August 10-16, 2006

by Carrie Megginson
Published on August 10, 2006, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: In the dark? Open your eyes. Lost? Get the map from the glove compartment. Confused? Talk out your issues with yourself. There's interplay between self-sufficiency and dependence. Take responsibility for securing your position without losing your connection to your desired goals and outcomes. You'll be gathering up the harvest of what you create now before the week is out. If you invest your time and energy wisely, you'll be ready to rejoice and share beyond your prior imaginings.

Aries: It's the devil you know versus the desires you still harbor. Turn to your circle of friends to gain the perspective you need to get the job done and manage your integrity with realism. Let your hopes soar, as you have the potential to make your fondest dreams true. Rewrite.

Taurus: It's still not too late, but you can't delay for much longer. Get off the dime and get busy hunting down the bluebird of happiness. If it's not in your own backyard, be careful who you trust with your quest. Ask your boss for the help you deserve. Speak up on Saturday.

Gemini: Goliath had every advantage, saving faith and unerring aim. You won't need more than that to get from A to B on your task list. If you act now, you might get as far as G. Work to your greatest efficiency so that you're free to play when serendipity comes knocking. Run.

Cancer: You can't always get what you want, but you can get what you need if you're strong enough to ask. Your partner is the key to the next few steps, whether as an obstacle or an aid may depend entirely on you. Give yourself an edge by practicing random kindnesses.

Leo: It's your spine -- will you let it curve under the burden, or will you stand up to meet the challenge head-on? You've got the power and the focus to make of your opportunities what you will. Are you ready to rock your life? Are you gambling on good-fortune? Be courageous.

Virgo: You're hearing the wake-up call, and the message is clear: To be productive you'll have to take the best possible care of yourself. Use your best-practices roster to get the most for your inputs. Get supplements, bodywork, aromatherapy and the best footwear you can find.

Libra: It is that easy, so why don't you go for it? There's no one judging you except yourself. It doesn't matter what others think or say this one time. In fact, no one needs to know but you. It can be your own little secret. Guess your weight correctly and win a resolution to exercise!

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Scorpio: You've been there and done that, now you can pen the memoirs and end up on Oprah. But wouldn't that leave a bruised and bleeding trail of wounded psyches behind you? Resist your urge to rise to the top at the expense of those you hold dear. Practice moderation

Sagittarius: It's so not about what you have; it's all about what you do with it. You can set any goal, and reach it too. It's the times we live in, but they won't last forever. Let go of procrastination for the present (or at least tomorrow). Call Pisces for emotional support

Capricorn: Live and let live might be your motto, or you might be fed up with that laissez-faire attitude. If you can't resist interfering, choose your strategies carefully and pick your battles with an eye to minimal confrontation. You've got a technique worth envying. Lead a seminar.

Aquarius: You're clever and you even display to advantage this time of year. Use your boost in charisma to leverage your next few steps. You'll find that charm can get you what months of logical persuasion didn't. Consider the lilies of the field, they never did much but look good.

Pisces: You're all that and you don't believe it. Too bad you're falling down on this matter of faith. Maybe you should reassess your stock of hope and love, since you're low on the third leg. What changes do you need to make to maximize your intangible resources? Meditate.

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