August 17-23, 2006

by Carrie Megginson
Published on August 17, 2006, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Don't despair if your assets are bringing diminishing returns. There's a season for pruning, culling and dead-heading in every aspect of life, including the world of material value. Give your resources a thorough grooming with a fine-toothed comb and a prejudiced eye. You don't want to carry water for your own goods. Once you've found yourself more room to breathe and more resulting available options, keep being choosy regarding what you really want to invest in (and with). Be prepared.

Aries: It's the season of the discount tents. You've wanted one for sometime. It's not enough to shout out ''gimme shelter'' at random intervals; you have to act on your dreams. If you're good to go, let everyone know so they don't wonder pointlessly where you've gotten.

Taurus: If you can learn to roll with the flow, you'll be in a state of grace, productivity and satisfaction rarely equaled and never exceeded. Put your shoulder and back into it, you have a dose of libido energy backing you up in everything you undertake. Trust your sense of right.

Gemini: Is life feeling a little bland? Shallow? Hurried? You want more from your outcomes. You're ready to commit to unconventional choices that may point the way to a sense of both contentment and liberation. If you act the part of miracle-worker convincingly it will be true.

Cancer: Look for the union label and you'll feel good about what you buy, until you consider union politics, financing and in-fighting. Some cycles are like that. You know that there are layers upon layers of the ripple-effect in play now. Let your imagination direct your heart.

Leo: You can if you want to. You're the only one stopping yourself if you don't. Admit your agency in the matter. If it doesn't please you, then you need to find a different path—or a fresh mirror. ''Objects in mirror are better than they appear,'' let them get closer to grasp it.

Virgo: Where is your pride? You've got lots to do, and the energy to do it with, this is true. But do you have a reason to push this hard? Do you have a vision of your success? Will you know when you've gotten there if you haven't looked at the map? Call a Scorpio for answers.

Libra: You're ready to start asking questions and gathering data. You're ready to look within and face down some of the ogres that live there. You're primed to continue your journey to wherever it is that you meant to go before you got so distracted this whole summer. Deploy.

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Scorpio: Is it who you know, or is it what you can do? Could the answer include some from column A and column B? You'll get farther if you can resist the urge to marginalize yourself and walk down the midst of the mainstream. Compromise gives you twice what you wanted.

Sagittarius: You're not in disgrace again, are you? It might be your fault/responsibility/place. It's not always subjective, despite the theme of your internal dialogue. Give it up and make what good you can. There's more forgiveness out there than you give credit for.

Capricorn: Walk that talk and feel better about honoring your values authentically. Do what you have to do—as long as it's also what you want to do. You're entitled to be selfish from time to time, and this is one of those times. Let the fur and the words fly on Friday. Create.

Aquarius: Get with the program, as long as it's a program that you've designed for yourself. You can concretize your ideals, but you'll have to get planning permission and a host of other bureaucratic hoops jumped through before you can rest on your laurels and call it good.

Pisces: Are you your brother's keeper? You could be, if you trusted yourself and encouraged others to trust you. Will you go on holding back, or will you empty yourself of generous impulses in the name of cleaning up your conscious? Closing time waits for no shopper.

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