October 19-25, 2006

by Carrie Megginson
Published on October 19, 2006, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: It's official: We can all relax and get on with surviving the present. Let go of outcomes and expectations. Work on being intentional as you walk the Eightfold Path. Once you're correctly engaged in the application, you'll find the superficial details and distractions melt like cotton candy in a rain puddle. Honor the focus of the weekend -- let yourself go as far as you can down the trail of making connections worth honoring. Is that the courtesy clue-phone ringing?

Aries: You don't have to put yourself on so short a leash to retain your sense of direction. You don't have to constrict your options to keep yourself on the straight and narrow—it's spread around you in vivid 3-D. You don't have to take someone else's word for it, either.

Taurus: You want balance in your day-to-day existence. What price is worth paying for that treat? Can you make a long-term commitment to yourself? Can you give yourself priority in order to bring a better you to the table of common cause? Open your point of view early.

Gemini: Are you overly suggestible? Or are you merely flakey? It doesn't have to be like that. You can find a middle ground, off the linear-scale paradigm, and work your integrative magic from that vantage. Cut yourself some slack, but use it to further the greater good Saturday.

Cancer: If this is intelligent design, you want an IQ retest for the creator. You're a little fed up with what should be only natural and begins to feel oppressive. You want to let your life speak, but you're reduced to a whisper of your former voice. Every little harmony counts.

Leo: What does it look like? Will you know it when you see it? Is it possible that you might be charging off into the future for no discernable reason? If you can't make peace with your new stomping grounds, should you just stomp off? Save your high dudgeon for a real crisis Friday.

Virgo: If you want, you can extend your resources merely through timing and willingness to compromise where you haven't seen a choice in the past. Give yourself permission to try, try again. You'll come up roses if you stay on top of that faith that moves mountains. Ask around.

Libra: You're in the middle of being your best self and not looking for anyone to rain on your parade or call lights-out early. Don't overstay your warm welcome; there's more where that comes from, but you'll want to exert patience to get from here to there. Mind your poker face.

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Scorpio: You're so full of beans you're ready to explode. You've kicked the whole undertaking up a notch, and you might well have a full-scale Mardi Gras on your hands before you're done with this iteration of fulfillment. Remember the ephemeral transience of being. It's all good.

Sagittarius: You've got an unforgiving unconscious and it's out for old-school retribution. This isn't like you, but so much hasn't been lately. Do you let your collective go vigilante, or do your frontal lobes step in to restore light and order to the proceedings. Don't wear a necktie.

Capricorn: It's your instinct to head for the hills, but don't go alone. You've collected an enviable coterie of cronies; exploit their connections for all you're worth. There's more substance there than you'd imagined. Once you've sorted that out, you'll do fine. Exhale.

Aquarius: Gather yourself for a minor revelation. It'll be personal and non-transferable. Wait for the vision and then let no grass grow under your feet. You'll have places to go, people to see and causes to espouse in every state of the union. Early set-backs strengthen your tactics.

Pisces: Is it you? Nope, you're an innocent bystander. Will you melt into the crowd, or will you stay and give evidence of what you've witnessed? You have a choice. It's private and not moral, so try to take a no-strings-attached perspective. Trust the one you see first on Sunday.

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