS to more devices and form factors than ever before

Microsoft made one thing clear this week -- it wants you to touch it. Ushering in three separate launches in the space of a few short days, the Redmond, Wash.-based software giant's focus is on touch-enabled experiences, from desktop to mobile, and it sought to unite those disparate elements under its most ubiquitous brand – Windows. Windows 8 is the company's latest update to its all-conquering OS, an attempt to bring Windows to more devices and form factors than ever ... [Read]

Smart Phones: iPhone 5, Lumia 920

What Apple's new iPhone 5 lacks in ''Wow'' factor, the Nokia Lumia 920 more than makes up for

September is clearly the go-to month for the discerning multinational company wishing to bestow its latest and greatest gadgetry upon the world. Not only did we have IFA, and all the myriad product launches that brought, but Apple and Nokia have recently held conferences to launch new iterations of their halo devices, ensuring the hearts and minds – and wallets -- of their loyal customers remain firmly within reach. It's fall, and with the fruit ripening on the trees we ... [Read]

Tech Temptations

Sony and Samsung pulled out some fairly big guns at the recent IFA in Berlin, hoping to tempt you with high tech

Sony brought its A-game to IFA 2012, one of the world's largest electronic trade shows held annually in Berlin. It also brought its B, C and D-games, too. In fact, Sony pretty much brought an entire alphabet of game, so stocked with announcements was its IFA press conference, covering almost every major tech consumable category. Essentially, the company has delivered an entire brewery of alcohol to a BYOB house party. Samsung, meanwhile, took a hands-on approach to its IFA press ... [Read]

Disconnect Effect

What to do if going offline prompts a panic

Relaxing on the beach in Rehoboth earlier this month, Ben Thompson scooped up all of his things in a flash as an unexpectedly strong wave flooded the sand where his belongings sat. As the wave made its return to the sea, Thompson’s iPhone slipped from his hand and tumbled in. He dropped everything else to rescue his connection to the rest of the world -- including his boyfriend back home in D.C. But it was too late. “I tried to ... [Read]

Sentimental Screening

It's not just the tech that makes a great home theater it's the audience

In the country that gave the world Hollywood, the home theater may be particularly at home. Certainly it's a popular amenity at America's most famous home at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. According to the online, Jimmy Carter even screened Midnight Cowboy in the White House ''Family Theater.'' For the rest of us, ''home theater'' may be a nebulous term that can range from a used TV and the speakers within, to elaborate, custom-made arrangements of screens hidden in walls and ... [Read]

Tube Talk

High-quality, high-def might not come cheap, but TV prices are falling

Let the games begin -- and not just football. This weekend, specifically this Friday, is traditionally the kickoff to the best deals you'll find on televisions all year. And wouldn't you rather scrimmage at home with the best TV your money can buy? Prices at national retailers are already down a couple hundred dollars from just a few weeks ago, according to Further, many major stores offer ''price protection'' up to 30 days after purchase. That means that even ... [Read]

Vanquishing Viruses

Start the scholastic season with a freshly cleaned computer

There's no easy way to tell that while you were having cyber sex with DpntGayMsl, your computer caught something nasty, whether it's a virus or some nasty spyware lurking about your hard drive's innards. You may not know what that means exactly, but you can feel it in the click. Your computer is slow. Pop-up windows overcrowd your monitor even when you're not connected to the Internet. You can just tell there's something wrong. ''There's a number of ways that ... [Read]

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