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Coverboy: Scott

Coverboy: Bartenders Edition

Coverboy Scott didn't think he'd ever work in a gay bar. In fact, he didn't know much about the LGBT community at all. But when the owner of a newly opened Freddie's approached his friend and asked if he knew anyone who needed a job, Scott found himself being volunteered for the position. ''I think my friend wanted me off his couch,'' he laughs. A native of Northern Virginia, the 38-year-old enjoys slinging drinks in a happy work environment where ... [Read]

Coverboy: Ron

Coverboy: Bartenders Edition

Visitors to Beacon Bar & Grill will get a treat if they're served a drink by Coverboy Ron, who enjoys creating cocktails to meet even the most discriminating palate's preferred tastes. The 31-year-old, who also works at The Fireplace, views himself as an artist behind the bar, always trying to think up new concoctions for his customers. Raised in rural Oregon, Ron spent his high school time as a scholar-athlete before moving to D.C. to work on Capitol Hill. But ... [Read]

Coverboy: Eric

Coverboy: Bartenders Edition

If you happen to drive up to PW's Sports Bar & Grill in Laurel, Md., you're likely to encounter Eric, doing a job he loves and is passionate about. Though his educational and work background is in computer science, the 30-year-old Houston-area native and self-described ''country boy'' loves to meet new people and chat them up as he crafts various cocktails to suit each patron's individual taste. But beware: If you happen to nod off at his bar, the self-admitted ... [Read]


Coverboy: Bartenders Edition

With this week's issue, we're relaunching Nightlife Coverboy as Coverboy: Bartenders Edition. Each week, we will feature one of the gay community's most personable drink slingers. Be sure to stop by during their week and pay them a visit. {Coverboy: Bartenders Edition: Will (Photo by Julian Vankim)} If you roll into the Green Lantern on any given night, chances are you'll encounter Will. Now residing in Arlington with his fiancé, Luke, this Midwest-raised outdoorsman first came to Washington after attending ... [Read]

Coverboy: Brian

Locally Grown

Somebody get this man a passport. Coverboy Brian wants to travel the world, but the 22-year-old, originally from Hagerstown, Md., hasn't strayed far from the D.C. metro area. Now in Alexandria, Brian works in retail by day and dances at Ziegfeld's/Secrets at night. Because of his packed weekly schedule, he spends more of his free time napping than going out, though he manages an occasional outing to Cobalt and JR.'s on Mondays and DIK Bar on Tuesdays. As for his ... [Read]

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