October 5-11, 2006

by Carrie Megginson
Published on October 5, 2006, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Material long deferred rises up and confronts issues of self-control, passion and obsession --but in a good way. There's more and deeper yet to come. Deal promptly with whatever comes your way. Deal honestly with current challenges. Deal poetically with profound changes. If you can negotiate this sticky wicket, you'll find you won't be bowled over by subsequent pitches by the Cosmic All-Stars. If you insist on standing your ground, be certain you're as centered as you are stubborn. Give back Friday.

Aries: You may not be the one who started it, but you're going to look like a poor sport if you don't back down first. Make nice and you'll have the world at your feet. Stand on principle, and you may stand alone. It's your call -- but you're not a coward if you choose the easier end.

Taurus: You want sunshine and roses and the universe has been handing you toads and bugs. That's okay. Toads will eat those bugs right down, and may actually be frog princes in disguise. Interview carefully before committing to transforming kisses. Don't buy until Monday.

Gemini: There's chaos under heaven and the situation is excellent, right? Exploit the creative potential here and take yourself farther than you're used to seeing, let alone being. Once you've got the hang of entropy, you'll be ready to clear, simplify and release on Sunday.

Cancer: Is it slander if it's true? Watch what you say, and to whom, as the walls sometimes do have ears. Get yourself a canary before you head into the coal mine of your unfinished emotional business. Walking the walk on Friday is easier if you do it without the four-inch heels.

Leo: Don't panic. Reboot back to an organic perception and response. You'll find that you can go with the flow with impunity, if you only have the nerve to contradict yourself in front of your adoring public. Lessons in humility will be followed by a period of inner prosperity, peace.

Virgo: Can't stop the madness? Oh, don't be so serious. There's beauty in all the unexpected twists and turns of Fate's wyrm. Ride the changes and hold your core together by taking a few deep breaths before breaking out into hysterics or song. Good news arrives Sunday.

Libra: You can have anything you want, so long as you want what's on the table this very minute. Scary thought, no? Yet it's exactly what you've prayed for all this time. Go for it. Shout ''cowabunga'' and dedicate yourself to the waves rolling up the beach of consciousness.

Scorpio: The seasoning of daily life is kicked up a notch by the advent of a deus ex machina, or near as, dammit. Seize the day, burn down the night, paint the town red and call the shots. You'll have what you want. You're on the brink of a mystery, and there's more still to come.

Sagittarius: You won't be bored, whatever else happens. Take your vitamins, get your sleep and exercise. You're going to need every last iota of strength you possess to enjoy all this to the fullest. Walk tall. Stand up and be counted. Step up to the plate. You'll reach your target.

Capricorn: If it were easy, you'd be suspicious and wouldn't want any. It's not easy, and you're convinced this is the real deal. It might be, but it would behoove you to look carefully for the smoke-and-mirrors component of this element in your life. Ask your favorite Libra twice.

Aquarius: You can't give up now, you've come too far. Is that your ego talking, or do you really believe this? Sometimes cutting your losses, jettisoning the ballast and setting forth for far shores is as realistic and practical as it gets. Dreams on Saturday tell the truth.

Pisces: Run as fast as you can, there'll be some little cookie in front of you running faster. Yep, it's a metaphor gone wild. And it's the literal case, all too eerily. Give yourself permission to live out this fairy tale all the way to happily-ever-after. Meet the unknown for Sunday brunch.

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