September 14-20, 2006

by Carrie Megginson
Published on September 14, 2006, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You're gathering the information that's matured under your peripatetic attentions. You're wondering whether you suffer from data overload, or if you'll someday find a use for all those ones and zeroes. You're on the brink of diving across the information super-highway in order to find a place more personal, and more personalized, than you've ever known before. Can you use the lessons of the week prior to set the compass by which you might sail to your happily-ever after?

Aries: If you could see as far as you can envision, you'd be watching your own back. Reel in the fantasies. It's time to find where the brass tacks are, and decide if they need replacing, or just ditching altogether. You'll change your mind when you least expect it. Go with the soul.

Taurus: Have you ever found yourself dreaming that you were awake, only to then awaken? There's a call to higher consciousness for you that might have that self-same effect. Can you prepare yourself to be startled with reality, or would that spoil the surprise. Reassess Monday.

Gemini: If you weren't limited by your mortal frame, you could merge with the forever and be more than anyone before. In the meantime, you have to live in the shell you've got. You may as well decorate and decide on a theme, or even a color scheme. Go with what's intense.

Cancer: Where there's smoke there's fire. That's okay, you like marshmallows. If you're in a smoky situation, it will go well for you if you adopt an optimistic construction on the activities and characters of all concerned. Your innocence might be contagious. Go for a walk.

Leo: You can't help but count on your friends when you're as much at sea as you are. What can they do for you that you feel comfortable asking? What debts will you incur to see your desires made manifest? What personal capital will you use to act as collateral? Stay alert.

Virgo: If it were simple, your work would not engage you. If you knew it all, you'd move on to something more challenging. If you could find your heart to be one-dimensional, you wouldn't have those questions about fate and love -- nor appreciate the necessary answers.

Libra: If you could only walk the talk with as much assurance as you feel when your lips are moving. It's easy to get distracted searching for the middle ground. Is there a place and a time for extremes? Is this it? Your spirit yearns for a different kind of fulfillment. Write a book.

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Scorpio: It's not so much sense and sensibility as it is lack of sense and sensitivity that's all around you. Don't give in to the desire to control the general flow. You have other, better fish to fry, and since you can't get them caught alone you'll be sharing the proceeds with the help

Sagittarius: You weren't careful what you wished for, right? That would be one way to look at the recent outcomes. You didn't look both ways before you crossed the line dividing what had been from what will be. Don't give in to a fear of the unfamiliar. Learn the local customs.

Capricorn: Dance with the devil much? Give in to hubris much? Oh no, not you. You're calm and collected and practical. Take out your wild streak at home with radical cleaning, clearing and possible freshening of the décor. When you get past the urge to splurge, shop a little.

Aquarius: Don't you remember what it is that you had thought would make you so very happy? Because it's with you now, though perhaps you've forgotten how to recognize your desired outcomes in the long interval since their inception. Give in to the impulse to joy.

Pisces: It's nobody's fault. Not even yours. There's lots you could assume, or take blame for, but it's not your cross to bear. Let it all go. Let your preconceptions rest a while. Open your self to the feeling of being engaged without being enmeshed. Shut out your inner parent.

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