November 9-15, 2006

by Carrie Megginson
Published on November 9, 2006, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: We're beginning to see the effects of that which grinds slow but exceedingly fine. It seems that God was in the details, but has now been separated out during the refining process. If so, will you take time to reintegrate the holy and essential into your day-to-day self? Or are you so scattered that you're more worried about finding your car keys than immediate salvation? Courage in the face of the indissoluble stands you in good stead.

Aries: Does it walk like a duck, too? Ordinarily, you'd be safe in the assumption of a duck here, but these are not ordinary times. Proceed with caution, intrepidity and a conscious awareness that you look better in warm-spectrum colors. Wednesday brings a piece of news.

Taurus: If you're staring into the mouth of the abyss, does that make you dental hygienist to the ineffable concepts? And if you're in it to win it, will you do what has to be done to make the abyss more comfortable, before you make it less so? Embrace your power in eternity.

Gemini: Some coincidences are more coincidental than others. With close attention, you may find that your life is rife with mildly-to-excessively unbelievable happenstances. Use your ability to find the structural weaknesses in the probability curve. Give it a second chance.

Cancer: You want a happy ending. You want the credits to roll and the feel-good music to wash over you. You have a long way to go to get from here to there. Can you bring yourself to participate in such a way that you move the story along, or are you just in it for the ride?

Leo: Your pride goeth-ing before the fall makes a pretty picture, but once your lions have taken the scenic route, will it be easy for you to get back on the right track for what you want, beyond ego gratification? Who is the focus in this recent conundrum, if it's not all about you?

Virgo: You're not afraid of the long, dark tea-time of the soul. It's not such a bad place to curl up. But could you take that tepid existence and super-charge it into something action packed, or at least visibly active to the naked eye? Yes, you can. Slip into a phone booth to change.

Libra: Is it what you want? Or is it what you have to have, whether you want it or not? You may not derive much comfort from knowing the difference, but at least you'll be clear on the choice matrix when looking back. If a smile is your umbrella, can you share it with a friend?

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Scorpio: You've got a shot at the metaphysical big-time. You can see the turning of the mechanism that propels the universe, and in the face of all that greatness you can't help wondering: What's in it for me? What about selfless service and endless fulfillment? Consider.

Sagittarius: You've climbed every mountain and forded every stream, and now you don't know where to go because the path of most resistance seems to have disappeared without a trace. Take your time. Enjoy being a little lost and at loose ends. Resolution comes suddenly.

Capricorn: Are you growing a little curl right in the middle of your forehead? It looks like you're intent on being very, very good -- or horrid. Possibly, you'll skunk the odds and manage both at once. Is it time to find a new hobby if you've got this kind of free time?

Aquarius: You could go with your instincts and declare jihad on that which is an abomination in your eyes. You could retreat from the imperfect world and pray until your awareness dissolves. You could choose to work from within the system to subvert it. Think carefully.

Pisces: Is it contumely if it's true? The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune can be ranged on your side of the battle for the road less traveled. But you'll have to show some leadership, or at least discover some internecine solution that equalizes the contest. Wear glitter, gauze.

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