Coverboy: Justin

Travelin' Man

Photography by Julian Vankim
Published on February 25, 2013, 10:27am | Comments

A trip to the District more than two years ago convinced Justin to uproot himself and make D.C. his new home. The 28-year-old Alabama native is a frequent traveler who loves to explore different parts of the country. ''I try to go somewhere new each year,'' Justin says of his jet-setting lifestyle. When he's not traveling, he enjoys taking part in water-related fun, from lakeside retreats to jet skiing. When his attention turns from water sports to watering holes, you're most likely to catch him at JR.'s, Cobalt or Town.

What's on your nightstand?
An alarm clock, my iPhone and a picture of me and my fiancé.

Coverboy: Justin

Coverboy: Justin

(Photo by Julian Vankim)

What's in your nightstand drawer?
Watches, sunglasses, various accessories.

Where do you keep the condoms and lube?
Directly below that drawer. Easy access.

What are your television favorites?
American Dad -- Roger's my favorite character. Occasionally I'll catch Tosh.0. I really like to laugh.

What was your favorite cartoon when you were a kid?
Tom and Jerry.

What superhero would you be?
Wolverine. He's just awesome, and he has a great body.

Coverboy: Justin

Coverboy: Justin

(Photo by Julian Vankim)

Who's your greatest influence?
My fiancé. He's been there for me when I was going through hard times with my family. I tend to be the emotional one. He's more solid.

What's your greatest fear?
Rats. Specifically, sewer rats in D.C. that will get up on their hind legs and fight back.

Pick three people, living or dead, who you think would make the most fascinating dinner guests imaginable.
Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Beyoncé.

What would you serve?

How would you describe your dream guy?
I already have him. Caring, selfless, has nice pecs and smells good.

Define good in bed.
Keep me guessing.

Who should star in a movie about your life?
Shia LaBeouf. He tends to take on roles that are a bit eccentric.

Who was your first celebrity crush?
Justin Timberlake.

Who gets on your nerves?
People that are fake and people that always have to bring your mood down. Jealousy is not an attractive trait either.

If your home was burning, what's the first thing you'd grab while leaving?
My computer I got for Valentine's Day.

Coverboy: Justin

Coverboy: Justin

What's your biggest turn-on?
Modesty and pecs don't hurt.

What's your biggest turn-off?

What's something you've always wanted to do but haven't yet tried?

What's something you've tried that you never want to do again?
I haven't done anything that I wouldn't do again. I have no regrets.

Boxers, briefs or other?
Depends on the mood, but definitely not boxers.

Who's your favorite musical artist?

What's your favorite website?

What's the most unusual place you've had sex?
In a parking lot at the beach, on the hood of another person's car.

What position do you play in the big baseball game of life?
I have no idea. I don't even watch baseball.

Coverboy: Justin

Coverboy: Justin

(Photo by Julian Vankim)

What's your favorite retail store?
Armani Exchange.

What's the most you'll spend on a haircut?

What about on shoes?

What's your favorite food to splurge with?
Flautas. With plenty of guacamole and sour cream.

What's your favorite season?
Summer, for sure. I love being outside. I like swimming, and the beach is probably my favorite place to be.

What kind of animal would you be?
A lion. It has no natural predators.

What kind of plant would you be?
A sunflower.

What kind of car would you be?
A Maserati.

What are you most grateful for?
Waking up every day and having the opportunity to have the relationship that I do. Having amazing family and friends.

What's something you want more of?

State your life philosophy in 10 words or less.
Do what you feel is right in your heart.

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