October 26-November 1, 2006

by Carrie Megginson
Published on October 26, 2006, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Into every life must fall periods of maximum intensity. If it's not your turn to sup from a common bowl with all Hell's devils, then it behooves you to cut your acutely engaged peers some slack. Compassion, however little of it you may have on hand, goes farther now than it ever has before. Invest yours wisely, and you'll have more than a crown in heaven to show for it. If it weren't scary, it wouldn't be Halloween, would it?

Aries: As ever, you're the first one up against the wall when the revolution comes. But is it because you're scaling the fortresses of the oppressors, or are you on the downside of the old regime? Perception shapes circumstances more than we know. Give it away on Tuesday.

Taurus: You want to horn in and solve the problem with some old fashioned Gordian knot cutting. Just because even you've become impatient doesn't make that the best of all possible solutions. Attach respect to circumspect approaches. Let your better half speak on Friday.

Gemini: Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, but that doesn't mean they won't show up. If you're getting the third degree over your recent choices and antics, remember that there's a statute of limitations in play -- and that your nose is clean. Find inspiration in the attic.

Cancer: Given what you've seen and been through, you might think that it's now your turn to take home that ''Queen for a Day'' title you've had your eye on. Give it up. There are always people more pitiful than you, and you'll get more sympathy being brave. Ask a Sagittarian.

Leo: You know the ropes as well as anyone, but you can't shake the feeling that you should feel more uplifted and less self-conscious if you're properly engaged. Perhaps. But could that be contingent on how hard you're working to avoid that negative parental loop now playing?

Virgo: Your crew has your back, and you've been letting them help you carry the ball for a while. But now it's your turn to make it up to them and strut your stuff in style, old school. Let it all hang out and win kudos. Resist the urge to work from a position of modesty Saturday.

Libra: You've seen it before, but you didn't handle it any better then than you seem to be doing right now. Can you pause and refresh your attitude towards your undertaking? It'll require being honest about what's not pretty and wholesome -- those are your assets.

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Scorpio: You can walk over coals and through raging floods with the power surging through your veins. You can conquer your bÍte noire blindfolded, and still have time for a set of tennis before brunch. Use the force to bring essential, soul-feeding transformation home Sunday.

Sagittarius: You love to walk the talk. If only you could remember what you'd been saying that's got everyone watching so avidly. Having let your mouth write that check, you'll want to be prompt when you're dunned on the collection end. Let your imagination run wild Friday.

Capricorn: If it were all that easy, you wouldn't be interested. Since it's a huge effort, you're first in line for that voluntary punishment. Kind of intense, but in a free-will way. As you're bound and determined to get there from here, remember to go all the way without regrets.

Aquarius: You can if you want to, but you know that there'll be something like hell to pay at the office. If you're good with the consequences, then damn them and full-speed ahead. You've got the drive, the focus and even the angels on your side. Be sweet-natured Monday.

Pisces: It could be the most uplifting things have been for you in a while -- after all, you have that rich inner life to fall back on. But you could equally allow yourself to plunge from the cliffs of consciousness into the surging sweep of the collective. Timing is everything Tuesday.

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