The 2012 Next Generation Awards

Christopher Barnhill, Iimay Ho, Terra Tempest Moore and David M. Pérez

Profiles by Chris Geidner, Will O'Bryan, John Riley and Doug Rule
Photography by Julian Vankim
Published on May 2, 2012, 9:06pm | Comments

As a community, it is vital that we understand our past so our history can be told. But if we hope to see change come in the ongoing fight for LGBT equality, the future is where we need to keep our eye.

The Metro Weekly Next Generation Awards are our way of keeping our eye on a better future by honoring our next generation of LGBT leaders today. Nominees for the awards, which honor LGBT leaders under the age of 30, are submitted by the community. The winners are selected by a distinguished panel of Washington-area LGBT leaders from the worlds of arts, activism, business and politics.

For this fourth year of the awards, Metro Weekly is proud to honor four people – Christopher Barnhill, Iimay Ho, Terra Tempest Moore and David M. Pérez – whose dedication, commitment and compassion have already made our community stronger. They are both unique in their accomplishments and representative of their peers, a sign of a generation that will not rest on the foundations already laid, but who will work hard to create a stronger, better world for every generation.

David M. Perez Terra Tempest Moore Iimay Ho Christopher Barnhill Introduction: The 2012 Next Generation Awards The Selection Panel

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