August 13 - September 6, 2006

by Carrie Megginson
Published on August 31, 2006, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: It's unanimous! There are millions of different ways of being, each having personal value, whether we like/agree with those choices or not. Given that, and since the universe is rubbing our collective nose in it, we may as well get on with accepting ourselves and those around us as equally righteous. To this end, paste a smile on your face and a song in your heart and keep your happy thought near at hand. You'll be glad you chose alternatives.

Aries: It's the environment, stupid. No really, if what's going on around you is unacceptable and interferes with your ability to be the best-of-all-possible yous, then you need to opt out and get on with creating the world that will work for you and not against you. Phone home.

Taurus: Let your indignation do the walking, and you'll walk alone. Enlist others in your cause using flattery and evidence in equal proportions and you'll see that you have all the support you need when the time comes. Drop kindness like a hanky to lure the unsuspecting over.

Gemini: Wash your conscience clean with neurolinguistic programming. If you can reframe your thoughts and actions such that you're not coming at your concerns from a pre-judged point-of-view, you'll see that you're not evil and that your behavior is sane and justified alike.

Cancer: You know what you want. Are you cool enough to gamble for it, or will you come right out and ask with your heart on your sleeve? Either way, you'll want to get with it and get going before your window of opportunity slams shut. You get solutions from an Aquarius.

Leo: Call on your circle of acquaintance to band together and help you imagine your way out of, through, or around your current dilemma. You know some mighty fine thinkers and some stunning doers. With them around you, you'll have what you want just in time. Be grateful.

Virgo: Who died and made you the cavalry? If you're going to play John Wayne, won't you need some accessories? Comfort yourself with a little shopping therapy, then throw yourself back in the trenches and bring everyone's bacon out of the fire, intact if toasted. Lighten up.

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Libra: You're not one to complain, but you're still not happy with what your choices have led to. If you have to do penance, do it promptly and sincerely. Give yourself the chance of a life time to be as gracious as you sometimes are good-natured. The slack shall inherit tranquility.

Scorpio: Are you experienced? Would you tell the truth if you weren't? Will you answer any direct question? Without making it a question in return? See, once you devote less energy to defensive conversational exchange, you can get lots more done in the time you have. Reboot.

Sagittarius: How can you sell yourself so short? You're terrific and everyone else seems to know it. So quit bemoaning your self-perceived shortcomings, and get on with becoming a more fabulous you. You have an agenda to pursue and the answer is favorable on Tuesday.

Capricorn: The game is heating up. The stakes have been raised. The crowd is getting ugly, and the team is cranky and revving up to downright mean. You have more control over the big picture than you'd like to admit. Get on in there and get your uniform dirty. Take pride.

Aquarius: Wholesome is as wholesome does. Don't allow yourself to wear a label you don't want. Correct the matter firmly. Be consistent in your approach and response alike. Once it's understood that you mean business, the demeanor of the situation shifts dramatically, quickly.

Pisces: You are as you are. Is it fair to ask you to climb outside your bio-zone to live to someone else's specifications? That's up to you. If you go willingly, it might be a great learning experience. If you go to be a victim, it's the same stuff, different cycle. Feel.

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