August 24-30, 2006

by Carrie Megginson
Published on August 24, 2006, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Attention to details now can save you several trips to the well of inspiration when you have to wade back through it all to debug the beta. Call yourself ''picky'' and the extra time it takes ''good.'' You can thank yourself later with your favorite bribe. An internal audit of the soul may reveal deficits of which you were unaware. It's never to late to add to the process and rebalance the equation. Use your common sense to achieve uncommon results.

Aries: Whose fault is it that the whole thing went out of control and got away from you at an unwary moment? You won't blame yourself, but that goes without saying. Take the weather into consideration, as well as the time of the month relative to your last paycheck. Build in control.

Taurus: You would if you could, but you're not really sure that you want to because you're so used to being overworked and underappreciated by anybody's measure. So you won't, and you have a good reason. But what if you forgave, forgot and got on with making it solid?

Gemini: You know yourself best, or certainly would if you could stand that much self-reflection. Will you get in line for a heaping helping of awareness? Or will you hide behind the door and hope they run out before the back of the line gets to the personality buffet? Choose.

Cancer: You're doing better than you'd thought and you can totally see the silver lining in this particular cloud formation. Give yourself a pat on the back, but don't upset your rhythm. You don't want to have to start all over again if you lose your place, do you? Taurus will support.

Leo: Send a message by angel express. You've tried all other recognized communication media, and you haven't felt heard. So do it. Try prayer. What's the worst that could happen? But do be careful what you decide to pray for. There's every likelihood you'll get it in spades.

Virgo: You're kicking into high gear. This means it's past time to get your adaptogenic routine back up and running. Ginseng and B's can be your friends. Get your full omega-oil profile in balance and rev up your metabolism with a fresh work-out. Find a honey at the gym Monday.

Libra: You'd do well to accentuate the positive and ignore the negative. It will streamline your choices and give you more time to ponder the ineffable. Will you rely on your sibling/s to dig you out of the tunnel into which you may fall this weekend? Build, don't burn, bridges. Chat.

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Scorpio: If you could remember every single wrong done to you through life, you'd never be able to get anything done -- you'd be too eaten up with rage. So imagine your life if you let go of every single one of those past hurts. Suddenly you have world enough and time.

Sagittarius: Be as picky as you like. You don't have to be in a hurry to choose if you don't want to. There's no percentage in being in first with your decision -- you don't want to come off as desperate, do you? A piece of lost mail points the way to a solution long abandoned.

Capricorn: Wherever you go, there you'll want to build and consolidate and order before you proceed. Consequently, don't be too eager to leave the complex situation behind you and shake the dust of that locale from your shoes. You carry the seeds of yourself within you.

Aquarius: It's not the way you'd thought it would be. Should you pitch the whole thing as being imperfect vis vis your expectations? Or could you visualize the perfect context for your present results and attempt to embrace them as a desirable reality? Think it through.

Pisces: You could talk it out with the plants. They would listen to you the way no one else does. But they would never answer back with words. Is that what you want? You're good with symbol systems, pre- and post-verbal alike. Give yourself credit, recognition will follow.

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