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Coverboy: Scott

Coverboy: Bartenders Edition

Coverboy Scott didn't think he'd ever work in a gay bar. In fact, he didn't know much about the LGBT community at all. But when the owner of a newly opened Freddie's approached his friend and asked if he knew anyone who needed a job, Scott found himself being volunteered for the position. ''I think my friend wanted me off his couch,'' he laughs. A native of Northern Virginia, the 38-year-old enjoys slinging drinks in a happy work environment where ... [Read]

Coverboy: Ron

Coverboy: Bartenders Edition

Visitors to Beacon Bar & Grill will get a treat if they're served a drink by Coverboy Ron, who enjoys creating cocktails to meet even the most discriminating palate's preferred tastes. The 31-year-old, who also works at The Fireplace, views himself as an artist behind the bar, always trying to think up new concoctions for his customers. Raised in rural Oregon, Ron spent his high school time as a scholar-athlete before moving to D.C. to work on Capitol Hill. But ... [Read]

Coverboy: Eric

Coverboy: Bartenders Edition

If you happen to drive up to PW's Sports Bar & Grill in Laurel, Md., you're likely to encounter Eric, doing a job he loves and is passionate about. Though his educational and work background is in computer science, the 30-year-old Houston-area native and self-described ''country boy'' loves to meet new people and chat them up as he crafts various cocktails to suit each patron's individual taste. But beware: If you happen to nod off at his bar, the self-admitted ... [Read]


Coverboy: Bartenders Edition

With this week's issue, we're relaunching Nightlife Coverboy as Coverboy: Bartenders Edition. Each week, we will feature one of the gay community's most personable drink slingers. Be sure to stop by during their week and pay them a visit. {Coverboy: Bartenders Edition: Will (Photo by Julian Vankim)} If you roll into the Green Lantern on any given night, chances are you'll encounter Will. Now residing in Arlington with his fiancé, Luke, this Midwest-raised outdoorsman first came to Washington after attending ... [Read]

Coverboy: Brian

Locally Grown

Somebody get this man a passport. Coverboy Brian wants to travel the world, but the 22-year-old, originally from Hagerstown, Md., hasn't strayed far from the D.C. metro area. Now in Alexandria, Brian works in retail by day and dances at Ziegfeld's/Secrets at night. Because of his packed weekly schedule, he spends more of his free time napping than going out, though he manages an occasional outing to Cobalt and JR.'s on Mondays and DIK Bar on Tuesdays. As for his ... [Read]

Coverboy: Bilal


Born and raised in Baltimore, 27-year-old Bilal doesn't take himself too seriously. Highly social, frequently cracking jokes, and a master of sarcasm, Bilal says his Muslim father had a hard time accepting his oldest son as gay, but has gotten used to the idea. Currently working at a communication consulting firm as an LGBT event coordinator, Bilal plans to host a monthly party at Marrakesh DC. When he's not organizing parties, he's likely attending them, flitting from Cobalt to Number ... [Read]

Coverboy: Khoa

Fashionista In Training

Born in Vietnam, now in Springfield, Coverboy Khoa has dreams of making it big in the fashion industry. The 22-year-old receptionist for his family's nail salon is already learning how to sew as he applies to fashion school in New York. Describing himself as a ''regular Asian guy,'' Khoa's likes include going out to eat with friends, watching comedies on the big screen and going clubbing on the weekends. If you want to catch him out on the town, your ... [Read]

Coverboy: Noah

Service with a Smile

If you like guys with a positive attitude, you'll loveĀ Noah. Originally from Bangkok, Noah has been in the United States for three years, where he's enrolled in English classes and is pursuing more schooling with the hopes of one day becoming a chef and opening his own business. He currently works as a bartender at Tsunami Sushi & Lounge. When he's not working, he likes hitting the gym, making new friends, or stepping into Nellie's or JR.'s for a drink. ... [Read]

Coverboy: Marcos

Live and (seeking) uncut

He's funny, campy, quick-witted and doesn't mince words, just like any other drag queen who knows how to work an audience. Marcos, known in some circles as Eclipse B. Child, has a slew of titles in his résumé, including a stint as a former Miss Freddie's for 2011, and as Miss Rouge and Miss Soul Survivor DC in 2012. He even went to the Miss Gay America National Pageant as the first alternate Miss Gay Atlantic States America. But when ... [Read]

Coverboy: Jesse

The ''Try Anything'' Traveler

If you like traveling abroad, you'll want Jesse by your side. The 22-year-old Woodbridge, Va., native and University of South Carolina graduate is always on the move, either for work as a part-time defense contractor or for fun. And he's always eager to get a new stamp in his passport. Due to his travel schedule, he doesn't have a regular bar to call his favorite hangout, but he'll have plenty of time to find one when he moves to Columbia ... [Read]

Coverboy: Rich

Rhode Island-Raised

If you like a Coverboy who's physically active and has a green thumb, not to mention a compelling life story, 30-year-old Rich is the one for you. Born and raised in North Providence, R.I., Rich initially followed his passion for meteorology, something that he continues to be interested in to this day. ''Most guys have their favorite actor, musician or sports hero,'' he says. ''My idol was the local weatherman.'' He eventually switched his career path, working in a senator's ... [Read]

Coverboy: Axel

International Puppy 2013

In puppy style, Axel just wants to play and have fun. The Portland, Ore.-born Richmond resident is three years into the ''puppy play'' fetish/kink scene, where enthusiasts mimic the actions and mannerisms of dogs. After being named International Puppy 2013 last November in Tampa, Axel spends a lot of time traveling and hosting demonstrations and fundraisers for the pup community or charitable organizations, whether for HIV/AIDS groups or dog-related humane societies. Describing himself as a ''complete omega bottom pup,'' Axel ... [Read]

Coverboy: Daly

Rocking the Mic

Grab your passport and your suitcase, because Daly is on the move. The 26-year-old was born in Germany, but started his migration at 5, living in various places across the United States. Now in Logan Circle, this server and bartender loves to visit museums, dance, and sing at open-mike nights at Busboys & Poets. But Daly won't have much time for performing this summer, as he plans on traveling. Although he generally doesn't go out, you might catch him on ... [Read]

Coverboy: Andres

Back to his birthplace

A lifelong swimmer, an avid reader and a political junkie are just some of the traits that describe Andres. Born in the District but raised in Atlanta, the 22-year-old American University law student is constantly juggling his time between school and activities like recreational kickball. But he's also starting to explore and enjoy the variety of life in D.C., from hanging out on U Street to running on the Mall. When he has a night to spare, you might catch ... [Read]

Coverboy: Jared

Active artist

Staying active is at the top of the agenda for 27-year-old Jared. Originally from Hampton Roads, Va., Jared kicked his way through college on a soccer scholarship. Today, working as a graphic designer, he's still scoring goals in a co-ed recreational league. He's also trained in ''aerial silks,'' acrobatic feats aloft made by famous by Cirque du Soleil. ''It's a lot of fun and a good workout,'' he says. When he's not working on his physical fitness, Jared likes to ... [Read]

Coverboy: Andres

Enjoying life's simple joys

Uncomplicated, yet exciting. That's the mantra to keep in mind when trying to impress or turn the head of Andres, a 23-year-old Puerto Rican native who moved to D.C. just last year. A full-time server and bartender at Level One and Cobalt, Andres is also pursuing his bachelor's degree in communications and political science at Trinity Washington University. Andres loves going to dinner, to the movies, partying, dancing, going to the gym and traveling – basically, keeping an active lifestyle. ... [Read]

Coverboy: Allen

Fashion Forward

He may not be part of Jem and the Holograms, but Allen could be considered an expert in glamour, glitter, fashion and fame. The 22-year old Charlottesville, Va., resident works in the cosmetics field for industry giants Chanel and Laura Mercier, and does freelance makeup artistry for parties and special events in his spare time. ''Whenever I go out shopping, I always hit up the cosmetics counters to check out the latest trends or products,'' he says. When he's not ... [Read]

Coverboy: Dearl

Model behavior

He might have been born and raised in Baltimore, but Dearl is in a New York state of mind. Dearl travels often between the District and the Big Apple, home to the man he's currently dating. At 26, this part-time model is still working out the details of his life, but doesn't shy away from the party scene, taking delight in traveling to big cities, drinking socially and hitting up clubs. A big follower of astrology, this Leo is self-assured, ... [Read]

Coverboy: Jesson

He's with the DJ

Jesson grew up in a college ''party town,'' which may explain his fearlessness and sense of independence compared to others his age. Despite the advice of his family, the native of State College, Pa., resettled in the D.C. area where he works as a sales manager for two Nine West stores. When he's not busy working or studying, the 19-year-old, who lives in Bloomingdale with his DJ boyfriend, likes to be as social as possible. You'll typically find him at ... [Read]

Coverboy: Aaron

Zombies Beware

Witty, creative and analytical, Aaron isn't one for dull conversation. The Indiana native first came to the District to attend Gallaudet, where he studied sign language interpretation and has been working as an interpreter for almost two years. In a departure from that day-to-day world, Aaron may be the man you want on your side if the world suddenly experiences a zombie apocalypse, as a lighthearted ''what if'' game with his friends has turned into what he calls an ''awkward'' ... [Read]

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