July 20-26, 2006

by Carrie Megginson
Published on July 20, 2006, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Aren't startling revelations and unexpected solutions grand? Haven't you been longing for more of them, more often? This may be your lucky week. Prepare to meet your doom, go out for dinner, catch a movie, and maybe walk around the monuments in the cooling dark. You'll find that you have as much to squabble over and pick at as you may choose. Otherwise, you and your fate are well-suited to getting down to those brass tacks and plotting your inevitable ascendancy.

Aries: You're in an uproar over the littlest things. What are you doing getting your panties in so big a bunch over so little substance? You couldn't help it because your pride was at stake? Better that you remember that divinity is in the details and stop looking for the devil there.

Taurus: You're willing to fight for what you want, but you could go farther with a liberal application of charm instead. It's too hot and bothersome to cause so much fuss. Give yourself permission to relax your standards until you too are relaxed. Sip cool drinks in company.

Gemini: You've heard so many variations on the theme that you might be at a piano recital. Sadly, you can't tell which canary is singing with true pitch. Reserve judgment until you've sorted out which birds are of which feather. Don't forget to take care the pesky stuff first.

Cancer: You're in a sort of emotional limbo and are uncertain whether you want to surface and face certitude. Yet you'll be raised to consciousness whether you come along quietly or not. Let your desire, or lack thereof, control the essence of timing on this one. Wear green.

Leo: You're keyed up and over-ready to qualify for an early response. Is it comfortable being this tense when the weather's so extreme? You could do yourself a favor, and delay over-reacting for a week or so. If it's that important, it will keep. If it isn't, it will go away.

Virgo: You're all fired up with new fervor, and even a new level of self-appreciation. You could go far, but you'll have to find your phone, keys and center before you take on the great adventure waiting for you just around the next corner. Prepare for the unexpected Tuesday.

Libra: You'd rather form a connection than sit in judgment, but it's not your turn to recuse yourself from this onerous assessment. Gird up your loins and get on with applying yourself to the facts. You'll find that an open mind gathers no prejudices. Watch your source material.

Scorpio: It'll do, but it's not what you want? Oh, horrors! If you were docile and prone to bouts of compromise as often as you are to compassion, your voice might carry more weight in this matter. As it is, you'd better turn your attention to the past, as it's sneaking up on you.

Sagittarius: Watch your patterns. You'll find there are inconsistencies where you would've sworn there were none. You'll get farther on your charisma than you will with nit-picking, but that's not news. The stakes have gone up recently and you're gambling for long-term success.

Capricorn: You can still whistle while you work, but you're beginning to wonder if you want Disney for your perpetual soundtrack. Indeed, you may need something more adult and less bland if you plan on keeping your attitude sharp and your soul prepped for the next ascent.

Aquarius: It's not a problem, if you choose to see it from that perspective. Sometimes all the ideologies in the world take a hit from reality. This is one of those times for you. Adapt to the manifest situation, but keep your ethics dry as you'll need them for warmth and justification.

Pisces: Walk tall. And know that you're being watched as you progress. Someone is seeing something in you that most people miss. It's lovely to be recognized for one's true self. But ask yourself what else you and that special someone really have in common. Is it enough?

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