September 28 - October 4, 2006

by Carrie Megginson
Published on September 28, 2006, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You could tune in to the sense of structure that's been welling up in your life. You could resolve to be more productive, focused and ready to make the most of your advantages. You could be all that you can be, if that's what you want. If you're unready to actualize all your potential, then you may as well cut loose, get down-and-dirty and forget consequences while reveling in circumstances. Let yourself be grounded in the moment.

Aries: What's at the top of your agenda? Heck, what does your top ten look like? You've got a window of opportunity here. There's little you can't do, and less that you won't if you can get yourself up on the right side of the bed. Take the initiative: it's your turn to come up aces.

Taurus: Is it what you believe, or what you would like to make come true? Be your own best fairy godmother. You control the lines of supply to your own fulfillment. An army of one still travels on its stomach. Feed yourself to maximize your sense of health and well-being.

Gemini: In the dark? A single candle beats the heck out of stubbing your toe. Focus on one problem at a time, and the solutions will flow like Jell-o shots -- they get easier and more fun as you go along. Eschew distractions and procrastination techniques -- you'll have what you need.

Cancer: You can grow the relationship you've got. It will take planning, patience and a kind of devotion born only from certainty. You can have all that and more, and the fulfillment you so richly deserve, but you have to give as good as you get -- or better. Trust your judgment.

Leo: You're determined to see things done right this time. You're ready to make your day-to-day optimal. You're going to need that support. You're entitled to it. You're laying the ground work for a future worth having built. Give it your best and you'll find that Monday dawns clear

Virgo: What have you got to lose? You've been without that which sustains you for way too long. Release that inner sense of poverty and you'll immediately be less deprived. Imagine the form you wish to create, then chip away all that's extraneous. Toot your own horn loudly.

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Libra: Is it time? How will you know if all you hear are the broken voices of the past shouting down the years into your inner ear? All that baggage has to go into storage if you're going to be effective in your next phase of development. You don't have to be so serious on Saturday.

Scorpio: Life rolls on like a river. You're more sustained by the connections made in your youth than you can properly assess. Give yourself the space to be a beginner at your newest enterprise. You'll develop skillful execution; the learning curve is more forgiving than you are.

Sagittarius: What are you planning? You've got a lot of irons in the fire, but are there too many for any one of them to get hot enough to make it through the forging process? Can you begin to thin down the herd and locate the grace to commit yourself? Decide after Tuesday.

Capricorn: How far can you go and still come back? How much can you take on without crumpling under the strain? Must it always be about the endurance for you? Not really, but you're the only one who can cut yourself the slack you need but don't believe in. Take it easy.

Aquarius: Your dreams call you to become the architect of your own immediate future. Are you ready to take on the edifice of your soul? You can renovate, build on the old foundations, extend into new wings of capability and participation. Or you can just let it stand and age as is.

Pisces: There's a dance of obligation before you. You're not a free person yet. But the bond is light, and the debt is voluntary. Pay your social circle out in full with interest. The weekend brings the hard proof you've waited on. Get ready to make your move with no reservations.

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